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  1. I've got a quick (and maybe a silly) question... what do you guys mean by D-rest? I've read that in several topics/posts but I still don't have a clear idea of what it means or the purpose. If anyone can explain I'd appreciate it. Also, in case anyone is wondering.. I just brewed my Imperial Pilsner tonight, pitched yeast at about 68 degrees and moved the LBK to a cooler in the garage and added ice packs/bottles to get the temp down to 48-59 degrees.
  2. Wilmington here. Glad to know there are others in the area.
  3. Hi everyone, Back in Oct, I ordered 2 Mr Beer recipes/refills. They were Otto's Octoberfest and Linebacker Doppel Bock w/Cream Brown. Once I received them, I quickly brewed up the Otto's Octoberfest, fermented it and bottled it and forgot about it (see.. I'm learning patience :cheer: ) This past weekend I opened up the first bottle and it tasted really good. The problem is, I used the wrong UME. For the last 2 months I've been very busy and haven't had time to brew the Linebacker Doppel until today. As I was gathering all of my supplies I noticed that I only had 1 can of Linebacker Doppel Bock and 1 can of Golden Wheat UME. I must have used the Creamy Brown with Otto's Octoberfest instead of the Golden Wheat which the recipe indicates. So my questions are: What did I actually brew? It looks like the closest recipe to what I brewed would be the Abbey Dubbel, the differences are the hops, I used Sterling Pellets, the Abbey calls for Saaz pellets. Also, for the Abbey you need to provide 1/4 brown sugar and 1/2 tsp of coriander seed. Any other recipes similar? Also,, what will I get if I brew the Linebacker Doppel Bock with the Golden Wheat? I have 2 other types of hops available that I can add. I have some Northern Brewer Hops and also some Sterling Pellet Hops. Has anyone brewed a Linebacker with a Golden Wheat? I realize that part of the fun of brewing your own beer is experimenting and mixing different flavors together, but I'd at least like to have an idea of what I'm brewing or what it might taste like before I go ahead and brew it. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
  4. *** Bump *** I just wanted to give everyone a follow up. The beer has been conditioning for almost 3 weeks at a temp 68-72 degrees. I wanted to try one tonight to see how my first attempt at using glass bottles instead of the PET bottle. Well, I cracked it open and it had a good initial carbination. Poured well and had a nice head on it. Smelled good and tasted, well.. pretty good. Not great, but good. I wish I could more accurately describe it but the best I can say is that it tasted like a nice red ale. It was tough, but I forced myself to drink every last drop! I plan to let it sit another week or two before I try another one. I hope that some more time conditioning will help the flavor and over all taste. Thanks again for everyone's comments above.
  5. Wow.. just read this entire thread from start to finish. REALLY good info. I'm going to have to look into DME/LME and seeing what my LHBS has to offer. Thanks for everyone's input.
  6. thanks everyone. I'll try to gradually raise the temp in the cooler. I just can't leave them out in the open in the garage where it can get above 90 degrees sometimes during the day.
  7. I bottled my second batch yesterday (Bewitched Red Ale w/Mellow Amber) and now my LBK is ready to go for batch # 3 - Oatmeal Stout, which I found under the recipes on MB. My fist batch (WCPA) was 1 can HME, 1 Booster Second batch was 1 HME, 1 UME So for my third batch I thought I try to step it up a bit and try something a little more complex. The recipe calls for 1 HME, 1 UME, Hops, and Oatmeal. Any hints or pointers that anyone can offer? Here's a link to the recipe: LINK Should I use regular oatmeal or instant oatmeal? (I'm thinking regular) Do I keep the hops in the LBK during fermentation? If yes, do I need to do anything with the hop sack to sterilize it? How long should I let this ferment? 3 weeks good or longer?
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. EDIT: Is 58 - 64 degrees too cold for conditioning? I put the bottles in a cooler in my garage and added some ice packs. Should I keep the temp closer to 70?
  9. I brewed a Bewitched Ale w/Mellow Amber on 8/12. This was my 2nd batch of beer. I followed all of the intructions to the T; from sanitizing, to the brewing process, to finally putting it in the LBK and letting it sit for 3 week. Due to high temps where I live I actually went out and bought one of those insulated freezer grocey bags which are designed to keep your frozen food cold while shopping. I put the LBK in there with ice packs and rotated them every 10-12 hours. I would guess that the avg temp was around 71-72. Not as cool as I would have wanted or hoped for but better temp control than my first batch. So after 3 weeks, I decided to bottle. (I don't have a hydrometer, so I just hoped 3 weeks was enough.) I took the LBK out of the bag, moved it (gentle and carefully) to the counter and let it sit for 5-10 mintues. Then I poured some into a glass and took a sip. It definitly tasted like flat beer but... there was a funny taste. I can't exactly put my finger on what the taste was. I wouldn't say it was cidery or vinegary, or any of the other flavors/tastes that are in the FAQ's in Brewing With Beer Brewers Guide book. (My wife thought it tasted bitter.. but the Brewers Guide said that Bewitched Ale is one of the least bitter beers.) After much debating, I decided to open the top before bottling. I know opening the top is a big no-no, but I figured that if i was going to bottle right away it couldn't hurt. The first thing that I noticed was that there wasn't much 'foam' floating on the top, there was some stuff that looked like it was from the fermenting process... but there was also stuff/gunk that looked a lot like mold. I had my wife take a look and she thought the same thing. And something just didn't smell right in the LBK. Again, after much debating, I decided to bottle. I noticed as I was bottling the gunk was sticking to the sides and didn't go into the bottle. So, my questions: Could it be mold and if so how did it get there? (Besides the obvious answer that I somehow contaminated the LBK) I followed the instructions on sanitizing. If it was mold I had to have done something wrong. Is this going to affect the taste of my beer? Should I have just thrown it away? My thinking was, might as well bottle it and give it a try. (also it was my first time using glass bottles and not the PET.) Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to give as much info as I could. thanks for the help. Hammer
  10. I'm a newbie just like you... so WELCOME!! :party:
  11. Welcome crybdr. I'm new as well and was wondering about what type of capper to invest in. So from the sounds of it I need to get a bench capper.
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I'm already starting my "wish list" for Christmas. Hopefully I'll get another LBK and more "supplies"
  13. Hi everyone, I got my MrBeer Kit for Fathers Day and already brewed the WCPA that came with it. I wish I had come to these forums sooner...but my impatience got the best of me ( as I'm sure it's happened to others) and it wasn't as good as I had hoped. Hopefully the last few bottle will taste better in a few more weeks. However I've learned A LOT since lurking around here and reading many different threads so I hope my current batch fermenting (Bewitched Red Ale w/Mellow Amber) turns out better. And I'm sure my next batch (Oatmeal Stout - just waiting for the LBK to finish with the current batch ) will be even better. This is a hobby I can get into!
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