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  1. Elk Grove is too far for a regular run, but with home brew on tap, I may just visit next month. Thanks for the shop report!
  2. Welcome to the Borg MAH! Always good to have more local brewers here. I think you'll enjoy the shop in Folsom, I was a regular there until they opened the one in Roseville. The guys behind the counter always have good recommendations and stories to tell. BB
  3. "Chuck N" post=347023 said:What you need to do is take the lid off the LBK, get your lips all the way around the opening and blow really hard. Something will come out. You are an evil man! :laugh:
  4. I've stated twice now what I'm going to do with the sugar cane. I'm asking if anyone has tried before and what the reults were. I realize how old brewing is, but I like to find things out for myself. It's a matter of it being a hobby to me.
  5. I've been working the basics for about a dozen batches. I'll try with DME/LME when I brew up a few more in March. I think I'm just more interested in the Dr. Frankenstein aspects of brewing than the final product sometimes! :laugh:
  6. I'm looking at maybe replacing the booster sugar or perhaps adding some sugar cane juice with the wort at the start of fermentation.
  7. I'm considering alternatives to Booster Sugar for wort, alternatives for adding honey during fermentation and possibly even using it for carbonation. Cane juice would fit the bill. I hadn't considered the molasses. HMMM!
  8. Has anyone in the Borg ever used sugar cane in their brews? It seems that if you could isolate the juice from the cane fibers, it ought to work fine. Perhaps something like a large garlic press would work. Any experiences good or otherwise out there?
  9. Welcome ChizzleD! Hope you like it around here. Foothiller, How much fun was the HAZE meeting?
  10. Thank you for the advice Oly. Reconstitution sounds good, I may try that. I've used ginger in several batches and did come up with a good red ale that the ginger complimented perfectly. “Double Ginger Danger” 1 can Red Ale 1 Bag Booster Sugar ¾ cup Honey 1 teaspoon Ginger 1 packet brewer’s yeast Add the Honey into the wort before it cools. Finely grate the Ginger and add to the wort before adding the provided Brewer’s Yeast. 14/4/10/10 – Ferment / Cold Crash / Bottle / Condition
  11. OK, got the Wasabi powder yesterday. Now I just need to buy a refill kit. Oh filthy lucre, why do you restrain me so? :shoot:
  12. Thank you all for the input. Next time I get the American Refill Pack, I think I'll take the safe route suggested and add a little wasabi powder to a six pack worth. Fortunately, we have an excellent asian market nearby and since my wife is from Japan, she can make sure we get the good stuff. This too shall be added to the Collective.
  13. Anyone here ever try a Wasabi recipe? My better half and I were just finishing up a little sashemi and it occured to me that if you can use ginger, then wasabi ought to be another option. Any of the borg ever try this?
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