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  1. Welcome BStump! The beer needs more time then "beer in 14 days" to be honest. Most of us here do the 3-4 method. 3 weeks in keg, 4 weeks bottle at room temp (2 for carbing, 2 for letting the flavors blend well), 1 week in fridge. So really, its 7 or 8 weeks...patience is the most important tip for any new brewer.
  2. I too have a HCCD to use. I was going to do either old of these old recipes: Heartbreak Healer-Archived There's nothing worse than a broken heart, so, as a public service, MR.BEER® has decided to offer a cure for those unfortunates. It's strong, tasty and like most lonely folks, it's appreciated more with friends. RECIPE: 1 Can High Country Canadian Draft HME 1 Can Pale Export UME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 Packet Centennial Pellet Hops 1 Muslin Hop Sack 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser or Father's Day Cream Ale-Discontinued Instructions The perfect beer for Dad on a warm summer day. This refreshing pale golden cream ale gets its clean bite from the Glacier hops. RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 1 Can High Country Canadian Draft HME 1 Pouch Booster™ ( I would use a light DME) 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast 1 Packet Glacier Pellet Hops 1 Muslin Hop Sack 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser or Vanilla Cream Ale: 1 Can High Country Canadian Draft 1 Pound Pale UME (in place of the booster pack) 1 Packet Glacier Pellet Hops (1/2 oz) 1 hop sack 1 Bourbon Vanilla Bean Packet of Nottingham Ale Yeast
  3. Joe....not cool dude! But you are right...i better be making some solid beers and locking them up at that point!
  4. Remember, you can do any kind of brewing with the lbk; hme all the way to ag. I like the small batches and ability to grow as a brewer at your own pace. Being that my life is getting full, with 2 kids under 2, a wife, dog and full time job...mr. beer allows me to "brew" once a month without too big of a time commitment. Then, in 18 when they are gone I can raise myself to Ninkasi!
  5. +1 on the cooler with frozen/hot water bottles. You can get the temps right where u want them quite easily.
  6. OG was 1.063 and today (19 days later) its 1.020. Qbrew projected 1.011. Is this an major issue? I wasnt going to bottle until sunday if I got a simular reading Also, it had a small aftertaste of alcohol. Would this be because I squeezed out the oatmeal hop sack into the wort? Thanks and brew on!
  7. you do what you gotta do man...gl2u personally, I feel that the mr beer procedure will teach a person the basics of making a good brew and the process (which can be fickle). a great batch and you'll be able to make it again and add a new element to make it better. a batch that you don't like, that's only 20 bottles you wasted.
  8. "FedoraDave" post=299168 said:I always say that your first taste of your first homebrewed beer may not be the best beer you've ever tasted, but it will definitely be the most satisfying. +1! My first WCPA was a "beer" but not super....just give it a few. I learned so much from those first few batches.
  9. Nice work! Better start brewing so you have some for youself!
  10. I see my brewing recipes changing (becoming more complex) but I am going to stay with the lbk. I like the size, cost factors. Also, 22 beers is a nice amount. It allows me to try different styles.
  11. 21 days in lbk, 6 weeks in bottle (at room temp), a few days in fridge and enjoy!
  12. They are $10.50 on the website now...$6.50 and I would load up! How did you get that price?
  13. Put it the back of the pantry, and try to forget about it for awhile. Drink other beer to kill the time!
  14. IMO, upgrading to the deluxe or packerduf's suggestions will make a better beer. The standard MB recipe are nice but for a few bucks more, but I think you will be happier with the result.
  15. "sgtpeppr56" post=297333 said:I too got this email and was excited! but when I clicked on the links in the email it brought me nowhere, This happen to anyone else? Wait...i got there...sorry
  16. I too got this email and was excited! but when I clicked on the links in the email it brought me nowhere, This happen to anyone else?
  17. I have been reading up on how to do more steeping/DME and how to split 5 gallon recipes! But like every new step, you always second guess yourself... I read somewhere that after steeping oatmeal , you're not supposed to squeeze out the excess water back into the water after boiling. Did that is that really a huge mistake?
  18. sounds/looks like you did it right. it just maybe that that is not the style/recipe of beer that you dont like. I like blonde ales, but did not really perfer the old Mr. Blonde Ale. The whispering wheat didn't float my boat either but others loved it. so who knows?
  19. I was out of the loop for the whole Coopers acquisition of Mr Beer a few months ago. I have reading up on the form to see the feedback about the new products vs cost. I am not meaning to rehash those discussions, but what is the overall impression of the new brews? The prices seem a bit higher, are they "better?" For a begining brewer that was bound to make mistakes the old product refill/ recipe prices ($25 and under) allow me to try this new hobby with much expense. But a few bucks more is worth it if they are solid. Thanks and brew on!
  20. I think that a lot of people do use one...i just stir until my tiny arm hurts. fail... btw, love the profile pic. I started laughing when I saw it.
  21. Thanks guys for the help. It went pretty smooth except for the clumping of the DME and by the time I got to the hop boil, it was a thick syrup, so I had to add a little more water. Now just have to raise the temp of the LBK and watch the action!
  22. thanks time, I will boil half and and dry hop other half. this is my first time working with hops so I didn't know if it would be overkill in a stout. I also like to try both ways of adding hops... practice! and by the way, when I said "tick tock" earlier I didn't mean that I wanted an answer right away, I just met the next few hours are going to go slow until I can get brewing. have a good sunday! go Vikings? But I'm not really sure it's going to happen this year.
  23. Thanks as always FD, much appreciated! Its exciting to add new elements to the process.
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