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  1. does anyone know if the current LBK spigots will fit the older LBK with the push button type.I'm thinking of changing over so I can use a bottling wand. I've had mine for quite a few years,and never had a problem with the old style.TIA, Garson
  2. speaking of using plastic soda bottles,when I purchased my Mr. Beer 6g fermenters,they came with 2 liter clear plastic bottles.That was probably in 1996ish.
  3. I guess that I'm one of the Lucky Ones, to have 2 of the original Mr. Beer 6 gallon fermenters.I don't often use them except for 5 gal.Summer Ale recipes,or large wheatbeer recipes.They have airlock ports and Lock open spigots.Really top notch fermenters. I also use my Mr. Beer Pilot fermenter for brewing my 5 liter mini-keg recipes. All in all over the years that I have been a Homebrewer,off and on since 1995,Mr. Beer has met a lot of my needs,and I hope to continue to use them. Cheers.
  4. I brewed a coconut Porter about 2 yrs ago.I used a Mr. Beer Porter.1 # dark dme,and 1/2 oz. Fuggles hops @ boil. After 14 days I added 2 oz. of McCormicks Coconut flavoring via the airlock hole.(I use the old Mr. Beer 2 gallon Smoky yellow colored fermenter /w airlock for batches where I need to add flavorings.) This beer, turned out really good. Dark ,Malty,and a midranged coconut taste that was upfront with every sip. I really enjoyed it.
  5. hey brybry,sorry to hear that your batch hasn't enough fizz. I went through that in my early stages(years ago),but now I use 12oz. glass or 16oz. PETS. I add 1 Domino dot for each 12oz.,and 2 Domino Dots for a 16oz. That carb schedule seems to work for me,but I know,that swingtops and exotic kinds of bottles make your own beers look AWESOME,but I'm gonna stay with my tried and true. Good Luck with future brews.
  6. FWIW, I had used the milk idea for many years,but I found that on many occasions,when I took the beer out of the case,the label fell off,so my lovely wife suggested that I use glue stix.They work well and they come off the bottle with hot water.Works well for me.
  7. Garson

    CAL +

    Hey Rick,yeah,I brewed a CAL w/ 1lb lt. Dme. I don't chase ABV,don't really care for the most part. A lot of my brews are experiments.Been that way since 1995 when my MIL bought me the Mr. Beer Pilot fermenter. I've tried all kinds of recipes since then, for 5 liter,2 gallon,up to 6 gallons,but this one came out like I like.Malty,not too hoppy,etc. I don't worry about the cost per bottle or gallon.This is a hobby to me.What ever the cost is,so be it. I'm the only one who drinks my concoctions,so if I'm pleased,that is all that matters. I only come here for some advice or some chat about brewing.BTW, I did not ferment in a mini-keg,but in the Mr. Beer pilot 6 liter fermenter. I added 1 1/2 Tsp. of sugars to the keg.Has great Carb and Mouthfeel. I've tried many ways of brewing and have found for good brews,that I like, that steeping grains and hop additions are the best for non-allgrain brewers.That is as all that I need. Thank you for your advice and comments,but henceforth,please exclude yourself from commenting on my posts. I feel that in a lot of instances,newbie brewers,take your advice as gospel,and are afraid to butt heads with you.It's like I said,MAKE YOUR BREW YOURS! ...to Mr. Beer,if any of you find my post offensive,just drop me from your rolls,but please notify me!
  8. Garson

    CAL +

    Hey Gang, some time ago,I brewed a CAL. in a 5 liter mini-keg,along with 1 lb. lite DME. I also added 1 oz. Cascade hops @ boil. I tapped it today.WOW +WOW....It is Malty,Sweet,Hoppy(not too much),and an all around ASS-KICKER. I had 2x 20oz. mugs and got a helluva buzz goin. You can say what you want,but CAL can be Doctored up pretty good. Take some time and research what you can create using the basic Mr. Beer Refills. This batch BLEW my mind......!
  9. Yep,! Cooper's 3.75 lb is almost the equivalent of 2 Mr. Beer standard refills. I've just had a 1st pour of a Cooper's Real Ale,and another company's Pilsner. Both were 3.75 lb can kits I did them both as 2.5 gallon batches.What I got were two really tasty beers. I've decided that instead of making 5 gallon batches having to add extra malt etc.,I'd just do them straight up. It may sound crazy to some folks,but I got my refills,one for $22,and one for $17.95.All I did was boil 6 cups of water,turn the heat off and stir in the HME.Topped off with ice water and pitched at proper temperature. I don't feel that $22 bucks was too much to pay for a case.I just bought a 12pk of Sam Adams for 20 some bucks. Although if I wanted I could still make additions and brew 5 gallon batches.
  10. So Josh,can I order items from the Cooper's DIY site using my Mr. Beer account,or must I create one on the Cooper's site? Would be nice to use one account for ordering from both sites.
  11. I wish the secret was that Mr. Beer will be carrying all of the Cooper's refills.That would make it easier for many of us who like Cooper's kits but have trouble getting them.
  12. Just got off the Mr. Beer Facebook page.WOW!, a good looking refill,and another one to be announced. Can't wait to find out more.
  13. FWIW, when bottling my brews,I use Domino Dots,little sugar cubes that are smaller than regular sugar cubes.They are by the sugar at the grocery store.You get 198 of them for like 2 bucks.I add one to a 12 oz. bottle and 2 for a 16 oz.bottle. That amount gives me good carbonation levels. I can't tell you about carb drops though,I've never used them Sorry.....Good luck in your brew.
  14. FWIW,here is what I do.I've brewed the Diablo 4 times now. I start out with 8oz. Crystal 20L and 8 oz. Carapils(crushed grain) in a grainbag and steep them in 6 cups of water at 155-160 degrees for 30 minutes.As soon as the water reaches 155 I add 1/3 of an ounce of Citra hops. At the end of 30 minutes I add another 1/3 oz. of citra hops and bring the wort to a boil.I boil it for about 10-15 minutes.I then turn off the stove,remove the kettle from the heat,add in the Diablo HME and the remainder 1/3 oz. of citra hops.Then I procede with the rest of the brewing procedures.The result is a (in my estimation) a delicious IPA.My Son-in Law is an IPA freak and he loves it.He says it reminds him of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. It's nice and hoppy with that certain Citra citrusy edge. You ask.This is what I do and it works out really well....Good luck in your brewing.
  15. I agree with you Brewer.I seem to go off on tangients,and then run with them.My purpose for 1 gallon batches is for my 5 liter mini-keg ideas. I also thought about making Mr. Beer sized batches,filling up a mini-keg, and bottling the rest.It all depends on what your needs and procedures are.You are correct in saying that doing it your own way gives you control of everything,from ingredients to varities of beer you brew.Like RickBeer ,I like to have a lot of different brews to choose from which allows me to make any different 1 and 2+ gallon batches. I also like to experiment.Right now I'm using 1.7kg Coopers and Munton's kits to produce 2.5-3 gallon batches of real malty,hoppy brews. I've got 2 batches too try on 1/20 and can't wait.Well good luck in your brewing,and remember,it's your beer,make it your own.
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