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  1. Good idea but man is texas huge. San Antonio sounds like a good spot. Has good family activities and such, plus its kinda in the middle....
  2. Just to give an update, I went ahead and resanatized, as I wanted to be safe. Ad bottled it today during lunch. I bottled it directly from fridge and brew was pretty clear. I agree with esheppy that it just doesn't seem worth wat I went through to end up with slightly clearer brew. But if you're in cavemans position (which I will be come nov) then why not cold crash first since its a matter of flipping a switch. I will pass again on cold crashing if I have to go through that again. Thanks everyone for the advise and help. Onto my next batch tonight.......lol
  3. CaveMan wrote: I ferment in an unplugged ice box until its ready to cold crash the LBK, Then I plug tha fridge in, Temp set at 45 degrees, Week later it's almost crystal clear & ready to bottle, Then I unplug the fridge for 2 weeks with the filled bottles placed on the bottom shelf, Then plug it back in for a week & wala ! cold beer ! :gulp: This is one of the main reasons I will be getting a freezer chest (as well as a temp control) during black Friday. I've seen a 5cuft sized freezer chest at walmart, black and decker, for 165, but hoping to find something in the 125 range (buying with hiden funds the wife doesn't know about, will say I baught on craigslist)...
  4. Manowarfan1 wrote: While I am in no position to advice - I feel for ya brother I am going to attempt cold crashing for the first time maybe next week. Hope they have some good info for you and everything works out. Cheers jeff That was my first attempt at cold crashing.....lol I'm more upset I didn't bottle and prob loss some sanatizer when preparing bottles
  5. I appreciate all responses and throw myself at the mercy of the borg for being such a bonehead.....
  6. Well, Friday I decided I was gonna bottle Sunday, so I dumped 3 liter frozen water bottles in my cooler with my LBK with the thinking it was another version of cold crashing.... Fast forward to today, which I didn't bottle Sunday, nor Monday, and wanting to bottle tonight............I get everything ready......I get all my bottles sanatized and finaly I'm ready to bottle. Since I was in a DO NOT DISTURB wife and baby sleeping mode, I decided to brng the LBK to the kitchen. Low and behold the cold crashing didn't work bc my fermentor temp gauge read 70 degrees......and beer wasn't clear when I shined a light through......and when I drew some beer out, little particles were still floating..... So, I stuck the LBK in the fridge to cold crash again.......now onto my ordeal My bottles are sanatized and ready to be used.... Should I call that a lost and resanatized in morning or tomorrow night? Or do I wait an hour and just bottle my brew without moving LBK again (meaning bottle with my fridge door open.....lol)? I'm thinking its late and call it a loss and resanatize for tomorrow or wendsday. I remember reading to resanatize if I have to leave bottles out over night (to be safe).
  7. I guess I wasn't quite clear......I'm going to pick up a few bombers(saint arnolds pumpkinator) from a friend.......they might not have been cleaned when finished pouring in glasses......they were basically just left on shelf for me to pick up...... They drank them a few weeks ago.....I am just picking them up.......insttead of letting them soak ovr night.......can I let them soak for a few hours....and them be good to go? This is only for cleaning....not sanatizing...
  8. Oh, the 2nd question hit me Can I reuse sanatizer from say bottling to starting a new batch right after and pouring the bottle sanatizer into a cleaned LBK? Am I able to use that for a third batch? In other words, does the effect go down as time passes? Thanks again everyone
  9. I have a few questions if y'all do not mind providing feedback. Im reusing a few bombers (commercial glass) for my new brew and would like to bottle tonight if possible. If I soak the bottles in oxyclean or craftmiester, can I bottle tonight without the possibility of an infection? I had another question, but in typing the first one, my brain farted and now I have no second question..
  10. All this talk of placig brew in bsaement is making me jealous. I have been using a cooler and ice packs for fermenting(texas heat). Just for kicks (I am planning on buying a fridge on black Friday or at scratch and dent store) how can I rig my fridge to keep my temps constant? (My guess is install this johnsons temp controler but does anyone have a link on how to install or rig it another way) thanks
  11. I'm looking to brew my west coast without the booster and will be heading to my LHBS a little late. anyone have any suggestion what dme style to use? What dme would closely resemble the pale export UME? Thanks for all responses..
  12. Trollby wrote: Astrobeerman wrote: So overall......2 weeks fermenting, 4 weeks in bottle at room temp (this accounts for 2 weeks carbonationing and 2 weeks conditioning) then a few days in fridge to finish off? And just to add to that, all conditioning time is in room temp? Man, confusing as hell sometimes Someone please clarify The carb condition time is kinda the same. My 2Hellenbock is better carbed now at 15 weeks than it was at 8 weeks, I think it helps to call it Beer aging "The carb....the SAME" Wow.....this just blew my mind
  13. So overall......2 weeks fermenting, 4 weeks in bottle at room temp (this accounts for 2 weeks carbonationing and 2 weeks conditioning) then a few days in fridge to finish off? And just to add to that, all conditioning time is in room temp? Man, confusing as hell sometimes Someone please clarify
  14. I remember listening to the beer radio (see left column) and the water podcast said try to stay away from distilled water and "more" purified water due to not having enough minerals (which are used in the process) since they usually get filtered. I use basic municiple supply water (25 cents to full up gallon jug). They work great for me since I also can not use brita filter (never actually thought of fillinf jugs with that fillter.....lol)
  15. First off, I CAN NOT stop laughing on dag's "green leprechaun snot"......kinda took my sleep away....lol I appreciate the advise on revising my technique FD. The steam clumping my DME even before hitting the water was most frustrating. I also should have taken the time to reread, then reread again the LME-DME conversation from a few weeks back. My ego was at its all time high when making this brew after tasting my homebrewed pumpkin ale (which I nearly doubled the pumpkin to give it an OVERPOWERING pumpkin taste......came out orgasmic) so I thought I could do anything............this comes out to be a good lessons learned (plus keep my man ego in check). Thanks also swen also for proving great information. All good notes which are greatly appreciated....I'm sure its preaching to the choir, but thanks for providing newbies amazing information.
  16. Sorry if I wasn't clear, but I did this Brought water to a boiil, mixed in 1 cup brown sugar Then added DME, which it began to clump so I stir continuously. For about 10 to 20 min. Till clumps broke up. Turned of burner and added OVL Then added to LBK I could be over analyzing or I effed up....lol Should I start over?
  17. Well, I was making my leap to dme, and of course it began to clump together. I had to stir for quite some time to break up the clumps. I then added my okto OLV and added to my LBK. I'm not sure if I hit the hot break point. With the fear of it overtopping, and the clumping I do not thinkk I let it sit and go to a boil to reach the break point. I pitched the yeast already so its sitting......what will happen to my batch? Is it ruinned? Thanks for any and all input.
  18. Ok guys, bout to make my first okto tonight, and from combining a few posts......I'm looking to combine OVL + 1lb amber DME + 1 cup of brown sugar. I was originally going to go with the booster but I'm making the leap to DME.... Would this knock it out of the park? All help is gretaly appreciated.
  19. I also let that happen a few weeks ago, but allowing the lbk to slowly return to norm temps and you should be ok. I let my lbk ferment for the 3 weeks to ensure everything was complete, which it was when I bottled. I wouldn't worry. I sure do wish our temps here (texas, houston) would just get out of the damn tripple digits.......welcome to the board and keep brewing.
  20. I could not stop laughing for the life of me after reading yanks reply. Thanks to both you (for brightening my day with a laugh) and FD(always provides good quality info, I dig reading your posts) for the replies.
  21. Just so I'm clear, a sitting lbk isn't to be shaken while fermenting? While fermenting, my lbk temps got into cold temp range(high 50's to very low 60's). Well once I got my temps good, I shook my lbk to awaken my little guys. It was more of a wobble back and forth rather then a shake. Well I'm going to wait 3 weeks before bottling, but I wanted to shake my lbk one more time (I've got 1 week left of fermenting) bc I'm fearing my wobble might have not woken up the little guys. Anyways, from what I got from this thread was no shaking. Am I right? Sorry for any kind of jumping onto this thread with another question. I just felt it was in same ballpark. My appologies. On side note, I applaud you for going to your friends house to show him this fantastic art....keep brewing
  22. Its been fermenting for 4 days and the temp sticker doesn't read a temp (meaning its lesser then the range on the sticker). I have 2 temp gauges at work, one on keg and one lying inside (the inside lying temp is what read 58). The temp gauge lying inside now reads 68 and I'm hoping the temp in my LBK will regulate gradually up. I was told to give it a good shake to wake yeast once its within the recommended range. Is this a good idea? Its been at this temp for about 12-24 hours I planned on a 3 week fermentation anyway so its great packs gave that advice. Screw, is the sticker temp good enough for reading, or shld I roll with ur advice? I'm a little scared in making a hole to big or something......... On side note, the LBK gave off an AWESOME SMELL when it was slightly moved. Made me excited in doing this....lol
  23. Good afternoon everyone, I was just wondering, I allowed my LBK temp to drop to under the recommended temp. I left a thermometer in the cooler which contained my LBK and 2 frozen water bottles; which I swapped every 12 hours. Well the temp read at a cold 58 deg F. The last reading was yest, which was 68 deg. Does this just mean fermentation will take a few days longer or do my yeast go dormant and won't complete the process? I'm just a little scared since its my first. Fyi, this texas heat causes the cooler idea. Any feedback is appreciated.
  24. Anyone have any book recommendations on brewing? Is there any point on reading material ,(except for recipes) since there are guidlines and such provided here? I actually like visuals, such as youtube videos, which physically show steps and such. I was thinking of taking a brewing class at my local brew supplies store. Thoughts on any of this? Has anyone taken a class? Anything would help.
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