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  1. I am originally from Philadelphia, but I am in West Chester (part of Chester County) for school.
  2. Lionheart, how did that mix between the two turn out? I am making a new batch and I am curious to find out how yours came out.
  3. I m gonna look into that crystal 20 and I was thinking about going with an amber DME and maybe a Wyeast Lab 1056 yeast.
  4. Thanks for the advice, bpgreen. I can't imagine it would taste good either. But being new to homebrewing, I just thought 6.5% was impressive to get without ruining the quality of the beer.
  5. Oh wow, I gotta try crystal 20. 6.5% is pretty impressive. Did you use the yeast that came with the ADipa or did you use a different kind?
  6. Hey docpd, I had a couple questions about your recipe. Did you dry hop after 7 days? Also, when did you add your DME? Lastly, does anyone have any advice on raising the ABV without compromising the taste for ADipa?
  7. Thanks mate! I ve been following a few threads on this website, but didn't get around to making an account till now. I loved all of the advice from everyone here. Actually, I am getting my ingredients ready to try out docpd's ADipa recipe.
  8. Hey HG, did you drink that ADipa brew yet? Really curious about how it turned out. :cheer:
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