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  1. Congrats. I am on my third batch in the fermenter now. Just curious, is that Bill Cowher on the glass!? Nothing like home made beer in a collectible glass!
  2. I think Im a couple days ahead of you with my first batch & considering a second keg. Good luck! (still dont know if good luck is appropriate in home brewing.)
  3. Thanks! Just doing the pale ale that came with the kit. From this site I am hearing about tons of different approaches. I would like to get the basics right at first, then try some other things. The wait has me seriously considering a second keg already!
  4. my first batch is 2 weeks in LBK. Just tasted and tastes ok but it is cloudy. This is the pale ale that came with the kit. Is the cloudiness ok, or should I wait? Some particles floating on sides of top. Thanks for any reply!
  5. Hi brewers! Today is day 9 of my first batch. Reading through these posts is getting a lot of information. Thanks for all the tips. I think I did everything right up to this point. The keg got shook a little in the earthquake! But still seems to be going. I can see floating things.
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