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  1. On the Lowes website it is showing the tubing you have as non-toxic FDA listed materials, can use for beverages......... So I think you are fine with that new tubing. Lowes
  2. As long as it is food grade you should be good to go
  3. Yes you can use the whole vial, I use a whole vial all the time on a Mr B batch, it will work out great!
  4. Nice, congrats!! and you are right on letting it go longer....... I have a batch that I brewed and bottled last summer (around July) and it is AWESOME now!
  5. 2 to 3 weeks in the keg for fermentation and after you bottle them let them sit at room temp for 4-6 weeks, then pop one in the fridge for a few days and give it a try. How long did you let your previous batches condition in the bottle?
  6. + 1 to bpgreen's post, the link I provided in my post (also take a look at THIS) will give you way better guidelines on making beer than the ones included in the Mr Beer kit. Can you make beer in two weeks? yes....will it be good? not so much. Follow the guidelines in that sticky and you will be a lot happier with the end result.
  7. Welcome! If you followed the Mr Beer priming guidelines they run high on the amount of sugar to use. Go to Screwy Brewers website and he has a priming calculator on his site that is very helpful also take a look at THIS :chug:
  8. WHEW!! I brewed the Imperial Pilsner this morning, pitched yeast @ about 8:45am (AZ time) It is 6:46pm (AZ time) AND it is bubbling away like crazy already!!! I had it in my ale fermentation fridge @ 62*-64* and just moved it to the mini fridge @ 49*. I steeped 1/2lb carapils & used a couple packs of Mr B yeast in the boil as a yeast nutrient. I also brewed up a double batch of modified Fire In The Hole. I used 8 packs of Mr B yeast in that batch and it too is going crazy already! :woohoo:
  9. allenc85 wrote: Tried a sampler, and it's pretty tasty. Will probably just continue to get better! The Cascade and Columbus hops are really nice on the nose, the flavor is great - a little drier than I was expecting, but really nice beer early on. Gonna probably wait another 2 weeks at least until I move anymore into the fridge. Pretty pumped, by St Patty's I should have a pretty good selection to choose from and enough to make waiting on future batches much easier! Nice! Congrats!! :chug:
  10. sounds like you just have to condition those bottles at room temp for a couple more weeks minimum.
  11. If your tap water is good (drinkable) then that's great, use it. My tap water tastes like a$$, it has a huge chlorine smell and taste, as a matter of fact it comes out of the tap as perfect pool water (chlorine reads 3.0 ppm and Ph reads 7.4 ppm) I don't even like showering in it let alone drink it.........bottled water for me.
  12. hey__bob wrote: Thanks Guys!!!! 2 packs of yeast (thats all I have) will use 3 on next batch. 3 weeks in the LBK 2 days in fridge to cold crash 6 weeks in bottles cool in fridge for another week 10+ weeks from boil to belly....got it!!!! Yeah it's a long wait, but you will be happy with the end result
  13. cmcquistion wrote: How long is quite a while? I have a bag of Aromatic Malt and a bag of Cara Amber that I bought for some recipes that just needed part of a pound of grain. I'm keeping them in a box in my pantry and I don't have another recipe lined up to use them in, yet. As long as they are not crushed (whole) the guy @ my LHBS told me up to a year (or even longer). I'm in AZ so I don't have to deal with humidity, I bought air-tight (rubbermaid) storage containers to keep them in.
  14. If the grains are not crushed they will last quite a while ( I store my whole grains in an air-tight container @ room temp). If they are crushed you should use them as quick as possible.
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