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  1. When you say let it sit in bottles for thirty days is that thirty days before you put it un the fridge
  2. I added the booster and my fermenting at 70-76 degrees. I was going to bottle this on Monday two days from now. I was reading that a cidery taste means your beer could be infected? Should I be worried about that?
  3. My Cowboy Lager has been fermetning for almost two weeks. I pulled a sample and it taste a little cidery. What does this mean? thanks
  4. Bottled American Blonde Ale tonight. Hopefully in two weeks it wont be that bad.
  5. American Blonde Ale has been fermenting for two weeks. Sampled tonight and it is still cloudy. One video says if your beer is cloudy keep it in the fermenter others say to put keg in the refridgerator for three days then bottle. This is the first beer that I have made and since its a basic beer it looks weak and taste weak so if someone else has brewed American Blonde Ale or the Cowboy Lager could you let me know if this is what you experienced with this beer tasting weak looking like a unshaken orange juice and being cloudy after two weeks. Thanks for your help!
  6. My american blode ale has been in the fermenter almost two weeks. Besides tasting flat it taste week like not enought flavor. Any suggestions
  7. Since I bought my second gold kit three days after I brewed my fist beer I have a second Blonde Ale and Cowboy Lager. Looking at getting the ingrediants to make the Blonde Bombshell! Not sure what I am going to make with the Cowboy Lager.
  8. Sounds like a plan. I have the Cowboy Lager fermenting in my bedroom closet. That has been in the keg about three days. So soon there will be plenty of beer to go around!
  9. ok I am in no rush of rushing the process so I will wait longer. Smells like beer. Is there any harm in leaving the beer in the keg too long? Also it is cloudy. This goes away I am assuming the longer it sits in the bottle?
  10. Okay my first brew American Blonde Ale has been fermenting for a week. I drew a small amount to taste and it taste flat and no sugery taste. What should it look like? It looks like a weak orange orange juice. Any help would be awesome!!!
  11. I got a brew o meter on the keg. Today is one week so I am going to have a sample tonight to see what it looks like and tastes like. really want it to stay in there the full two weeks.
  12. My first brew is American Blonde Ale. I have this sitting in my pantry and the temperture fluctuates from 74-78. Am I in trouble with this batch? I have the second batch fermenting in my closet just not sure my wife is going to bye off on it being in there.
  13. Batch Number 2 in the Keg!!! Man I want to make another one!!!
  14. thanks for the help. I wont turn into the mad scientist because I dont want to waste the money that I got invested so far without even tasting anything. I am going to get the add ons for the Blonde Ale and the Cowboy Lager that come with the Gold kit.
  15. Got my second Premium Gold Edition Beer Kit today after three days of getting my first one. Does anyone have a good idea for me of adding anything extra to the Blonde Ale that comes with the kit?
  16. Thanks. I should have finished the Brewing with Mr. Beer book before I made that first batch last night. I saw the part about the fruit. Thanks for the information
  17. Ok questions. How do you use the fruit that Mr. Beer sells. Say I am brewing the American Blonde Ale what would adding fruit to that do? Is there any information on what fruits do to the flavor.
  18. Yes I want another keg right now and I dont want to wait two weeks on delivery. Does anyone know where you can buy Mr. Beer products at a store???
  19. Whats if you used New Castle bottles. I know that they are clear but if you have them in the closet in the dark they should be ok.
  20. Looks like the stick on thermometer that I bought at Wal Mart is garbage
  21. I have the plastic bottles but would like to know if there are any small plastic bottles out there to buy.
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