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  1. Everytime I cold crash I get clearer beer and less trub in the bottle. As far as bottles I cook them in the oven ( after cleaning in the DW)with foil on the top so they are ready to go when I am. If I can't use them one day they are still ready the next.
  2. I usually freeze mine. It probably doesn't matter but I let them come up to room temp before using them.
  3. Losman26 I agree. Just got my first autosiphon last week and used it Sunday to tranfer into my carboy ( which is also new) Boy was it great. No muss no fuss. I love the autosiphon. I do hear that they can break easily so I will likely get another one just as a back up. It is also cool to actually see your beer fermenting in the carboy. I know, Im a beer perv. I also did not post on the autosiphon thread since I did not have one then.
  4. I wnated it darker than sierra nevada and Qbrew put the IBUs around 37-38 ( cant recall off the top of my head) and yes the ABV was somewhere around 6%.
  5. Tried my first larger batch.(4 gal) Trying to get a Sierra nevada pale ale type just a little darker. Any comments about the recipie. Brewwed yesterday and already has a great Krauzen. Any comments? 6 lbs Northen Brewer gold extract 1 lb Briess Carmel 60L( steeped 45 min) Perle 0.75 oz @ 60min Cascade 0.5oz @ 30 min Cascade 0.5oz at 15 min Wyeast american ale 1056. I am slowly progressing my way to an all grain.
  6. K9dude You are absolutely right. Had a brain fart for some reason.
  7. insanedragun Instead of being a witt beer. This would be more like a dunkelweissen. A dark wheat. It actually sounds very good to me.
  8. I gotta agree with Screwy. The MB-06 yeast is the way to go. Steeping the carapils will really help head retentions. Trolby I do not think that is too much cara 60.
  9. Welcome to the borg. All you have to do is ask and there are so many people with knowledge they are willing to share. Happy brewing.
  10. I am not a big fan of fruit extracts. Sometimes the flavor is not very fruit like, more like the type of taste one gets with candy. I feel that if you can, go for the real fruit. I must admit that sometimes the extracts turn out well but for my tastes real fruit makes for a better tasting beer.
  11. Kealia, Wondered how the recarbination went. Have you tested any of them yet. I have some czech pilsner that is undercarbonated and have been wondering if yours came out better when you added the dissolved sugar.
  12. I was lucky I already had a kegerator that I had to change to a corny system. I would say the easiest way is to buy a CO2 tank with regulator, the corny keg and connections with a picinic type tap and keep it in the fridge. Later you could buy an old frdge, get a faucet with a shank, drill a hole in the frdge and use as a kegerator. you can then add kegs and more faucets as money and brewing permits. I have seen the basic set ups at online retailers such as Midwest supplies for around the $150-$160 range.
  13. AS long as I get a long enough lead time, ie several months, I can rearrange my schedule and be there no matter where it is held. Most of us would need several months to craft a good beer or two special for this event. This idea rocks. I would love to meet many of the brewers that have helped me on the borg.
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