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  1. "matth" post=383764 said:Have you shortened your pickup tube? If you take a quarter or half inch off the tube, you'll get it up off the bottom and out of the trub. You'll leave a little beer in the keg, but you might have tossed that anyway. Tapped and finished my first ever 2.5 gal keg last night, with friends. EVERY pour was clear. I had shortened the pick up tube about 1/4 inch. This morning when I opened the keg for cleaning, I measured the volume of what remained in the keg because of the shortened tube. The total of my blasphemy, 1 tablespoon. Very small price to pay to get the tube up out of the trub. For what it's worth, the was a 100% naturally carbed keg.
  2. I'd wait another week, good things are worth the wait. Not sure about your temps, more info needed. Cold-crashing (putting in fridge prior to priming) is generally a good thing.
  3. I cold crashed a batch of Full-Moon Marzen, and it may have been too soon. I typically ferment for 3-weeks, I do not have/use hydrometer. Anyway, I didn't check the calendar and in my hurry to get this batch bottled and start on the next, today I discovered I cold crashed this one after only 11 days, instead of my usual 18-21 days. Now what? Do I go ahead and bottle, or do I take it out hoping it'll wake up and finish the job? With the added honey, I'm afraid the job wasn't done yet. I did pitch with two packs of fromunda. Your advice?
  4. 128 gram pack. I did search the forum for an answer before posing the question with mixed results. My concern is that the excess yeast that aren't sufficiently fed are not going to go away happy and as a result will leave undesirable results.
  5. Going to do the archived German Hefe Mr. beer recipe with a 3068 smack pack. My dilemma is this is a 2 gal recipe and a smack pack is designed for 5 gal batches. Do I just pitch half the yeast or is it ok to use the whole smack pack?
  6. "Screwy Brewer" post=383718 said:I guess it only makes sense, since the first pour of beer gets tossed out because of it's high yeast and trub percentages. Not me! See the first post on this thread.
  7. Have you shortened your pickup tube? If you take a quarter or half inch off the tube, you'll get it up off the bottom and out of the trub. You'll leave a little beer in the keg, but you might have tossed that anyway.
  8. "JohnSand" post=381577 said:I bought a growler of very nice tripel at a farmer's market today. It is 10%, not a good idea to drink it all. But it will get flat if I drink half. Should I pour it into smaller bottles? I have some swing top pints. The I could save it. I thought I'd chill the bottles first, and use a funnel and slow pour. Has anyone tried this? Swing top or twist on/off? The twist will go flat sooner in my experience.
  9. Today I found an old school Blond Ale on the store shelf and had to have it for a Fire in the Hole recipe. I got 6 jalapeños. Two I left seeds in, two I removed seeds and veins. These were chopped and went into hop sacks and into the wort. While mixing the booster in the blender, I got an inspiration. The last 2 peppers I seeded and veined, then dropped them into the booster mix in the blender. The booster pepper mix was a pretty green color until the HME went in. Looking forward to a taste sample when I bottle in 3 weeks and even more to the first pour in 6 weeks.
  10. Ok, so it looks like I've got the same keg set up. So did you ever get a beer or only foam? Have you tried again since? What adjustments worked? How much priming sugar? Reading posts, it looks like you use 1/2 of what Screwy's calculator says.
  11. I purchased a mini-draft system that uses a compact CO2 Injector using one 16 gm. CO2 cartridge to dispense the beer. CO2 is for dispensing only and will not force carbonate the beer.
  12. Forgot to mention this will go into a 2.5 gal keg, my first attempt at kegging.
  13. Looking for suggestions, what should I use for a desired CO2 volume for a batch of Golden Harp ale when I go to screwy's priming calculator? The recipe has a can of WCPA, one Pale Export, and one package of booster. Going to prime with corn sugar.
  14. Growlers come in two types that I'm aware of. There is the swing top style like Mr. Beer sells/sold. Then there are the type with a screw on cap that are commonly sold/refilled by some brew pubs. I've carbed/conditioned a number of times with the swing top style. Make sure your gasket is in good shape and you get a good fit/seal when you close the top and you'll be fine. I've seen recommendations that the gaskets be replaced after 6-8 uses. I would not recommend carbing/conditioning with the screw on cap style growlers. My experience has been beer brought home from a brew pub lasts longer in the swing tops then in the screw caps.
  15. Whispering wheat is/was one of my favorites. How does Bavarian Weissbier compare?
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