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  1. Any input about home brew magazines. I was thinking about a simple subscription, any input from the forum? Anyone subscribe? Is it worth it? Can a new brewer learn from it? Is it too advanced for a newbie Mr Beer brewer? I plan on brewing more complex brews eventually. Thanks in advance Happy Brewing!
  2. I think your on the money! Flat beer good sign... Bitter beer bad sign.. I would wait till it's been two weeks. You should notice a difference 222 rule is great. Happy brewing!
  3. Thanks for the advice I am goin to try it out and see how I do... Will let ya know.. Thanks again much appreciated! Happy brewing!
  4. I am just using the booster and the hme.. Just the standard (easy) stuff from mr beer. Yes I am very close to a brew store... With some guidance I am willing to "try" a little something something...
  5. I kinda re use the sanatizer. After I sanitize the bottles I pour the sanatizer back into the gallon jug. Then after I'm done bottling I rinse the fermenter and put the sanatizer in it for a bit until I clean it.. Maybe over kill but ya can't be too careful I guess.. In still new to this so if I'm wrong im sorry lol
  6. Hello all and thanks for everyone's help so far... I will be brewing standard Mr beer refills tomorrow. I am doing 3 of them. High country Canadian, whispering wheat and another October fest. Besides the norm.. Anyone have any tips not so secret secrets they can share? I have 2 batches of cowboy lager a blonde ale and an october fest all bottled now (just waiting to drink in a few weeks). I am looking forward to the Canadian I am worried about the wheat and I love October fest. So any input would be great! Happy brewing all... Filling my pipeline!
  7. gbaker wrote: Months to condition?! Wow. Seriously though, thanks for the pointers, I appreciate it. Gerald Fill up the pipeline... I was down on my 1st batch but as soon as I tasted it and knew I was going to have good beer... Time no longer became a factor.. Filling my pipeline with several brews and look forward to tasting a bottle days week and even months after conditioning. From what I have read the brew just gets better in time... You got this! Happy brewing!
  8. Well my 1st batch of Cowboy is still carbonating...getting better by the day.....buuuuut i brewed a 2nd batch a little over 2 weeks ago...I did the taste test when doing the hydro test (each time i brewed) and the 2nd batch of Cowboy taste much much much better. I dont know if it was temp or the diff between distilled water and spring water... (used distilled on accident....too excited to brew my 1st batch) But now i have 3 cases of home brew and 1 more to bottle today. Tomorrow i brew 3 more..... got to keep the pipeline going!! Happy Brewing All!!!
  9. Thanks everyone!!! Lots of good advice much appreciated. I tried another one today and it is tasting much better. Bottled and tasted my October fest and that tasted good and my pale ale also tastes great... Flat but good... Making a Canadian and a wheat next... Yup I'm addicted... Now the wifey wants me to make wine!
  10. Ok did some searching couldn't find so I will ask.. 1st batch.. Cowboy lager.. Fermented 2 weeks... Temp may have been a degree or 2 lower than suggested... Bottled after 2 weeks.. Used proper amount of sugar in each 12 oz bottle... Let sit for a week and couple days... Refridged one bottle for a day just to sample and see the diff... Beer was pretty flat... No his when cap was taken off... I feel I followed the instructions pretty well... Should this get better with the 2 2 2 rule? Seen somewhere to try the beer at diff stages... Just not sure if I goofed or if I am setting my expectations too high too early... Thanks in advance... I have 3 more fermenters going with lots more beer to try!! Happy Brewin all!!!
  11. Hello all!!! Just order my Mr. Beer. Should have it in less than a week. I am super excited and cant wait to start my 1st batch. With my Mr. Beer i ordered a RootBeer kit so my son can enjoy some brewing. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi and i look 4ward to leasrning from you all! Happy Brewing!
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