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  1. "SmokeDiver3zero" post=250156 said:Humid in PA? It's really humid in Mississippi! I keep my DME tightly sealed in a ziplock bag in the closet with no problems. LME goes in the fridge. Cheers! :chug: Yeah real humid here ,my cuz came over here in july from los angeles and coudln't handle it with the humidity, now the stoopid fella lives in Dallas. I hate summers in PA, :banana:
  2. Ok what is easiest to store, live in humid area but do have a freezer available. Can DME be stored in a freezer? If not then i thinks i will go LME Wanting to go bulk on one of these 2 items thanks in advance
  3. Yeast: Safbrew S-33 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Properties: A very popular general purpose yeast, displaying both very robust conservation properties and consistent performance. This yeast produces superb flavor profiles and is used for the production of a varied range of top fermented special beers (Belgian type wheat beers, Trappist, etc.). Sedimentation: medium. Final gravity: high. Also recommended for bottle-conditioning of beers. Excellent performance in beers with alcohol contents of up to 7.5% a/v, but can ferment up to 11.5% a/v. How is this achieved? the bottle conditioning that is :whistle:
  4. lemon peel in grocery stores on the spice rack shelves. In mcormacks jars
  5. wow nice info look forward to giving it a try along the road at some point
  6. wow great info on this thread
  7. wont do any harm to give it another week
  8. let us know how it turns out Sounds refreshing
  9. hmm was just thinking of doing DME Now i read this having second thoughts
  10. congrats..yuh store bought just don't taste so good any more
  11. i have same problem, but did try a different yeast and all worked out well.
  12. Glad i cam across this as i was thinking about DME now i am not so sure. I don't think i am brave enough yet to destroy the stove,or should i say the after effects from the stove keeper.
  13. had similar problem with irish style stout, Needs longer conditioning time and well wait was hard but worth it. i am talking 8 weeks PLUS
  14. i think adding later to kegs gives aroma more than flavor. Does with orange peel anyay
  15. put ingredients in beer calculus that will keep you on correct path as to how much to use.
  16. sorry i said condition, what i meant was ferment
  17. swenocha wrote: You could definitely run with something like this, which is similar to what I was thinking of doing sometime soon... 3.3lb Bavarian Wheat LME (I will be using a base of 3.5 lb Golden Promise malt or maybe Maris Otter malt instead of extract) 1.00 oz (1/2 bag) dried heather tips (or 1.5c fresh) - 60 min 1.00 oz (1/2 bag) dried heather tips (or 1.5c fresh) - at flameout When you're comfortable with steeping grains, you could add something like this to the equation (I will be adding these to the mash)... 0.50 lb. Carapils 0.25 lb. crystal 20 0.25 lb. crystal 40 0.0625 lb. chocolate malt and if you want hops (I'll use N.Brew as you suggested... I was considering maybe Fuggles, or maybe leaving them out all together, but N.Brew would be good as well)... 0.5 oz Northern Brewer (60 min) Ok how long should i condition, been 3 weeks now with almost above recipe apart from different hops. went for lower bitter hop and added less that 0.5 g of sweet gael.There is still some sweetness in the brew. Although it has sweetness overall still tastes pretty good but i cant wait for the bitterness to show through from the heather.
  18. Just added following to community drain pipe here we can continue the savings for now and future sales Beer sales and Bargains
  19. abc08234 wrote: How are the October fest, Vienna lager and Canadian draft? Anyone tried them? I was thinking of getting 4 of those packs and then use 2 cans of each HME instead of the booster to make 2 gal batch. Is that recommended? I just don't like how the beer comes out when I use 1 HME + 1 booster. Look at my 1812 beer i did with 2 hme war of 1812 beer Was potent but good takes longer conditioning time but worth it
  20. Joechianti wrote: Re: Beer Machine Refills: Help me understand this, if you would. The description on the website is not very detailed. For $18 including shipping you get 3 bags and each bag can make an entire LBK batch? I think I can see 3 packs of yeast in the photo, and maybe a sanitizer pack, too. Is one of those bags basically equal to a MB refill kit? What's in each bag? DME, booster, or what? How much does it weigh? Even if you took one bag and added a DME to it, that's a good deal. yes each bag makes a LBK so 3 batches or 18.00 Or so the customer rep told me,still they have one at 24.99 which i cant understand the difference between the 2 offers i stuck with the 12.99 offer. And as far as whats in them ??? Well have no idea hope it makes beer though.
  21. SmokeDiver3zero wrote: If your looking for bargains - try this: The Beer Machine Refills *about $18 with shipping for 3 bags (they are like DME) I got the Dutch Lager and it taste real good. I added 1lb of Breiss DME and it's currently conditioning. Cheers! :chug: Bought the dutch lager also Can you do a hop boil with this stuff?
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