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  1. sorry for gettin back so late had a wedding and vacation to go to. but i did let the brew condition in the bottles for two weeks then tried one and it turned out awesome suprised at how lite tasting it was u tell the peaches were in it and the cinnomin was very pronounced in it tried another one tonite and it keeps gettin even better almost our gonna have to do this one again hope someone enjoys it too :woohoo:
  2. bottled it on the 18th tasted it surprising it was very light a w the cinomin in the back ground of it was just a little cidery but gonna condition for two weeks and we will see how it goes. i did let the batch ferment for the full three weeks so keep ur fingers crossed
  3. ok i used the cowboy w the booster and just the yeast that was with it. when i added the peaches i pureed them like i had seem on alot of the recipes had said. so far its got a head on it in the tank. but i do think u all are right on the three weeks in the bottle i will use patience o great beer masters. will let u know how its going
  4. this is my first post on here so go easy i tried the cowboy lager wi a can of peaches in heavy syrup pureed and put cinnamon in with the wort when i boiled it it smelled like peach cobbler when done. gonna let it set for 3 weeks and bottle for 2 weeks and see how it turns out
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