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  1. Made this one. 03/02/12 #34 West Coast Pale Ale Limey Hop WCPA HME Pale Ale Export UME 2-Limes zest and juice Hops Amarillo 1/4 oz 40 1/4 oz 20 1/4 oz 10/7/5 drop few pellets at indicated times Yeast 3 MRb OG 1.040 60* CC>3/23 BOTTLE> 3/25 I like lime light beer. The hops should offer citrus flavor. Wanted to use ONE hop to get a good taste test.
  2. Drinking this one. It sure turned out great. No comments from the borg. It is very hoppy. Think I like hoppy beer. Just bumping again for those looking to make a CBGL with hops. Aged longer then 4 weeks.
  3. Nice job. You made good and better beer, Yes more time is the clue. At least you changed your process methods with the second batch. Once the pipeline is full, the longer process - 7 weeks or more total- will work for you. I try to keep 3 in ready to drink status with 2 in the age phase. I normally keep 3 kegs working on a staggered 2-3 week schedule. Enjoy- welcome to the hobby.
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