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  1. Yep, dumped my IPA. What a waste. Oh well, life lessons and such
  2. So I was a little nervous about my second batch of beer. I used one can of wheat beer ME, one patch of booster, and a cup of honey. I only found out afterwards that my malt/adjunct ratio was all screwed up. To compensate I let if ferment for an extra week (up to 3), and let it condition for about 6 weeks. I threw one in the freezer for about 20-30 min (because I was too impatient to wait for the fridge). The end result was actually pretty delicious. I shared some with my friends, and they all wanted their own bottle. SUCCESS! It has a light wheat taste to it, and I really like the dry finish and aftertaste you get from the honey. The funniest part was that one of my friends said he tried to make beer but it came out like crap. He asked me what I used, and when I told him Mr. Beer he didn't believe it. It was the same kit he used. I told him not to give up. Just thought I'd share with the group On a sadder note, my IPA went bad in the keg. I left it in there way too long (it was a mixture of forgetfulness and laziness). Won't make that mistake again.
  3. So I'm gonna try to brew the big dubbel can tonight. just was curious, if i use the booster, do you think it's going to have any significant impact on the taste? i wanted to make a beer around 7% abv. also, any tips on how long i should let it ferment and condition?
  4. I know the basic 2-2-2 rule for most beers. I'm just curious, if I made a beer that had to condition for 6 weeks, do I still need to put it in the fridge for 2 weeks after? I'm pretty sure it'll get cool in just 2 or 3 days. Basically I'm curious if there's anything different going on when it's conditioning in the fridge as oppose to room temp.
  5. Is there some sort of formula I should know to determine how long to let it sit? Also, when you say in the bottle, you mean bottled but not refrigerated, correct?
  6. So I just started my 2nd batch yesterday. I used two cans of pilothouse pilsner HME, and one pack of booster. My question is, since I used two cans of HME, does that change the time that I have to let it ferment and condition?
  7. It doesn't change the flavor at all? I read somewhere that all the best tasting beer are made from 'all malt', with little to no adjunct. Also I bought the premium packs off the website, and they didn't come with booster
  8. I just was curious about something. So I wanna make a beer using two HME cans and no booster. Do I still need to boil some water (Like i would do with booster) before mixing in the cans? Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a recipe if I wanted to use 3 HME?
  9. Thanks for the tips guys, I'll definitely make good use of your advice. It's pretty great that there such a strong community to help people looking to learn how to brew!
  10. Yea, I used those quantities. So I know this is probably a stupid question, but what is the proper Malt:adjunct ratio? And if I mess it up, why does letting it sit longer help? I'm very much a newbie.
  11. New to the forum. This is my second batch of beer. I wanted to make a honey/wheat beer. I'm not really sure if I did this correctly. Basically I added a cup of honey in with my booster after I mixed and boiled it. I let it stay on the heat for until it began to boil over (to sanitize the honey). I mixed this with the malt extract then put it in the keg to ferment. My questions are; 1 - Did I add the honey at the right time? I'm reading that some people add the honey after it's already been fermenting for a while. 2 - Do I have to let it ferment longer than usual? I normally would keep it in the keg for about 2 weeks before bottling. 3 - I'm reading that most of the honey will ferment out, so I won't taste it. If I bottle it with honey instead of sugar to prime it, will I get more of a honey flavor, or will it come out obnoxiously sweet? Please help!
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