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  1. I just started brewing the Octoberfest, any do's or don't with this one?
  2. Is there a reference guide for weighing the sugar?
  3. Thanks so much for all the info, I called my wife and she is removing from fridge now. I will let sit for another couple of weeks and test one bottle as mentioned. Thanks again.
  4. They are the 1 liter bottles so it called for 2 1/2 tea spoons of sugar. So even if the bottles have been cold for a couple of days, it won't hurt them to bring them to room temp? Now I read on the site about how I should only ferment for 14 days, then let set for 14 days and condition for minimum 4 days up to 4 months. So how long can I let the fermentation actually go? I have a Witty Monk going now on 15 days fermentation, should I bottle or let it go? It is cloudy and a bit bitter to the taste. This may be another subject.
  5. The batched brewed for 14 days, I primed in the the bottle with sugar for 14 days, and it has been in fridge at about 45 degrees for 2 days. I noticed when drinking the one bottle taste was good, but bubbles were still rising from bottom of glass.
  6. I have searched why my beer seems real Carbonated and have not seen a clear cut reason why. It has only conditioned for 2 days, maybe i was a little anxious to get one opened to taste, but will it calm down? It is the American Devil brew.
  7. Thanks to all you have welcomed me, and I plan on using this forum to the fullest!! :S I did bottle my first batch of beer on Sunday after about 11 days, it went good, took a little time but I am sure I will get faster at it once I get the process down.
  8. Hello all, my name is Charlie and I am new to brewing beer. My brother finally talked me into trying it out since he has been brewing for a few years now. I look forward to hearing from some of you experts as I give this a shot.
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