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  1. I just bottled my MD IPA and it's calls for lagering for 2 to 3 monthe etc.. Do I do it at room temp of put them into the fridge for this time?? Thanks!
  2. Just bottled my first can today and did a taste, man of man it's going to be good. I also noticed a bit of carb in the beer from the LBK. When I tipped the bottles over to get the suger to stur up, it was quite bubbley. Now just waiting to batch two to meets it's ferm deadline. Can three is sitting right now.
  3. How long are any of you going to ferm this seasonal in the LBK??
  4. Do any of you taste your extract from the can, to see kind of what it will be in taste and quality? I just did the ESA seasonal. Man tasty stuff and full of all kinds of flavors. Of course I taste it when it's been poured out and can already. :woohoo:
  5. Did my first can stright up, smelled good and looked great. Just did my second can and added some hops to the picture. Goldings and Williamette 1/2 oz ea. 10-12 min. boil of both. Can three just calling my name! I did notice the second was alot thicker and more floating parts than first can.
  6. Looks like I'll be adding some Goldings and Williamette HOPS to this next brew of Seasonal SEA.
  7. Got my first can going, have two more going to brew them with some style.
  8. Ok I see what you guys are saying. Well I'll do my second can of Old english Ale and do a HOP addition. Just finished the first can now! :woohoo:
  9. Most of you guys that have done the HOPS thing, what's the average amount 1 oz 1/2 oz to a Mr beer batch?
  10. Comfirm that it was delivered at your door, then file a police report. Call Mr. beer and have them hook you up.
  11. Just bought two myself, going to brew them stright up.. Just Finished a WCPA I have a IPA bottled now Will be bottling ACL this Friday So this gives me room to do both LBK's with this Strong Ale. :woohoo:
  12. Hers one I just made! LOL!
  13. Not shooting for any flavor at this time, Just was wondering what it would do and add what kind of taste really.
  14. What will this do to taste? And has anyone added this to any form of their brews? Just wondering what it would do?
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