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  1. Nice recipe. I have to start trying some steep grains. Good hop choice. OG in Qbrew with 2.4 I get 1.048. Maybe you used the default water batch vol? At 2.13, I get 1.054. Just my guess. I really like the OFVL done as a lager. Just brewed a 2x HME+ Munich. First time trying a Wyeast smack pack.
  2. +1 BP said Will make a great 5 gal recipe split in 2 LBK. OR try to eyeball/ weigh half of each can for a 2.5 gal LBK batch. Cover each open can with plastic wrap, tape shut store in fridge, same as when we use partial LME jugs. US04 for sure. Bet this will be a good English Nut Brown beer.
  3. KZ OK Czech Pils with S-23 lager. Will brew this on Monday.
  4. I have the 3 new CMRB 'Lager' recipes to brew. I was thinking about trying S-23 lager yeast with one. Brew as a quick lager. 3 weeks ferment at 50* Short D-Rest? 2 days No cold crash ? Bottle - cold lager for a month For those who have brewed these recipes as an ale, which one would be a good test recipe to brew as a real lager Amer Lager Grnd Boh Pil OFL Or based on the not so great reviews so far of these new recipes, would this be a loss/waste of the costly lager yeast.
  5. I looked it up in the link I posted above. There is no beer listing of OF for that hop. I use that site link to review hops I want to add to my recipes. Also I looked up a number of OFVL recipes on Hopville.com While I did not look at all of them I found none with Sterling. Might be some though. From the site on hops Sterling hops is a popular variety, largely in the U.S. craft brewing market. It is a versatile one and stays true to its diverse heritage, and is well suited for American Ales, Czech Lagers and Pilsners, and Belgian Style Ales. Common Beer Styles for Sterling HopsBeer StyleIndia Pale AleBrown AleImperial Czech PilsnerPilsnerChristmas AleHefeweizenSpecialty Wheat AleBlonde AleScottish AleLagerGolden AleCzech DoppelbockAmerican WheatWitbierWillimantic Brewing Company Sterling Nugget IPA No mention of OFVL. I use that site link to review hops I want to add to my recipes. Also I looked up a number of OFVL recipes on Hopville.com While I did not look at all of them I found none with Sterling. Might be some though. Based on the Style Book, OF should not be hoppy nor have strong flavor or aroma of nobel hops. Thus my conclusion.. not harsh
  6. Based on advice from BP, I am making this recipe with no hop addition. Sterling hop is for IPA style http://beerlegends.com/sterling-hops There should be enough bittering hops in the OFVL. There should be very little hop aroma or flavor. Should have a malty aroma and taste. Ref BJCP Stylebook 2008 +2 no booster.
  7. BP - OK thanks then its no hops added. I ran Qbrew at 2.25 gal as I fill to the top of Q line for higher malt recipes. With using lager yeast, I do not expect a foam over. This will be the first use of Wyeast smack pack. I am not doing a starter. Based on all I read on a few forums, the OG is low enough for one pack of yeast designed for a 5 gal batch. It should be over pitched with enough cells to do the job. Guess I hijacked the OP thread ? apologize.
  8. Yep, really stong bad smell at brew time. drank first bottle yesterday. Yep another 'not beer' beer. There was sort of a hop smell and slight hop taste. Thin - etc not much for me with this one either. I will be posting a summary report of the new CMRB recipes I am now drinking.
  9. Also brewing this one.. 2 OFVL HME 1.5# Munich LME Question - since this will be very high malt, I wanted to add a flavor hop boil. The IBU from Qbrew is 33. High for the style. I looked at a number of recipes. I am thinking 1/2 oz of Tett or Hallertau for a 15 to 20 min boil. 1/2 LME with one gal water for the boil. I know this is suppose to be very malty and not hop loaded. Suggestion on a hop schedule?
  10. Great it turned out so good. I really like all the old MRB 'dark' recipes. If this was good at one week, wait until 4 or 5 weeks. It will be even better. I allow all my darks, Porter Bock Stout, to age condition at least 5 weeks. Some as long as 3 months. If you have a deep/long pipeline you can let them age longer. So get another recipe brewing ASAP. While this appears to be a good recipe, it is costly.
  11. Last DME hop boil, I dropped the first hops as soon as the boil started. That cuts back on the hot break. I start the timer as soon as the boil returns. No boil overs. Read about 'first hop' in BREW BYO mag.
  12. With lagers, After I bottle, I let them warm in the house for 2 days. Then move to the ale chamber at 66-68*f for 2 to 3 weeks, if the bottles are hard (PET) I move to the lager chamber at 50*f. If I think they are not carbed enough, I let them condition at 68 for another week then into cold lager. I try for at least a month before testing one. That comes out to 2 months more or less in the bottle. I also found I prefer to over prime the lagers. I use booster. Last lager I used 76g booster, doing fine no bombs. Drinking a nice Dopplebock lager, bottled 5/8. Used 74g booster. A bit under carbed. But really good, smooth malty brown sugar caramel - very enjoyable.
  13. "Tonysmoothbrew" post=275101 said:As requested , pics- As you can see the door shelves had to be removed but it wasn't too much trouble. I actually cut it with a box cutter.( not recommended but it will work) It's a tight fit but it definitely will do the job. I have a larger fridge 2x taller, I did not want to mod the door. I can get one keg at an angle on the shelf level with the compressor hump. I only used this fridge to brew a lager. I opted for a chest freezer for my ale brewing. Your mod is very nice and should work quite well.
  14. "Slick2887" post=273995 said: "russki" post=273980 said:A 1.7 cu ft thermoelectric fridge (no compressor hump) will fit one LBK. I want to say that's the size I use, but I'll have to double check when I get home. It's a snug fit with the keg sideways, but I have a smaller shelf right above it for other fridge related items plus the shelving on the door. IF you have the bottling wand tap on the LBK, the keg will be longer then the stock tap. The length is 16.5 inch. That will be tight in the small one keg fridge. So when I go fridge hunting at yard sales, I take a tape measure.
  15. I made this 3 times. Great recipe. Two were using lager yeast and one was ale. Try to keep this ale as as close to 66 as you can, it will turn out quite nice, as close to a 'lager' you can get from an ale yeast. Qbrew will give you the 'most' correct estimates. I liked the lower ABV, could enjoy a few during the day with limited ABV impact You will like this recipe. Too bad it is now gone gone. Let this one age longer in the bottle like 5 weeks.
  16. I might try to uncap and let them air out then recap, unless they foam all over the place . Then you have no choice but to try and dump in the bottle bucket and mini ferment. I would sanitize all the bottles in a bucket of SS then hold against the side of the bottling bucket, slowly remove the cap and pour along the side wall., might be a mess. Good luck with this one.
  17. Nice recipe. Sort of like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? If I did not want to mash, what could I sub for the mash gain. ? More DME/LME or a steep grain?
  18. I guess I should buy BeerSmith2 SW? I read here or on another beer forum, To get the best hop utilization is to try for a wort OG 1.040 during the boil I run this through Qbrew. The suggestion is on pnd of LME to one gal water. If I use DME I use 1.25 pnd. I have brewed one with the full gallon and LME/DME with addition of the HME at the end. The boil did impact color. The last two I made with 1/2 gal water and half the malt extract. At the end of the boiI added the balance of the extract LME/DME and added the balance of the water (1/2 g). Bring back to a boil for the last 5 to 10 minutes. Add the HME at Flameout. Almost no impact on overall color. Not really observant of the taste. Do not belive I have caramelizing of the extract. Then maybe I dont know what to look for. Nothing stuck to the bottom of the pot. I never let the wort jsut boil, always stirring. thanks for the link, good paper on the subject. Added BeerSmith web site to my links. More stuff to read
  19. Might suggest to not take so m any FG samples. Waste of beer UNLESS you use a sanitized hydrometer and carefully pour back into the keg. I would take a reading at 2 weeks. If it is close to the desired FG then bottle it. I prefer just to wait 21 days. I bottle no matter what the FG is at that time. Most of my recipes are under 1.050 OG. Good WAG of FG is, divide the OG decimal by 4. ex OG 1.040,, 040 divide by 4 = 010. Look for your FG reading in 2 weeks plus, to be close to 1.010. Done, bottle.
  20. This forum aka Borg Forum DME Dry Malt Extract. Grains that have been boiled to extract the fermentable sugars ,color, flavor, and dried. Add water heat add yeast and ferment. Same as using a LME liquid malt extract. Both have no hops added. Should all be explained in the new brewer FAQ and sticky posts. My suggestion as others have said, brew a few of the canned recipes with no additions. Try some of the new Cooper MRB (C-MRB) recipes. After you brew a few of these then move on the adding 'stuff' to the wort. R
  21. Great I suggest waiting 4 weeks instead of 5 to try one. Actually you could place one in the fridge in 3 weeks, chill for 3 to 5 days and drink that one. This assumes you made a light ale and not a dark?
  22. These cans of hopped LME are hopped for 5 or 6 gal batch. Muntons assumes you will add some other adjunct or malt.. Not really needed As Tab said some have made them with one in the LBK. I suggest a over fill to the QUART word. Add nothing if you use the whole can. The beer will be quite hoppy. Others have used half a can and added DME or LME of the same weight. Like 1.5 pnd LME with half the can. Use a light LME or light DME. Either way makes nice beer and easy. no need to boil or added hops. I have brewed 4 cans of Muntons Gold recipes. One can as-is, per LBK. Nice very good beer
  23. Welcome If you want to continue your beer brewing with the older and in my opinion better, malts recipes then look to ebay and amazon. You can find great deals on the Premium 2 can HME for $19.95 +or- with free ship. The other recipes HME are going for about $15 with free ship. Once these deals are gone your only option is the new Cooper MRB recipes. Have fun enjoy your homebrew, take the time to read all the new brewer post/stickies. For now since you are using the canned MRB recipes just follow the directions on the cans and in the MRB Booklet
  24. yep the 'white' part of the rind is way bitter. It will take a month or longer to condition that out, it it ever mellows. Only the zest and juice. Sorry -
  25. Yes hope to get to all 4. My schedule is sort of open. All these class are on a Sat. Next one on Yeast is in Sept. The others will be in Nov Dec? They have the AG class next week. Since I am not going that route no reason to attend. I belive the instructors are the owners of the shop and maybe other master brewers.
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