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  1. K...OK great I think you might be right. Did some reading elsewhere and it does appear if Cara-P is mashed it works better. As I said MANY recipes out there say just steep... I have just moved to steep grains added to the MRB HME++ recipes. Only 2 in the LBK . None in the bottle. So I am sort of going by the GAP. When I get some 2 row I will try the mini-mash. I put a gain mill on the list. Walmart has a nice small one that will work great for a few oz required per batch. Cheap too $30 http://www.walmart.com/ip/Weston-Cereal-and-Multi-Grain-Mill/14223932 Tnx
  2. I have used Wyeast smack packs 2 times. I get them from the LHBS in Atl - Brewmasters- I or my daughter pick them up and store in fridge. No shipping. When they are driven home ( 3 hrs) they go in a cooler with ice, never get warm. Both packs swelled in a few hours. Many posts about DOA W-smack packs during the summer. Dry yeast- I mail order if needed.
  3. Use any dark DME.I used Creamy Brown UME - not avaible. Suggest 1 can BT Porter 1 pnd dark DME or LME You will get around a 3.8% ABV. Add more DME to bump it up. HOPS Fuggles .25 oz 30 min .25 oz 15 min Porter should be malty low hop flavor/aroma Quick Qbrew based on 2.25 gal IBU 27 OG 1.039 SRM 22 Or you could steep some dark steeping grains. I might get this one on deck myself. I have a few dark steep grains I need to use. Need a few dark brews for winter.
  4. Mash - I tried that in the last recipe but as I posted about it, I made an error with the amount of water. I tried a mini mash with 2 oz Honey Malt but in only 12 oz water - should have been 20oz. I 'mashed' at 165 for 50 minutes. Then did rinse ( 170*) while holding the bag over the pot Tasted fine. Its in the LBK - Honey Orange WWW. Will know in a few more weeks. I will get a few pnds of 2 row later to try a small mash with the steep grains. R
  5. I made this straight up - 2 cans HME. I made it as a lager using S-23. Notes show it was soft light with mild hops. I have not made it as an ale. I too have a few more on the way from the clearance sale. I might make the next one as wings suggested but will brew as a lager. Any of the Nobel hops will add the needed IBU and flavor. You 'can' use only one can from the 2-can HME Premium recipes, but know the IBU will be cut in half. I have made single cans recipes of BTP with added DME/hops. I have 6 cans of BTP and 4 of Sticky Wicket. PHP is very good. And really great at the sale price
  6. "Kealia" post=289586 said:FWIW, I'm no longer recommending steeping Cara-Pils. Based on some research and reading that I've done I've come to the conclusion that Cara-Pils must be mashed or you are only getting about 20% utilization. So if you're using 4oz, it's really like adding .08oz which is negligible IMO. What wasn't mentioned explicitly is that you'd need to mash it with something like 2-row as it will not self-convert. K- I will read the entire link later. Most of the grain charts I read and many recipes all indicate steeping carapils is for providing body and head retention. Not for obtaining fermentables. If what you say is the new opinion, then many recipes I find are wrong as well as the brewers gain class I attended in Aug. Not much of an issue for me anyway, I have no 2 row to make a mini mash. Nor a grain crusher. Same issue came up with Honey Malt. I steeped it and obtained a nice honey sweet extract or tea. For now I will just brew it as a steep. Maybe later try the small mash. Off to read the link. R
  7. I purchased a load of cracked steeping grains. I was under the impression I could store them in the fridge in sealed bags. Not so. Therefore I have to use them in recipes. Here is one that I want to try. It was suppose to be a an Stone Brewery Arrogant Bas version. Based on MRB Cowboy Gl CBGL 1 2 pnd Amber DME Steep Gains 30 min 1t 160* ?? oz Carapils guess 1 or 2 ?? oz Caramel 90 guess 2 HOPS Chinook .5 30min .25 15 min .25 7 min Using Qbrew, OG 1.059 BU 64 - I want it hoppy SRM 13 Est ABV 5.7% Muntons Gold Yeast or? US05 Thoughts Tnx
  8. I use ONE lime. I tend to add juice lime/orange etc in the keg after I fill and add the yeast. You MUST make sure the lime is first sanitized, the knife, spoon, cup - what ever touches the lime and juice must be sanitized. OR You could add to the wort when it is hot over 180*. Still making sure everything that touches the lime is sanitized. I have made beer using both methods with good results. One recipe, I added the lime juice AFTER 7 days into the ferment cycle along with dry hops. The lime flavor was stronger. I assume because the fermentation did not impact the lime flavor.
  9. KnightM... So for steeping I could use distilled? I was thinking about trying a batch with distilled just to see... if I can detect a difference. I would have to brew 2 of the same recipe with each water source. I do not have an RO filter system.
  10. I use spring water for most recipes. I have a well here. Water is full of iron and hard. I installed a set of filters. I have 2 filters for sediment then an ion based iron filter, standard salt based water softener with a final 2 cuft commercial charcoal filter. Tap water is very nice. I have made about half of the early recipes with all tap. Now I use spring with top-off additions from the tap as needed. I have 2 brewing now with water direct from the well. Will be interesting how that turns out. I have read a few posts about water and how it impacts the beer. For my level of brewing, I do not believe I need to be concerned about complex water chemistry. With processed spring water I think I get a consistent balanced water.
  11. Put this one in the LBK WWW+ Wheat UME+ Steep Honey Malt Original MRB HME and UME Steep 2 oz Honey malt ERROR Not enough water, figured for qt not gal. Used 12 oz water 2 oz grain, SHOULD be 20 oz water or 10 oz water for 1 oz steep grain Sort of mashed it for 55 min at around 170. Placed in over but oven did not regulate very close. Should be better next time with more water. Major error but it smelled great and nice sweet taste. I am sure the screwed up micro mash did not do any good nor any harm Boil half UME 1gal water with the steep water. HOPS TETTNANG .25 30 min Hallertau .25 10 min Added bal UME IBU is too high. Should have done a shorter boil. I made this before I ran it in QBrew. Orange zest and juice, one large orange added at 180 FO YEAST Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Wheat Filled to QUART a bit over fill OG 1.040 @ 62* Ferment at 68* for 21 days Sure has a strong orange aroma coming from the keg. Big krausen. I was trying to make a orange honey wheat. Did not use honey since the flavor ferments out. Plan on washing the yeast for another whit recipe later. Will be interesting how this turns out. R
  12. Not sure I posted about about this recipe before. I brewed this 8/4 Drank first one today 10/6 Wow something else. Here is the recipe with comments I had ONE and can feel the tingle. MRB OVL+MUNICH LME 2- OFVL HME 1.21 # MUNICH LME Morebeer YEAST Wyeast Octoberfest Lager Blend 2633 Full pkt Pitch temp 68 Wait 1/2 hr To lager fridge OG 1.054 at 68 IBU 32 Ferment 25 days D-REST 8/29 CC 8/31 Bottle 9/2 FG 1.020 * 40F 9 qts Prime Booster 75.5g ABV 4.8 Atten 64 app Real 53 did not attenuate enough? Bottle comments: Nice taste different, malty not sure how to call it. is good Warm start for a few days move to ale freezer for a week or 2 then to lager fridge READY 10/6 5 weeks or longer 10/6 Quite different heavy thick good head lots of lacing. Strong flavor hops bitter malty aftertaste. aroma bitter? alcohol ? Stronger ABV then most I make. Difference due the Munich LME or yeast ? Nice enough to drink but not many. --- Since this was a high malt recipe and using Munich LME along with yeast I never used, maybe the borg can offer what impacts the characteristics of this recipe. This will change with time. I store the bottles in the lager fridge at 50* Move to the house fridge one at a time . Based on the 'feel' this has to be stronger then 4.9%
  13. It appears you might have more yeast in the bottle since you had little bottom turb, the fermentation and cleanup was not fully complete. You might get bottle bombs as they can break due to pressure. Assume you used the 32oz PET bottles, the caps let loose or leak but the bottle can break/burst. Suggest, insure the bottles are in a box or tub to contain the beer just in case. I would let it age for at least 3 weeks better to go 4 before placing in the fridge. Have you read all the new brewer help faq sticky posts? Well you made beer. You will make better beer with the next batch. Welcome to hobby and the forum
  14. I have moved to the NO BOOSTER camp. I prefer all malt. Booster will kickup ABV but thin out your beer. The new lighter pale recipes are thin enough. Add the LME/UME to hot water (160-180) along with the HME, no boil need. As was said by others.
  15. Glad you liked it. I found this recipe to be quite light and thin. Not allot of taste malt or hops for me. BUT to be fair, I am making quite a few recipes with high hop levels. I think with one of the LME/DME added the recipe will be better. Maybe some Citra hops? You hit the carb level about right. Mine was too low. I use booster to carb, it has been a bit of a problem for me to get the carb level where I like it.
  16. I brewed my first steep recipe. Thanks to Inkleg Jeff for the recipe. I drank a bottle of his from this brew #63 9/30 Cowboy Altbier Steeper MRB Cowboy Goldern Lager MRB Creamy Brown UME YEAST 6g Muntons Gold Rehydrated Water- house filtered 1 gal plus , 1 gal well Steep Grains. 30 min at 160* 1 qt water 1 oz each Special B Calapils Black Patent Chocolate Malt I steeped in a separate pot. My dial temp gauge has a RED area marked 150-170. It fit in the pot with the lid cover. If the temp dropped below 160, I heated on low flame then cut off. Worked great. After the 30 minutes, I held the grain bag to drip. Based on comments, I decided to pour some hot water over the bag. Rinsed ( assume this is sparge) with hot water (170) from the main boil pot. Noted a good amount of dark rinse water from the grain bag. I poured about 4 cups over the gains. Did not squeeze the grains. Added the steep wort to the main brew pot with 1/2 UME, water to gal mark, and started the boil HOPS added to wort while heating before boil Sterling .25oz in hop sack, at boil start timer, 20min stop boil at 13, add bal UME and add hops start boil, start timer Sterling .25oz 7min dropped in wort Filled LBK to Q line OG 1.040 @64* 21 days ferment Sure smelled great. I had a good amount of grain bits in the wort. I now have a large fine mesh strainer to fish out the hops and the grains the next time I brew a steeper. This is based on Alberts Atomic Altbier modified by Inkeg
  17. Congrads on the Lager...and nice work brew station. I have to brew in the kitchen. Lagers are not all that much trouble. Just have to wait longer to start drinking. I have 3 in bottles and one in the keg for bottling Thurs. Since I have a washed lager yeast in the fridge, guess I have to brew another OFVL soon. I brewed all the (3) new CMRB 'lager' recipes as lagers. I normally carb at around 64-68 for a week then cold lager at 50 for a month. When ready to drink, I move a few into the house fridge at 38-40* for a week.
  18. Remove from fridge. Allow to age condition for at least 2 more weeks. Then place one in the fridge for 3 to 5 days and try again. How much prime sugar did you add per bottle?
  19. No vac sealer yet. All are sealed in bags now - from the shop. When I open the bags, will have to use good HD zip locks and roll out the air, then I will freeze them Should have bought un-crushed, then crush the few oz I plan on using in the recipe. Going to take awhile with using an oz or 2 from a pnd of grain to use them all. Most steep recipes use only 1 to 2 oz
  20. I read that once grains are crushed they only last a few weeks. So if true and I assume it is valid, I guess I should freeze all my crushed steeping grains for long term storage? I have pound bags of a number of steep grains. I will only be using an oz or 2 per recipe. I want to insure they do not 'turn' or go rancid. Freeze right?
  21. I have read many posts on re-hydration on this forum and 2 others, pro-con. Once I figured it out, developed my own process, I figured why not. I do believe the fermentation starts faster, somewhere between 4 to 6 hrs, I see action. In 8-10 I have a good krausen. May be longer depending on the yeast and temp. I think all the 50 plus recipes I brewed with pitch dry and mix with vigor resulted in fine beer. I start the process while I am waiting on the boil or cool down. Adds no extra time to the entire process. I guess this is along the same line of yeast washing and re-use. Each brewer does their own thing. No matter - we get beer.
  22. Ditto Bill In the LBK 1.048 maybe 49 Filled to 8.5 q plus a bit. I re-hydrated the CMRB fromundra yeast... just because I now, always re-hydrate dry yeast. Did not taste it. I am going to ferment for 21 days I brew these straight up to get a baseline
  23. OK I need some regular grain to get the enzymes working. Rats - so now I have to order a few pounds of plain 2 row, crushed. If I want to brew this before I get the grain, I might just try a 60 min mini-mash. At least I will learn about AG process with out xx pounds of grains. Mash - sparge, sounds easy enough. NO I am NOT going AG , thats my story -sticking to it
  24. Thanks, thought I read it someplace I could steep it. Yes wheat recipe, so no concern about haze. However, it might be a good experiment to try a very small mash in a bag. The specs for mashing are 1 gal or 1.25 gal water per 1 pnd gain.. So I could use 4 oz and a qt of water and try my hand at an easy mash, just to see what happens? Doubt it would trash the beer ?
  25. I bought a mess of steep grains. Thought I read someplace I could use Honey Malt as a steep grain to add ' honey' flavor. Appears I can only use this for a mash? So how can I use this? I wanted to make a honey wheat. I read so many recipes, I guess I failed to to note this was in the mash grain bill. But I thought I was looking at extract steep recipes only. So maybe a I do a very small mini mash of 4 to 6 oz? Like in a bag. Guess that wont work? Might try it. Got nothing to loose and I will get something out of the grain. I am making a MRB WWW+ Wheat UME with hops and Wyeast 3068
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