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  1. Ok so I tasted what has been brewing and sure enough it tastes like flat beer, smell GREAT though. Sooooo, in my impatience, I'm going to bottle 4 of the swing tops, let it sit for a week then put a bottle in the fridge for a day and try it. Then after a few days to a week I'll do the same with the other 3 and so on. This will give me 2 to 3 weeks in keg. Then I will bottle the rest and keep "taste testing" and taking notes until my next batch is ready. Is this a good idea so that I have a time frame for my home brew?
  2. Oh I'm sure that this first batch will taste like "swamp juice" since I used old ingredients but I'll choke it down anyway just for the simple fact that I made it. I'm already planning my next batch with NEW ingredients!
  3. Thanks for the welcome and yes GREAT ADVICE. I need to learn patience. I guess I just have the New Brew Syndrome. I've decided to give it 2 weeks in the primary, then 2 weeks in the bottle, then (if I can control myself) a week in the fridge. Oh hell who am I kidding I'll be popping the top on at least one after a day in the fridge...lol
  4. Oh yes I sanitized everything using the no rinse and let it sit for about 30 mins before using. I'm ordering some refills today because I'm pretty sure that the flavor of this batch will be off due to the age of the kit. I just wanted to see if it would work before spending $$$ on ingredients.
  5. I just started my first batch (WPCA)last Sunday. Followed all directions and put it in a a dark spot with a temp of about 75F. Checked it the next day and nothing. Checked it Monday and still NOTHING! Was thinking about dumping and starting over. I pretty much said said screw it and left it in the dark. Just went and checked a few minutes ago and BAM! Foaming like crazy so I guess it's going to make me some beer. WOOOHOOO I'm kinda excited. This kit sat around in a friends garage for literally YEARS never used. If this old outdated stuff works then I'm SURE to start brewing regularly with some good HME and BOOSTERS. Thank you Mr. Beer!!!!!!!
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