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  1. I was cleaning out the garage this afternoon and found, actually, 2 glass, capped bottles of all grain hefe that I brewed on fathers day 2016. Bottled about August 2016. One full and the 2/3 full last bottle. i didn't take a gravity reading on it. Is it ok to drink?
  2. I read somewhere that this could be residual CO2 from fermentation and that you see no bubbles during carbonation. Is this true? I don't remember bubles before after bottling. 1 has quite a few, the rest just a few and 1 seems to have the bbules going away. I just want to make sure its not going to explode. I didn't batch prime it this time as I wasn't sure how much beer I was going ot have so I use 1/2 tsp. per 12 o.z bottle, and a little more then 1/2 tsp. for the 16 oz. bottles. Also I moved all the bottles downstairs last night so I'm thinking the move may have caused some of the bubble as I only saw them in two bottles prior.
  3. O.K. I know I'm bad. But I don't own a hydrometer. I just let everything go 2 weeks and assume ferm. is finished. Here's how it went. I did primary ferm for 2 weeks, added fruit 2nd ferm 2 1/2 weeks, racked to third for 2 1/2 weeks. Thats 5 weeks from 2nd ferm. I did notice only the bottles with bits of raspberries in them (floating at the top) are bubbling. And by bubbling I mean bubbles at the top around the neck. The ones with no bits of Rasp. have no bubbles.
  4. Hi guys, I just brewed a raspberry ale using real raspberries and notty yeast. I bottled it saturday , I couldn't get out all the chunks of raspberries so some bottles have some bits of raspberries. I noticed in the ones that have the bit floating at the top some bubbles. I used 1/2 tsp. corn sugar per 12o.z. bottle for carbonation so I don't think it's over carbed but? i this normal when using real fruit?
  5. correct I racked to secondary and added raspberries. And, uhm, no I don't have a hydrometer :sweat:
  6. I added the raspberries and 2 days latter no airlock activity so are you saying the raspberries don't give much for them to tear into?
  7. Does that mean there will be no second fermentation, and what does that do for priming? I guess that wouldnt be too bad and the respberries will just be flavoring.
  8. I found a recipe for a Raspberry ale using malt extract and real raspberries. Per instructions I boiled hops and extract, Primary fermentation went extremely well (too well in fact). Anyway the instructions said after 2 weeks pasturize raspberries and do a 2nd Fermentation for another 2 weeks. I did, cooled the Raspberries down to 80 degrees and syphoned in the beer leaving the trub behind. My question is this: It has been almost 48 hrs and I have had absolutely no airlock activity. I have checked and no air leaks. Is it normal to have no airlock activity in a second fermentation? BTW I used Nottingham yeast
  9. I found a raspberry ale recipe that called for real fruit. Anyway, I have fermented the beer for 2 weeks, the recipe called for real raspberries pasturized for 15 minutes at 160 degrees. the recipe doesn't say but should I let the raspberry slurry cool before I siphone the beer into the carboy with it?
  10. [attachment]yeast party 001.JPG[/attachment] I solved the problem. My 3/8'' tubing did fit my rubber stopper
  11. Ok I have tubing but the hole in my rubber stopper is too small to stick my rubbing in and the mouth of the Carboy is too wide any suggestions
  12. How long does the party last? It started spilling over at about 1
  13. you mean use a wash cloth in sanitizer? right
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