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  1. Any suggestions on how much cocoa and peanut butter to use? I've never used either before in brewing. The powered sugar, is that something I could add after the yeast has done its job?
  2. Here in Texas, Martin House have created a beer called Puppy Chow and it is amazing! To my mouth anyway. On the can it says "Stout with powered sugar, chocolate, peanut butter and chex". It's an 8%ABV, dark and thick. How would I even start to brew one of these myself?
  3. I just saw this recipe and would like to try it, but find the ABV disappointingly low, below 6%. I like my stouts 7-8% or higher. What would be a good way to increase the ABV without altering the taste (too much).
  4. Yup. Plano, TX (near Dallas)
  5. Where was my question?
  6. Hi Josh, Thanks for the recipe. It's been a while since I did some brewing, things dropped off the map not long after my post. I've got a hankering to start up again. This will have to wait until the winter since I don't have anywhere at a stable 65-70F with the Texas heat. I'll maybe tap you for some clarifications when I get the stuff together to give it a go. Thanks, Nigel
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