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  1. I just whipped up the Sticky Wicket straight up. Here's the fun part: I've never had an oatmeal stout. I think it'll be pretty interesting. No expectations, I'll just decide for myself if it is a good beer or not without comparing it to anything else. If I go 2 weeks in the LBK and 4 weeks carb/conditioning, I suppose about the first week in Dec I will have my answer. So, what should I expect? Is this a good one straight up?
  2. Trollby wrote: I would rather it was 3/3/3 Three in LBK, three carb time and three condition time (6 weeks in bottle) then 3-5 days in fridge before trying one. Well, I can do that now. I am following a very strict diet for the next few weeks, and it doesn't include beer. Tragic, I know, but it works out for the good of all. By the time I can get back to it, the WCPA will have almost 8 weeks in the bottle, and the Pilothouse almost 5. NOW I have something to look forward to! :woohoo:
  3. Hchockey39 wrote: I tired one on Saturday and it was a little better, but still not ready. Im letting the rest condition for a few more weeks before I try another. At least it made some progress and gives me hope that I didn't ruin it completely. My brother made the american devil earlier this summer. It was good at 3 weeks. He also left it in the keg for a little over a month Thanks for the update. It gives me hope as well!
  4. yankeedag wrote: Am I to understand that you allowed it to ferment for 3 weeks (good) and bottled it, allowed ONLY 2 weeks in the bottle before sampling? Or have I read that wrong? My normal schedule is 14~21 days in the fermenter. Then, it's bottled (if I don't just get lazy(er)and just keg it) and set aside for at least a month. 6 weeks is even better. The pilot house is good after 8 weeks. That IPA is going to need at least 3 months bottle time. THEN you pop them in the fridge for a wee bit. That's correct, 2 weeks in the bottle before sampling. I thought I read many folks having good success with a 2/2/2 routine so I figured I'd be in the ballpark at least. Well, I guess I'll just have to work on my bottle collection some more
  5. Has your Pilothouse gotten any better, or are you still letting it sit? I had the same problem with the WCPA (3 week ferment, 2 week carb/condition, 1 week fridge). Tasted like beer mixed with apple cider that was just about to start fermenting. My next batch was the Pilothouse. It has only been bottled 5 days, but I went ahead and opened one of the sample size bottles. Nice carb, bad flavor. Almost exactly like the cidery WCPA. So, either they both just need more time (certainly the pilot does) or somehow I made the exact same mistake twice! I have Howlin' Red and American Devil IPA, not sure wich to do next. I was hoping for better results by now. I didn't realize it would take so long to get good results, but I'm trying to be patient.
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