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  1. I guess at this point it will be hard to figure out what I did wrong. I'm pretty sure I stirred it up right I have followed the directions exactly for every batch because I don't trust my memory.
  2. Yeah I wanted to bottle today but that got delayed so I'm going to shoot for tomorrow or over the weekend and hope for the best. But I am looking to start my next brew immediately after and was hoping I could pinpoint what I might be doing wrong before the next one
  3. Yeah I know about the hydrometer, I will get one when I have the money. But either way it still shouldn't taste like that and it's starting to get really frustrating. I don't remember the exact pitching temperature but I have a thermometer on my keg and I used water that had been refrigerated for about a day when I brewed the batch. I think it was around 68-70 and definitely not hot enough that it should have killed the yeast. Should the beer look about the same color as in the picture of the Mr. beer site by now? Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Its a really fun hobby but its starting to get really frustrating.
  4. Currently fermenting the howling red ale http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/193/nm/Howlin_Red_Ale/section/flavor_profile its been fermenting for three weeks now and I took a sample of it and it looks like it hasn't made any progress. It is still pretty sweet and the color does not seem right at all. Appears brownish and very, very cloudy. Should it be starting to get that reddish tint by now? This is my fourth batch and it tastes just like the others did at this stage. I assumed that the first 2 batches tasted off because of the booster, and the third was expected to be fruity since it was whispering wheat and golden wheat ume, but this tastes just like those other ones when I expected it to be different. There is trub on the bottom, I use a type of spring water not exactly sure off hand but the type that gets recommended around here (not reverse osmosis,) I have a thermometer on my keg that has been around 68 the whole three weeks I don't know what I am doing wrong.
  5. http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/193/nm/Howlin_Red_Ale1 What style of beer is this howling red ale for the desired co2 volume?
  6. About to use glass bottles for the first time for my red ale. The first three batches I did in the 1 liter PET bottles were way too carbonated when following the Mr. Beer guidelines. How much priming sugar would you all recommend for standard 12oz bottles?
  7. That list is perfect thanks. What about bottle caps? I've seen stuff like oxygen absorbing caps, does that make much of a difference or should I just go for the cheapest caps?
  8. I want to start using glass bottles for my next few batches. Are there any differences between bottles I would find of the typical beers found in stores? I know I should use darker brown bottles to avoid light exposure, but do some brands need a different sized bottle cap or anything? I don't want to by a bunch of beer and not be able to use the bottles. Also where would be a good place to order a capper and caps from?
  9. After 3 batches of just using the One Step the keg has a really strong smell to it that I think may have messed with my last batch. How should I go about cleaning it before my next brew?
  10. Ok sounds good, maybe I'll look into getting that yeast next time I do an order. I don't think I want to add too much of a fruit flavor to this batch, but are there any other simple things I can add? How would something like honey in the recipe? And how am I supposed to store the hops?
  11. About to start my 3rd batch and I plan on using the Whispering Wheat HME and Golden Wheat UME. This will be my first time using anything beyond a stand refill with booster and I also have Liberty Pellet hops, cascade pellet hops and US saaz hops. Any suggestions of how I should do this?
  12. I found a good 3 pack refill kit on amazon with free shipping, but for my next batch i want to start adding some UME to the mix. Is there anywhere I can buy these without getting a big shipping charge? 8 dollars from the Mr. Beer site is a bit much to have a few cans shipped.
  13. I'll try a fish store, good call on that. And I'm just doing one keg for now. Eventually when I have the space for it I'd like a few more.
  14. I live in the Towson, MD area, none of my google searches have turned anything close enough up. If I can't find one I might order this one from amazon since it's cheaper than Mr. Beer's and free shipping http://www.amazon.com/Fermometer-Adhesive-Strip-Thermometer/dp/B004B4TS1S/ref=zg_bs_979832011_32
  15. Where could I find a thermometer that will tell me the temperature of the beer in the keg similar to the one sold on the Mr. Beer. site? I'd prefer to not have to order it.
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