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  1. Okay. Thanks everyone. That's exactly what I needed. I appreciate your assistance.
  2. tywinter wrote: The bigger "sale" is after Christmas when all the recipients of beer kit gifts start selling them on craigs list... Really? Mr. Beer doesn't do sales? Darn. Okay, thanks.
  3. So, I really like the Mr. Beer 2-gallon Fermenter...but I'm curious if there are other similar type equipment out there which are slightly larger. For example a 3 or 4 gallon Fermenter if the same (or better) quality using the same general principles. The way it's going, I don't wqant to just buy 4 different Mr. Beer kits. I'd like to have 2...maybe 3...fermenters going at a time. Any thoughts???
  4. Okay, just a silly question...I'm really liking this homebrewing stuff and I'm curious -- from the people who have been on Mr. Beer for a while -- does Mr. Beer usually do discounts come Christmas time. I want ask for a second kit for Christmas. If they go on sale, I might ask for the Brewmaster Select kit...the big one. If not, I'll just go with asking for a Gold or Premium basic kit.
  5. Ryno344 wrote: IMHO, If you are calling it Roy Rogers , I would stick with American hops. But I'm with Senor Pepe, the eyeball evaluation looks good. What kind of yeast? Ryno~ My thought was gonna be the Safale S-05. I think that'll work crisper and cleaner than anything.
  6. SenorPepe wrote:Oh god, had I known you were a wolverine I woulda told you to take your recipe and get the hell out! LOL
  7. Okay, So I'm wanting to call this ROY ROGERS 1 can - Cowboy Golden Lager 1 can - Classic American Blonde Ale 1 Pack booster 1 oz Liberty Hops (2 variations) #1 ROY-AL "hoppy" ROGERS 1 can = Cowboy Golden Lager 1 can = Classic American Blonde Ale 1 Pack booster 1/2 ounce Hallertau hops 1/2 oz Saaz (US) hops 1/2 oz Spalt hops 1/2 oz Tettnang #2 ROY ROGERS w/ TRIGGER 1 can = Cowboy Golden Lager 1 can Classic American Blonde Ale 1 Can Golden Wheat UME 1 Pack Booster 1 oz Liberty hops ========================== Thanks...any thoughts???
  8. LOL No, I was just needing a Guinea Pig because I'm not prepared to make it yet. My current stuff in my only fermenter is 7 to 10 days from being ready. ===== lol Great, a Badger and a Hawkeye already ganging up on a Wolverine. Ghee Whiz folks....season starts next week. lol
  9. I got an idea on the way home...some I'm looking for a Guinea Pig to either make it and let me know...or at the least give me some ideas as to what they think about it on paper. I would appreciate it in advance.
  10. losman26 wrote: I bought a refill of HCCD on Amazon, because it is dirt cheap, and no shipping charges if you're a prime member. The ABV is quite low, I want to increase the ABV. Should I add a cup of honey? I also have some Hallertau Pellet Hops and Willamette Pellet Hops leftover from my last two brews. Should I use those for flavor? Losman~ Interesting. I actually sent an email to Margarittaville (IBV) and the told me that a beer I like (LandShark) uses a "complex blend of hops including Hallertau and Williamette". I really like the taste of that beer. Curious if that might be a general direction you're headed??? Those two hops (from what I see) have a low alpha-acid and therefore lower bitterness. Crsiper and Cleaner.
  11. Sorry for stickin my nose in...but I think one of the best questions is how high do you want your ABV to be. One you give a roundabout idea where you wanna go...then getting there is going to be a better roadmap. According to the info on the site...the ABv on a can of HCCD is 2.3%...something like that. If you're going for a 4.5-5.1% then you need to add very little as opposed to if your shooting for a 6.5-7.5% ABV.
  12. cavalrymsh wrote: Brew baby brew!!! Now its time to start harvesting bottles with free beer, and making long term plans for a kegerator... We'll see about the kegerator as timegoes on. What I did do is invest in some of the glass grolsch bottles...in order to add to the presentation value. Since the 3rd batch is my Father's Day Cream ale...that's going to be my use of the glass bottles. I went online and had labels made too so that I could really do something positive there.
  13. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. The primary purpose of the honey was both the sugar and also hoping for it to have a slight honey taste. Didn't know anything about brewing then...so I just read some stuff that said that honey will fully ferment and really not add any "taste". The ABV punch was a benefit, but just a side note. Anyway, I'm learning on the fly.
  14. Cavalry~ I used the High Country Canadian on the second batch. I also used that with this new third batch. I didn't try any recipes and that was part of the reason for the honey and brown sugar in the 2nd batch. Trying to add a bit of richness to the taste. I'm about 4 weeks from tasting that finished product, but the only thing I do know is that it was much much cloudy-er than the first run through. For this third batch I'm using the Father's Day Cream Ale recipe and trying to shoot for a Molson kind of crispness to it...so that's why I used the Safale S-05 on this one. --------- Thanks for the wlecome. I appreciate it. Yeah, this is a really great hobby. But I think I'm going to expand and maybe run two fermentation kegs at a time. 8 1-Litre bottles barely lasted 3 weeks, much less 6-to-8.
  15. Curious about people's thoughts on adding these to the wort? I know that honey is highly fermentable, but not sure about the brown sugar. But beyond that...what attributes do they impart to the beer...if any?
  16. Good morning everyone. So, I'm new to homebrewing and excited as hell about it. I did my first batch and added a bit of honey to up the ABV. Final result was a good, strong beer. Not much of any head, but still nice and drinkable. Down to 1 bottle left on that. Right now, my second batch is in the bottling stage. I added honey and brown sugar to that. That might be the reason (not sure) but it was extremely cloudy. Still tasted good prior to bottling, but just cloudy as heck. All of the bottles are carbonating very well. Third batch is in the fermentation stage. This is the end of the 1st week in the fermentation keg. It still has a healthy head of suds (used S-05 yeast instead of standard Mr. Beer yeast). I will wait until approximately Sept 7 for bottling of that one. Looking for a cleaner, crisper finish to this one than what I got with my 1st batch.
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