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  1. So I decided to try my hand at a Banana Bread Ale. After a day of fermentation my Bavarian Yeast caused Krausen to spill out of the LBK. "No Biggie", I thought. I cleaned up, but appearently not before the eruption had ended. 3 weeks later I am ready to bottle. I go into the closet to get my LBK and notice some sticky Krausen on the floor and down the side of the LBK. "No Biggie", I thought. Then I noticed some larvae on the outside. I took off the lid and there was around ten, what I believe to be Gnat Larvae, squirming around in the moist Krausen, stuck on the sides and lid of the LBK. Needless to say the beer was contaminated and I poured it out. Has this happened to anyone before?
  2. Brewing is the easy part. It is waiting that will test the fabric of your being. :woohoo:
  3. Hello All, I am in the process of P90X and there is an excercise called Superman Banana. This brought me to the idea of making a high ABV Banana Brew. Has anyone tried this and which yeast gives that fruity banana ester.
  4. Hello Brewers Since buying 4 for 3 variety packs on amazon, I have found I have more booster than I know what to do with. I have honey and from reading most posts, it seems like it is frowned on to use booster if you can use something else. I have not used honey, so would I even be able to tell a difference between the two?
  5. Hello all, When everyone is posting that they have conditioned their brew for say 1 month, does that mean it has been in bottles for 1 month or 1 month after 2 weeks carbonation for a bottled time of 6 weeks.
  6. It was whole cherries. I pureed them and sanitized all equipment with iodophor. Jeffrey SP8 is probably right. I didnt think about pieces of cherry floating to the top. Thanks to all! I was a little paranoid since I didnt boil the cherries.
  7. 2 days ago I added a pureed can of Oregon Cherries to my wort that had been fermenting for about 8 days. I didnt boil the cherries cause I thought since they were canned, they must have been through a sterilization process. I checked today and there are a lot of little floaters, definately not bubbles. Did I ruin my cherry wheat? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello Brewers, I am about to Bottle my Dubbel that has fermented for 3 weeks. My question is what is the closest to style primeing sugar I should use? I have coopers carb drops, brown sugar, light corn syrup, or can get something from the store.
  9. Hello All, When it comes down to Belgian Dubbels and Tripels, does that refer to fermenting 2 or 3 times. and if it does, than how do you do it?
  10. It is pretty bitter. I went into the game, knowing that it is for a 5-6 gallon kit. I like stouts and thought it would make a really strong one. That is all I put into the LBK, along with water of course. It is my second, and I guess this is how you learn.
  11. Coopers carbonation drops, and about 75 degrees. I thought it would at least be carbed by now since the WCPA came out fine after 7 days. Carb wise that is. I will def wait longer. my plan was to let it sit for 3 weeks then fridge for about 1. I just wanted to see what it tasted like to give a comparison.
  12. Hello all, So I have anxiously awaited my coopers stout(3.75 lbs can in LBK) that has fermented for 3 weeks and so far, carbed(1 coopers carb drop for each 12 oz) for 7 days. I know I need to let it condition longer but I just wanted to have a reference on the different conditioned flavors through the weeks. So I threw one 12 oz in the fridge for about 2 hours and then opened it. I was surprised to barely hear any release. Then I poured it into a beer glass and to my horror, NO HEAD AND NEARLY NO CARBONATION!! What could have gone wrong?
  13. I am trying to find a brew shop and can't find one here in Jacksonville. In need of some help!! Thanks!
  14. The reason I am using the coopers brew enhancer 2 is I have it from a stout kit I just put the whole can in my lbk. I am about to bottle tomorrow. Pretty excited!!! Is this gonna be ok to use the enhancer 2. It says it is a fermentable and gives fullness to the brew.
  15. I wouldn't let anyone pursuade you from experimenting! After all, the Earth was flat until some crazy guy came up with the idea that it is round. Nobody believed him. The point of brewing your own beer is too brew your own beer. I am interested to know what happens when you use nerds for priming.
  16. would it be okay to throw in a booster also? I know that it isnt always good to chase abv, but i do prefer a stronger beer, or should I go all malt
  17. Hello Fellow Brewers This weekend I am going to bottle my coopers stout and start my Oktoberfest into fermentation. My plan is to use 2 okctoberfest vienna lager hme and 1 lbs coopers Brew enhancer 2 (maltodextrin, dextrose, light dry malt). I like a higher abv and hoppier brew, so I thought this would do it (This is my third brew). Also, I plan to leave it in my lbk for 21 days but how long should I leave it in bottles before refridgeration. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello, I have had a 3.75 can of Coopers Stout in My LBK for 12 days. I planned on bottling on Saturday, for a total of 14 days. I don't have a hydrometer and know I should get one, but my question is, should it sit longer since there is more hme in a Coopers can than Mr Beer and more alcohol to produce? Thanks in advance.
  19. Thanks alot BigPapaG The link was a big help and I actually saved it to my favorites. So why would anyone by empty bottles when they could buy bottles full of beer, drink the beer, and then keep the bottles? It is a funny world we live in!
  20. Hey Brewers, I am trying to build up a bottle stash and am starting with some yuenling bottles I just finished drinking. They are twist caps, and I know I need new caps and a capper. My question is, can I just cap these bottles with normal caps from a brew store or do they have to be special twist caps? Also, I have read that some beer bottles are made with thin glass and they will break if you try to cap them. Any truth to this? Thanks
  21. Hello, I have 1 LBK and I am trying to upgrade my brew process. I am just not sure if I should get more LBKs or get into a 5 gallon homebrew kit. If not LBKS, what is the best homebrew kit for the money? Also I am only 1 week into the fermentation of my second brew which is a 3.75 can of coopers stout in a LBK. So maybe I am just moving too fast for a noob. Excitement is just overwhelming!
  22. Hello Fellow Brewers, I was just wondering how many LBKs everyone is working with to maintain a decent supply of fresh and ready brew. I only have the 1 LBK and at this rate I will only have a new beer every couple months. Thanks
  23. It is good to know that if there is an accident you can throw it back in the pot and boil it up for a second try!
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