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  1. Relax and LET IT ALONE I let mine in the LBK for 3 weeks.
  2. I brewed a batch of WDA Deluxe it turned out pretty good. I was looking for a better mouth feel I was thinking of adding a pound of DME do you think I should go with a dark of an amber, also when do you add the DME after the boil or like when you add the booster before the boil? Thanks for all your help
  3. Have this in the LBK recipe is just as Mr. Beer wanted 1 Can Winter Dark Ale HME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 BrewMax LME Softpack - Robust I'm going to batch prime whats a good Co2 for this beer? Thanks
  4. PaJim

    Pumpkin Cider

    "russki" post=300615 said: "PaJim" post=300604 said: 2 Tbsp Pumpkin Pie Spice Umm... I would definitely suggest to use no more than 2 tsp. Two table spoons of pumpkin pie spice will make it undrinkable. Thank you just getting ready to mix it all up I will go with 2 tsp
  5. I have been reading up on making Pumpkin Pie Cider I'm going to give it a go recipe I found is 6 12oz frozen concentrate of apple juice .75 Lbs of lactose 2 Tbsp Pumpkin Pie Spice 700 Grams golden brown sugar 1 packet of champagne yeast I'm going to let it in the LBK for a month What is a good level of Co2 for this? Going to batch prime with cane sugar.
  6. I want to make a chocolate stout I was wondering if anyone has used chocolate extract to make a chocolate stout if so how much?
  7. I have my stout in the LBK can I add the lactose when i bottle, it if so can I mix it in with my priming sugar?
  8. "hilkertj" post=298058 said:Perhaps lactose is what you are looking for regarding mouthfeel. Lactose is not fermentable by yeast, and it will give your beer a milky mouthfeel. Lactose is often added to stouts to increase the body of the beer, and give it a creamy mouth feel. I am looking into doing a St. Patrick's Irish Stout Deluxe Refill. How much should I add to a Mr. Beer size batch and when? Thanks for your time, Jim
  9. I should be more clear I am still doing Mr. Beer type recipes. I have steeped grains and some hop boils. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  10. I like my dark beers, I have made some stouts and porters how do I go about getting that mouth feel you get from Guinness or Murphy's I miss that. Thanks for your time, Jim
  11. I'm trying a raspberry Stout 1 can St. Patricks Irish Stout 1 can Creamy Brown 1 can Raspberries in heavy syrup 1 cup brown sugar us-05 yeast I pureed the raspberries and added to the LBK at the beginning of fermentation. My Question is do you think that's enough raspberries or should I add another can after two weeks and let it go for 1 more week?
  12. I made both I tried the BTP I used 2 cans BTP (HME) and 1 can CB (UME) very good real malty, canditioned for 3 months haven't tried the SW yet.
  13. mnstarzz13 wrote: like KZ said, 1lb seems like a lot! -good catch! also, per former MRB Brewmaster ericG "as long as you're using quick-oats, flaked oats, or rolled oats (highly recommended). This is because the starches are already gelatinized in these forms of oats." Flaked oats are at LHBS but the old fashioned oats at grocier work too. i buy wally world brand I bought them at my LHBS a little pricey but next time Wally world. next batch I will try 1/2 lb depending on how much I like the first batch. :woohoo:
  14. Thanks guys very helpful. here's to you :chug:
  15. mnstarzz13 wrote: Basically what you did was an extended steep. Mashing requires 2 row or some base malt to convert starches to sugar which can be consumed by the yeast. basically, you will get some mouthfeel from the oats but no abv and a bunch of starch. starch will make a clody beer but thats no biggie here. However, starch does open the door for infection (I have not had any isue nor have many others who steeped oats) so just be a little extra carefull with sanitation, avoid opening keg at all costs just to be safe. Sound good. I bottled this yesterday and it did have very good mouth feel and taste. I used 1 lb of oats how much 2 row? the recipe I did was 2 cans of St. Patrick's Irish stout HME and a can of creamy brown UME, can I use the UME just add it in the beginning? Also Do I leave the chocolate malt in the whole time and sparge all at the end.
  16. KZ wrote: I would mash everything together for the full time, you're just adding an extra step. Did you mash with any base malts, though? No just water. how bad will this be screwed up?
  17. mnstarzz13 wrote: you would mash oats with chocolate malt. If you were doing AG you would not steep. but are you also using 2row? Oats will need 2 row for conversion....but dont ask me how much. No I didn't. Did not know that.
  18. I did a partial mash with oats for an oatmeal stout I also steeped chocolate malt, I mashed the oats for 75 min then sparged them. Then I steeped my chocolate malt in the wort for 30 min. My Question is can I steep the malt with the oats and sparge them all, if so do I steep the grain for the first 30 min then remove or leave them in the whole time?
  19. I am doing my first partial mash today Do I need to sanitize the sacks I am using for the mash? I am thinking not because I will be bioling the water for the hop boil but not shure.
  20. Thanks all for the quick response.
  21. Does priming with honey add any flavor to your beer?
  22. I was going to batch prime with Honey do I boil 1/2 cup water just like when using corn sugar?
  23. Well I brewed this up Friday night. RECIPE INCLUDES: 2 Can Whispering Wheat Weizenbier HME 1 Can Red Tart Cherries in Water 1 cup of honey Wyeast German Ale Liquid Yeast Boiled 4 cups water added the honey then the HME added to the gallon of water in the LBK topped off to the 8.5 Quart mark added the liquefied cherries stirred vigorously then added the yeast and stir vigorously again. OG 1.051 estimated FG 1.0127 estimated ABV 5.01 Its been in the LBK 2 days and wow the krausen I have it in a cooler changing ice bottles twice daily keeping the temps around 58 so far so good. At day 7 I might add another can of liquefied cherries depends on the aroma of this one if I smell cherries then I will probably leave it be.
  24. SmokeDiver3zero wrote: after 1 month, I popped one in the fridge for just 12 hours and it tasted fine. I don't believe these will last another month to condition more. I also had to rack to secondary because of ALOT of trub/cherry parts, plus cold crashing helped alot. I hardly ever do either, but had to for this batch. Sounds good, thanks for the help can't wait to try this one. :woohoo: I did a pumpkin lager with 24 oz of pumpkin puree wow the trub so I will cold crash.
  25. One more Question I have read that Wheat beers don't take that long to condition, is 3 to 4 weeks a good conditioning time (ITB for a total of 3-4 weeks) before I get to throw one in the frig for sampling.
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