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  1. Where was my question?
  2. Hi Josh, Thanks for the recipe. It's been a while since I did some brewing, things dropped off the map not long after my post. I've got a hankering to start up again. This will have to wait until the winter since I don't have anywhere at a stable 65-70F with the Texas heat. I'll maybe tap you for some clarifications when I get the stuff together to give it a go. Thanks, Nigel
  3. I was thinking of getting some oak like they use in wine making and soak one in whiskey and one in wine and see how that goes. I'm still not sure what I'd use the basic recipe tho.
  4. Has anyone had a beer called Not the Stoic? I really like it, and it's unusual because its aged in whiskey and wine casks. I'd love to find some sort of combination of Mr Beer ingredients to try and recreate this beer. There's some information from Ratebeer.com - any suggestions appreciated and I'll give some feedback once it's brewed. Malt: Pilsner, Special B, Crystal Rye Hops: Czech Saaz Other: Pomegranate Molasses Barrel-Aging: 11 months in 15% Pinot Noir and 15% Rye Whiskey Barrels
  5. I was thinking something more along the lines of combining a couple of cans of whatever to get something close. It doesn't have to be exactly the same, just something similar.
  6. I have a friend who liked my English Strong Ale, but with it being seasonable, there's no more left. Does anyone have a good alternative recipe to try out? Thanks, Nigel
  7. I got my latest order from MrBeer. Jazzberry Ram the Seasonal Pilsner Czech Pilsner Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout A 3rd LBK First problem, one of the cans of Oatmeal Stout came with a couple of rather large dings in them. I'm pretty strict about not using product with dents. I would never pick this up at the store so Mr Beer are sending me a replacement and this one gets thrown out. That leave me with three choices. The seasonal Pilsner needs to be fermented at a temperature lower than I can keep it at right now. My mind is made up! First, Czech Pilsner - first surprise was forgetting it's actually made from a Canadian High Country Draft and hops. I'll give it a go anyway. Most of my recent beers have been dark so it'll be a nice change. Second is the Jazzberry Ram, and I'm looking forward to this, my first fruity beer. In fact, both of these use supplied hops and its my first time to use them so will be interesting. Not only that but my Dutch Apple Ale is fermented, bottled, and conditioned, now I just need a couple of weeks of largering, so I emptied my beer fridge of Newcastle Brown Ale so I could fit in a case of D.A.A. - Can't wait to pop the top on that one. Now the problem is that my 3rd LBK arrived but I wasn't able to order the self locking tap because they are no longer selling them. I read in another thread they were found to be "defective". I see there's a new spigot tap (sku 31102) but I'd have to wait until I place a new order to get it, and it doesn't say if it works with the existing wand. Anyway, I have a couple of weeks to think about it.
  8. If you have three kegs and likely to use only half your yeast, either make two different recipes that call for half a packet of yeast, or order another refill and it'll be here by the weekend, so your half packet of opened yeast wont spoil. It also means you'll stagger your brewing and wont be left empty.
  9. manosteel9423 wrote: When I'm out of the good stuff to drink, I buy Grolsch swingtops...might as well harvest some bottles while I pay for beer! It's called buying bottles that are filled with free beer That's how I justify it anyway!
  10. That was my first thought when I was the brewing instructions - how the heck am I supposed to keep it that cold, consistently, in Texas. I have a friend who does homebrew (from scratch) and he showed me his thermometer that keeps is freezer at a consistent temperature. I think I'll be investing in one before I brew the Pilsner up. Regards Nigel
  11. I just brewed up my first Jazzberry Ram today. I wish beer was "make today drink tomorrow" - I want to tinker with recipes but I don't want to wait 4 weeks to find out how bad it turned out
  12. Mr Beer claims that it makes 8.5 quarts of beer. 272 fl oz of goodness. The problem is a case of 12 fl oz bottles would require 284 fl oz of liquid. What is the best way to make up the difference without ruining the brew? If I add an extra 16 fl oz of water to the LBK will it make that much difference? Should I add something else to counter balance the additional water? Thanks,
  13. Tabasco wrote: At this point, i'd run to a LHBS and buy a couple cases of bottles, some caps and a capper. Then, going forward, drink Sammies, Bud American Ale (best bottles), and keep the bottles. Unfortunately the good beer that I drink comes in either clear bottles (Newcastle Brown Ale) or is twist top. The good news is that I found a guy who was moving and didn't want to take 100+ bottles with him. Then I found another guy with something like 260, I filled what I could into my trunk so I'm all good. I'm about to throw them in the bath with some oxyclean for a few days then start to sanitize them in the oven. I've read putting foil over the top will help keep them sanitized. I'll open another thread on that tho.
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