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  1. I didn't write anything other than FG in the notes from mine. Mine finished at 1.010, but I mashed at 149°. If you remember I mashed low because I failed to check my mash profile in BeerSmith. We are own worst enimies at times by not double checking. This time I mashed at 154°, I'll take a reading when I get a chance and let you know where it's at.
  2. Mine is chugging along. I forgot how slow 007 works. Worried me at first with the slow activity. My package may be there now, so you will have one to tie you over till yours is ready.
  3. John, I have a Stone Levitation clone going now that I used WLP007 yeast that was washed last December. I made a 1500mL starter that took a little longer to get going, but once it did it took off. The beer was going within 12 hours of pitching the starter.
  4. Congratulations on the beer.....ah...err.....I mean boy!
  5. I hope this was a typo and should have read 156°. If you drop those grains into 176° water it's not going to end well. It will settle out at about 170° just a little high on the mash temp side. If you ment to type 156° then carry on. Hell don't mind me. Right after I posted the last to posts showed up (man-o-man gotta love the new forum). It must be how your profile is set up. If I want to mash at 154°, 162° is as high as I go. and most of my mashes are 152° or less. Nothing to see here carry on and glad it worked out for you. Hope to see you in September
  6. This is what it is about, family and beer. Good on ya Rob. Besides it's only about 100 gallons of beer, I've done 80 this year myself.
  7. Carbonation and a glass? Sorry Jim couldn't resist. I don't have BeerSmith up and I'm heading to bed. Don't know anything of caraamber to be of any help and I weigh my hops in oz. As always I'm sure someone will chime in.
  8. What did you end up using hop wise? How much and what times? I did 6 gallons of the Levitation today and was giong to put my SSR on half the yeast cake.
  9. Dancing Banana, Dancing Banana, Dancing Banana.....sorry it's the best I can do. Laugh Face. I'm really glad it turned out well for you Paul. You, me and just about everyone else aren't liking the "radical" update. Frowny Face
  10. It will in about 2 weeks Chris.
  11. Trust me, we were ALL at the "scary" part of our brewing at one time or another. Now alot of it is just 2nd nature and we wonder what the big deal was. I found that a milk crate put one LBK at the correct height for transfer to the other.
  12. Holy GREAT glass of goodness. It's only been on the gas for 5 days, but man-o-man I can see what all the fuss is about.
  13. Starter pitched at 67° and it's in the chamber. OG of 1.048 at 6.25 gallons, wierd, just weird. Last time it was 1.048 at 5.5 gallon. Maybe I'm getting better at this "brewing stuff".
  14. Mash has been steady at 154° for the last 15 minutes, pulled and decanted the starter, all systems are go. Well except for this place. I hope it gets better.
  15. Ok, 2nd dry hop went in on 7-25 and I dropped the temp to 40°. Put a hop sack on the end of my tube and kegged it Wednesday 7-31. Since it was cold I just put it in the Keezer and turned on the gas. FG was 1.012 so ABV of about 8.5%. The hydro sample was amazing. Let my wife try the sample "How can you like this" she said. "How can you not" was my reply. If this forum goes to hell in a handbasket. Paul, Ron, Chris and David I've got you covered.
  16. I have my starter in the fridge and hoping to brew mine this weekend. I kegged the Pliny Wednesday and since I had cold crashed it just put it in the keezer on the gas. Ron, I'll get a care package out to you in a few weeks when it's carbed along with the Levitation.
  17. Does sound tasty Matt, do keep us informed. I do like Fuggles. :chug:
  18. After seeing you in front of your house it's as if I'm right there with you. :laugh: Glad your brew day is being enjoyed. I planned ahead for this next weekend and have a WLP007 starter going now. I think I'll transfer my Levitation to a secondary for the dry hop and put a Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale on the yeast cake. Did you mash at the 157°?
  19. Nice set up, but y'all sure do things different in Greenville. :laugh:
  20. "Kealia" post=389560 said:I call dibs!!! Ok, that made me go look and yes there is one left. Ron PM your address and it's yours. I also have Belas IPA (I can bottle one of these from the keg) Conans Porter Da Yoppers Pale Ale (this is on the gas and haven't had one yet myself, have 6 in bottles) Simcoe Almost IIPA Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Centennial Blonde Big Fuzzys Double Chocolate Coffee Stout and Stone Vertical Epic 09-09-09 Please pick one or two others. Cause if I'm sending one I might as well send others. PS, this offer also includes some naked cat fridge magnets.
  21. "Inkleg" post=389218 said:There is about a 6 pack nothing left in the keg and it will be the next to kick kicked to make room for the Pliny. [attachment=14366]levitation5.jpg[/attachment] It kicked tonight and it was a friend to the end. There will be songs sung of its glorious life and the smiles it brought to all. Wait, I think there is a bottle left in the conditioning room. :banana:
  22. I dropped the last hop addition in my Pliny last night and set the STC-1000 to 7*c, I'll keg it next Wednesday.
  23. "Ssorck" post=389144 said:Step-son said liked it better than his Miller Lite... I know that made you feel good. :banana: Oh, and Welcome to the Borg.
  24. "Beer-lord" post=389185 said:I often have 'open taps' on Sunday afternoons for friends to help reduce my surplus. Last week was one example. They are eager and follow orders well. They even tell me which of my beers I should make next. Ya know I have friends like that also, but they want me to mail them beers. I mean, the nerve of some people. :laugh: Poured this Levitation last night, it was brewed 2-9-13 and is still very good. The hop nose has diminished, but you can still smell Amarillo in the glass. There is about a 6 pack left in the keg and it will be the next to kick to make room for the Pliny. I plan on brewing this again in two weeks because you just should have this available to drink whenever possible. :chug: [attachment=14366]levitation5.jpg[/attachment] Did not plan on this glass, but some times the stars are in alignment
  25. Phil, you may want to dispose of those potential bombs right now.
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