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  1. How would this recipe looks scaled up to a 5 gallon batch??
  2. After bottling, the brew goes through a mini version of fermentation...so expect a small amount of trub at the bottom of you brew. Nothing is wrong if you drink that, but I wouldn't recommend it (taste and the runns....lol). Anyways point is sediment will be present in all your bottles. The part of putting them in the fridge further settles the floaties and compacts the small amount of sediment and kinda sticks it to bottom. Pouring out slowly should help in not disturbing it. In avoiding the drinking of the sediment also means you don't nessesarily drink all your brew in the bottle.........of course due to not wanting to drink the sediment. Read the beginners sticky.....good stuff on there.
  3. You might want to check out screwy brewer website for calculating priming amount for proper carbination of your porter. This calculation takes into account fermenting temp so keep that in mind. I use mostly granulated sugar but have used brown and dme before. Go with the brown.
  4. Chilling and reconditioning (putting them back in the cool area for carbinating and conditioning) doesn't do any harm......yeasties can be woken back up....lol Overall I think you over analyzed the situation......with removing pressure.....trust your method of madness....lol
  5. I add extra orange zest to my witty monk. I love the orange to shine through. Overall my favorite brew. I was thinking of making a whispering wheat and adding coriander and orange zest to compare. Also, welcome
  6. Welcome. I would likke to brew a lager some day but cnt tend to the yeasties like I should so I will stick to ales.........way to go on jumping straight to a lager. Wine-like sounds like it needs more time (most lagers need extra time)
  7. Was looking to make an orange hefe tonight and wanted to get any thoughts or comments on such a recipe. Sounds like a good idea? Do you think the orange will take away from the hefe? Things like that. I was thinking to follow the mr beer recipe but include some coriander and orange peel (mccormicks) as well. Thoughts or comments? Thanks everyone.
  8. I have and it was quite tasty. It was rather darker than I thought it would be...
  9. I've cold crashed a few times. Its been great doing it but its really not a big deal either way.
  10. Looks like your drank green beer. It needs at least 4 weeks in the bottle at room temp for carbonating and conditioning. Give a few more weeks before popping one in the fridge. Paitence............. Try reading the simple guidlines. There is some good stuff to learn. Welcome.
  11. Thanks for signing up......127 views......alright......now how many have joined????? Lol
  12. Welcome............dnt be discouraged by the brew........its GREEN beer..... One things this has taught me is.....PATIENCE
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