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  1. They need more time. I just bottled an Aztec and CMB Octoberfest last weekend and the bottles are still a little soft. Give them more time and you'll be much happier with the results.
  2. My batch from 10March is still pretty good. so you'll be fine for awhile.
  3. I used this on a wheat recipe using 3.3lbs in the LBK. After 2 weeks at ~68F it went from 1.052 to 1.020. It didn't attenuate very well for me and it's also the only batch I've had a bottle bomb on. They were pretty highly carbed even though I was under the MB prime amounts so I know something was happening in the first couple weeks conditioning.
  4. "MrBeerCEO" post=284413 said: We internally go through hundreds of experiments with all kinds of epic failures... I think we need to see some examples of epic failures.
  5. I usually put about half to a full load of lump charcoal in the offset smoker unlit and then get a load going in the chimney. Once the chimney is going strong I dump it in and slowly start lowering the airflow to get the temp right. This usually gets everything to temp in about 15min from the start.
  6. I have this guy and it works pretty well: Induction Burner It keeps 2.5 Gal boiling pretty strongly at level 7 which is ~1200W.
  7. I too have the Good Housekeeping 16qt pot from walmart and really like it. I just did a 5gal kit with it and it worked out pretty well. I will echo the comments that if you're going to upgrade then go for a little larger. I don't think you'll be disappointed that you did it.
  8. Kealia wrote: Simple, easy, low hops = Bewitched Red w/Mellow Amber. I agree with Kealia on this one. Pretty low bitterness even compared to the wheat HME/UME combinations.
  9. We'll, should probably grab the wife and kids so they can help carry the beer stuff.
  10. There's something wrong with you...and me too. The clean kitchen was nice for the SWMBO but not the bottles so I ended up getting kicked out of the kitchen...into my very own brew room.
  11. There's a new place in CF that I've been to. They are mostly into wine kits but have more than enough extracts and grain to satisfy most beer makers. Asked for a simple wheat extract recipe for a 2.5Gal MB and they were very helpful and great to work with.
  12. I currently only bottle prime and I don't have any issues just filling and letting them condition.
  13. Welcome, in no time you'll be hooked like the rest of us.
  14. I used to like beer only when it was almost ready to freeze. Now I'm liking it warmer so in general I use a room temp glass. However, sometimes it is good to use a refrigerated/frosty glass when pouring a over-carbonated brew...helps keep the foam more manageable.
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