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  1. I am planning on batch priming my scottish wee heavy this weekend. This will be my first attempt at it, i'm planning on using honey and a free LBK to do it. I dont have any kind of tubing to transfer the beer, i was planning on using a bottling wand to go from lbk to lbk. Is this a bad idea? Any other tips or suggestion would be much appreciated, thanks!
  2. Went maybe half an inch over the last mark on the keg (the 8.5q?) . I did heat the can in some boiled water and scraped all I could from it with a spoon. I just found it odd my OG was so much lower than everyone else's.
  3. I brewed mine with no addatives, with an og of 1.052 @ 76 deg, should I be worried about the lower gravity compared to everyone else? I know I didnt get every last drop out of the can and I toped off over the "full" mark in the lbk, I would hate to have a watered down beer for my first mr beer seasonal.
  4. Just ordered my 3rd lbk, this hobby is addictive!
  5. Since the Mr beer recipes are on sale this week I thought id try the Scottish wee heavy. I'm wondering If I should go with 2-3 packs of fromunda or the safale s-04 yeast instead. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
  7. I purchased a mr beer kit about a while ago and i think i am addicted! Right now i have Black Cat Ale fermenting and i was wondering how much time it will need after bottling to lager. The MR beer website says 1 week but everything i have read on these forums seems to indicate thats not enough time. Im very eager to enjoy this one!
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