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  1. No. I'm brewing tomorrow and I think I am going to scale it back to a 1/2 oz. at 30.
  2. Thanks for the heads up ChizzleD. I've never used Qbrew before, but I downloaded it and have been messing with it all morning. Not sure if I'm doing it exactly right, but I got similar results: 145 IBUs , 7.3, ABV and 7SRM when I entered my recipe. When I knock down the Falconers to 1/2 oz @ 30 min I get 85 IBUs. I'm interested in the data you used to enter the White IPA HME. Also, the talk on the other forum is that the White IPA isn't close to the 60 IBUs as advertised. Does that play into your calculation at all?
  3. Great. Think I'm gonna go with: 1 oz of Falconer's @ 60 1/2 oz Cascade @15 1/2 oz Cascade @ 0 Dry hop with 1/2 oz of Falconer's. Am I going overboard?
  4. "azmark" post=370731 said: With the longer boil, everything you want has been removed from the hops. Leaving in, will cause possible off flavors. Dry hop is usually done after active fermentation 5-7 days before you bottle. So only leave in the ones with a 15 min or shorter boil time?
  5. Just got this recipe yesterday. This is my first hop boil as well and I was thinking of adding a 60 or 30 min boil. With the longer boils, do you still pour the hop sacks into the LBK? Also, when typically in the fermentation process do you dry hop?
  6. "T8r Salad" post=368962 said:For clarification, you should NEVER boil the HME since it is hopped and you can change the hop character set for the MB recipe. Only boil the DME / LME when doing a hop boil. You would add the HME after the boil only. Hope this helps. Thanks T8r. Exactly what I was looking for.
  7. Chuck N - If your doing a 50 minute boil would you add all of the HME and DME before starting the countdown?
  8. Going 25 days. Was planning on bottling earlier this week but things got a little crazy at work. Sounds like I shouldn't have too much of a problem.
  9. Is it possible to ferment for too long? What ill effects, if any, happen if you leave your brew in the LBK for too long?
  10. Anticipation got the best and despite needing another week or two conditioning I had to pop a beer from my first batch in the fridge the other day. Just cracked it open and it's great. After another week I don't know if I'll have words to describe it.
  11. I am also a few days away from bottling WCPA (my first batch) and wondering if I should cold crash or not. Is the only benefit to clarify the beer or are there other effects on the final product?
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. Its the West Coast Pale Ale and yes there is trub forming on the bottom so everything seems to be going alright. I guess I expected there to be a lot of bubbles/foaming going on. Thanks again. ~KG
  13. I just made my first batch about a week ago and I'm having some concerns. There is not much activity going on in the fermenting keg. I guess my question is should I be seeing more happening and if so what could I have done wrong?
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