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  1. Howdy Borg - Brewed an IPA 7/9 and dry hopped with .5 oz of Cascade on 7/23 (LBK sized batch). Planniing on cold crashing for a couple of days before bottling probably monday or tuesday. The dry hops are in one of those spice balls so not too worried about the hop particles, just trying to clear things a bit as it is so warm here in terms of fermenting temps. As it is not a IIPA or anything (estimated to be 6.5% if everything worked perfectly, which it didn't lol). Without doing a hydrometer reading i cant really be sure but I would think things are done but I guess I need to do one regardless. Question - the cold crash would definitely put the yeasties to sleep and stop any potential fermenting still going on - will it affect the dry hopping in any way? Thanks muchly jeff
  2. Even though I have moved closer to Tuscaloosa (MD is closer than CO) I am not sure that I will get as many Alabama games on TV (had them all last year, not sure if it was due to satellite provider or what) - but since you all mention the upcoming football season - can I get a ROLL TIDE. I need to take advantage of the MrB sale to get some quick stuff in the pipeline so I can rebrew my Big Al's Crimson Ale (brewed the night of the BCS game, so I hope I have good notes lol) - taht was yummy aged properly. Cheers jeff
  3. I think moisture is your big enemy here. If you can vacumn seal and then put them in a rubbermaid tub or something that should protect you from rodents and other things, and preserve valuable fridge space for yeast, beer or fermenting suds. Everything I have read says room temp is fine, moisture is bad. Cheers jeff
  4. I would imagine if anyone has a stable pipeline that can withstand a few weeks off it is you Screwy So, what did you find on your west coast brweery sampling tour? Anything new to you? Cheers jeff
  5. Bumping this as I was looking all over for it after news of the big sale came out, now I and others can go thru and see what recipes we should order while they are all 25% off. So all you peeps that have recently done a MrBeer recipe, get your reviews up here, we are depending on you I am considering the following to do during the dog days of summer as The Hat said in another thread - it is just too durn hot here to be doing boils and mashes etc. I am gonna simplify for the hot days. Dark Forest Stout Defillibrator Dopplebock Baby Got Bock That VooDoo taht You Do Vlad Santa Catalina Pale Ale Anyone with any info on those especiallly, I would appreciate it. Cheers jeff
  6. i am actually coming out of a hiatus imposed by the cross country move so I have been doing at least a batch a week just trying to get some stuff built up but MAN is it hot here and to do the batches with mashing in the stove and then the boil - it is not so pleasant when it is already 80 in the house. I may look in to this new Mr Beer sale (25% all recipes? OK time to check out the recipes) and do like the hat is saying during summertime. Quick and easy ones to keep the pipeline full and until the garage is ready to be a brew room - and once it gets cooler then start on bigger batches (by which time I hope to have a fermenting fridge, temp control, maybe a couple of fermenters of 5g size). Then on saturdays I can get my brew on with the early morning college football games (doh - just remembered how late everything starts out here, i hate that) and have everything cleaned up by the time Bama comes on and I can actually HAVE a couple of previous batches). Off to check out the MrB recipe site and the reviews on here Cheers jeff
  7. This is more intruiging than a day time soap opera. Can't wait to see what happens next. Will the yeast EVER STOP? Can this thing GO ANY LOWER? When, if ever, will it cold crash? When oh when will we get to taste this behemoth? Why is this taking so long to get to our taste buds? Cheers jeff
  8. Well a little less English and ESB-ish will work out ok for now just coz we just bottled Fedora Dave s Bit O' Bitter so we will have some of that in the pipeline soon. Trying to get a buncha stuff ramped up, so may do another batch tomorrow (as Friday is SWMBO birthday, and as she will be furloughed that day - prolly not a brew day Thinking of a Stout for tomorrow, get that going now and in the pipeline so we have something a little dark and not hoppy. We have a porter in the bottling stage but while I am living off my IRA withdrawl I want to cram the pipeline full and get to the point I was at home whereby I only bought commercial beer if there was something new or seasonal i wanted to try or I just wanted a bottle (like the grolsch type but brown 750ml bottles from Paradox brewing in Colorado). I do have to admit - you east coast and southerners have it much harder brewing - maybe it is still the getting used to a new place - and the fact that we officially have a zoo between all of our furry pets, but man it was easy, and nice and cool and non humid in Colorado even if it was 90 outside. Of course, if I got too hot I would just put the AC on 70 - can't do that here as it would overload the system lol. Hmm, off to do stout recipe At least I have the 004 Irish yeast, but dont have time for a starter, but as it will just be an lbk sized batch I should be ok. Maybe I better dig out the yeast nutrient for the boil just in case. Still not too familiar with liquid yeasts, but wanting to use them and harvest them. Future yeast generations await Wonder what style I should consider the above recvipe with the 05. In Beersmith I put it as a Northern Ale or something. Still low on the IBUs - but I really wanted something malty - been doing a lot of IPA lately. Cheers jeff
  9. Time to resurrect this for a question on yeast. I do have WLP002 (English Ale Yeast) but have also seen a few examples of this floating around using US-05 as a nice clean neutral yeast. I have PLENTY of that on hand. Not sure which way to go on this one. I do know that I will be fermenting in the HIGH 60s to 70s even doing the frozen water bottles in the cooler thing. So what sayeth the borg? Anyone used US-05? Will it let the malts shine through as well being a clean yeast? Would it do better (or worse) than the WLP002 given the temps out here in the east. Still a couple of weeks away from my birthday and hopeful garage fridge and temp controller Cheers jeff
  10. Thanks all. I thought it was an ok IPA, nothing that really stood out in one way or another, but it was decent. SWMBO likes the 5.4% as she can't afford to have a couple of Heavy Seas or even too many Dogfish Head while trying to train for the Ironman. (anyone in the Louisville area got any recommendations for while we are there?) so I think that is part of the attraction for her. I have been trying to keep my IPA batches since I got here in the 5-6 range until this Triathlon is over (she swears this will be her last, unless she/we decide to do one for our 50th birthdays (happy birthday?) so I may crank it up a bit and do some IIPA (although she is more a fan of regular strength I do like me a strong one now and again). Falls Church is unfortunately not a local HBS for us - I did place an order with Annapolis HBS today and may even have it tomorrow (yay), we will be able to hit that one on occasion as we are going to head to annapolis a few times perhaps during football season. So, now the big question is will Christ872 share his Galaxy Andromeda IPA recipe :laugh: Especially if it is gonna be better than the Dingo she had Another happy thought - NFL teams reporting to camp, which helps pass the time until football season starts College starting up soon (Roll Tide) - I am going to try to go see L'ville practice or something while down there - week before the season starts so not sure what they will be up to. May have to switch the tv here to DirecTV so I can get more Denver Broncos games, I think they will be on TV plenty but i know each week that I will have a Skins and a Ravens game (I am ok with both of those) but as far as out of market teams - not liking the odds of too many Broncos games here. Cheers jeff
  11. Thanks Papa for the info. Being a picky eater i have no idea what passionfruit tastes like - we read the description while having the beer and didnt really pick that out although SWMBO said there was "something" else besides the citrus so that must be what it was. Oddly enough I forgot to order the dang Galaxy hops (i ordered Muntons for the English Pale and Weyerman for the German Pilsner grains), maybe if I call the homebrew shop they can add a couple packs of hops to the order before they process it. Guess I will get maybe 2 oz for a 2.5 gallon batch and then try to figure out a good schedule for the flavoring. This is what happens when I try to bottle and do other things at one time. Tomorrow will be a brew day as there are a couple of empty LBKs that need attending to. Pipeline will be coming into fruition soon - as today will be the 4th batch into bottles since I got here in May and some are IPA and "drink em young" styles : What a hopbby :banana: jeff
  12. Hi all - trying to replicate a IPA that myself and SWMBO had in Falls Church Virginia last week when we were up there for a funeral. The brewpub was called Max Fox Brewing and the beer was a Dingo IPA. Here is their description. Not sure if anyone has had this one exactly or maybe just some experience with Galaxy hops. Figure to just end up doing a "typical" IPA style hop schedule if nobody has any ideas or knows anything about the Galaxy. Will probably just order a couple ounces of the hop so I can do two or three attempts over time. Also I have no idea what their "house yeast" was as we didn't have a chance to talk to the brewer. Anyway, it was nice and tasty, and at 5.4% right in the ballpark for having a couple without dreading the after affects (a big concern as SWMBO has the Ironman Triathlon in Louisville at the end of next month). Dingo IPA 2012 – 5.4% ABV An American style India Pale Ale made with 32% imported English Pale malt and 68% imported German Pilsner malt. This is a light golden ale fermented with our house ale yeast strain. 100% Australian Galaxy hops in the kettle and for dry-hopping brings the distinctive citrus and passionfruit aroma. Light, juicy malt notes with a pleasant hop citrus flavors. Any ideas? Best guesstimates? Thanks Muchly Cheers jeff
  13. Congrats on actually sticking to the directions for the first batches - and exhibiting a bit of patience and getting to the taste testing stage. Around these parts we advise everyone to go 3 weeks in LBK and 4 weeks in bottles before starting to toss them in the fridge but there is no harm in doing a test - maybe one per week - and taking notes on your impressions of the beer, how it changed etc. That way you find your sweet spot for that particular recipe. Also as beerlabelman said - once you have the process down, and feel comfy doing things, add one more element be it extra LME/DME, steeping grains, hop boil etc. Get those down and get comfy while trying to resist the urge to go mad scientist. You will learn more and benefit more in the long run. Also - keep your Little Brown Keg (LBK) full. After bottling, rinse and soak in something like the OxiClean Free, rinse it out good after that and get your next recipe going. Eventually you will have a pipeline of beers at various stages that as you make notes (yes, seriously) you can figure out what worked, didnt, etc. Also - when you have a bit of a supply stashed it makes it easier to do what is the most common advice in brewing - Relax, Have a Homebrew :chug: Cheers jeff
  14. Looks pretty good and straightforward the question I would have would be on the hop schedule. While you are not looking for IPA type bitterness I would have thought there would be something along the lines of a 60 minute hop addition for bittering. However those who really understand the science for each style will be along shortly to provide you some actual knowledge. Me, I am just saying hi since I am home Cheers jeff
  15. Speaking of which does anyone out on the east coast know if they get Pliny out this far? We used to get it on occasion in Colorado but you had to be at the store or have something reserved in advance and as such I have never had it. I may have to bust out the clone recipe myself just to try to get an idea of what this mythical elixer even tastes like Enjoy yours and let us know how it turns out jeff
  16. Congrats. Part of learning is doing things that you wont repeat. Oh well, it is still better than a lotta commercial brews right? One thing I have definitely learned from the forum is to start simple - get process down, find out how the basic recipe tastes - then learn what results I would want to add to it - then tweak according to research (if I want more hop bitterness or a certain flavor to shine thru). The good news or bad news is that there is always more to learn and with every batch, you not only get knowledge, you get beer :chug: cheers jeff
  17. Bottled this to get up to 2.5 units. Now the countdown begins, on the HBT forums I saw where people were drinking it within two weeks or so of bottling but that could be only desperation lol. I think kegging was even a couple of days earlier. Not that I am desperate yet but the sooner we can start feeding the new pipeline into the frieges the sooner we can quit spending so much on commercial brews Cheers jeff
  18. This looks great, and something different than I have in the pipeline. Also the temps work great with the apparent non stop heat of the east coasts. Think I will order enough to do a LBK sized batch to start along with the rest of my ingredient order. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers jeff
  19. Hoping so BD - I gotta get some variety in the pipeline now. Although we have both become major IPA drinkers (especially in the heat and humidity of the east coast, much harder to sit out back and watch the wildlife with a porter or a stout right now). This is the 3rd IPA I have brewed since I got set up out this way. Other two are in bottles but not yet to sampling stage. Did the Hill Tower Honey in the bottles the other day and the Columbus Blonde (didnt have Centennial Hops) goes in bottles today. Only dark I have is a Kitchen Sink type porter. Need some darks to get ready for winter (Winter is Coming - yes we are catching up on Game of Thrones), My big concern is that the yeasties were still viable and do their job as I pitched onto a "cake" that was more of a slurry. Having to use coolers and ice bottles keeps me from being able to perv on them and is a bit of a pain but hopefully the full size fridge/freezer/controller will be forthcoming. At least then I can have a bit more control over the brewing process, along with doing a lot of the "before" science, should lead to more artful creations. In theory anyway Cheers jeff
  20. Sounds like you have a yummy concoction that will be ready in 2 weeks but like you said, what is the hurry? I find that once I have a full pipeline in production it makes it much easier to let things go the 3 weeks that I prefer. Not sure what I am going to do when switching to 5 gallon batches I see people switching over to secondary after a week etc. Was your main purpose in using the extract in this case just for "ease" and minimizing time spend slaving over a hot stove in this heat? I have another batch to bottle today (YAY) then may want to brew another batch tomorrow (get it back up to 4 LBKs going) and this was a possibliity but I dont have much DME on hand and was looking at a grain based recipe for this. Thanks muchly jeff
  21. So what have folks been carbing this Centennial Blonde at? Are you all treating it as a Blonde Ale? I use Screwy's recommendations on his site and am not sure what I classify this as. Almost "seems" like a light lager (especially mine which should probably come in at or under 4%). What have all those who have come before done? Cheers jeff
  22. I really gotta get my brew room set up and get a new process dialed in that I can replicate All told not a bad brew day (depending on if yeast are still viable). I hit 1.062 at 74F so that is purt near the 1.061 expected. I lost a bit of malty goodness to the stove top during the sparge/dunk process, cool down took forever and I ended up pitching on the yeast cake (which was not really a cake at all in this case) at 74F Have it in a cooler with a few frozen coke bottles now. Oh - also spaced out the timer on the boil so instead of 60 15 and 5 i actually boiled 10 minutes longer, gonna be 70 24 and 15 May dry hop the heck outta this one to get some of the aroma back anyway. Oh well - any day brewing is better than a day working right? Hope this one turns out relatively good and will be making an online order tomorrow so I can get something other than IPA in the pipeline lol. Have two in bottles (less than 2 weeks each) and 2 in fermenters along with a blonde and a porter and a bitter. Want to get a few more dark ones ready so they have ample time to condition before winter. Ahh winter, when it may actuallly feel good to be doing boils on the stove top Cheers jeff
  23. Found a calculator online that says the following, so my question is - diong BIAB/Stovetop mashing, will I need quite as much? I don't have "runoff" do I ? The 1.4 gallons out of 2.25 absorption seems a lot but maybe not. Maybe I will just err on the side of caution and do 2 gallons of sparge water/dunk tank water to get up to my boil total and if I come up a little short of the 2.5 (or more likely 2.25 gallons as I have seen on here that the yeast goes rather nuts rather quickly on a yeast cake) I will just top off the LBK.: Target Final Boil Volume: 2.5 gallons Evaporation Rate: 1.0 gallons per hour Boil Time: 60 minutes Runoff Volume Needed: 3.6 gallons 2.5 gallons (final boil volume) ÷ 0.96 (cooling) + 1 gallons (boil evaporation) Grain Amount: 7 pounds Grain Absorbtion: 1.4 gallons Total Water Needed: 5 gallons 3.6 gallons (runoff) + 1.4 gallons (grain absorbtion) + 0 gallons (equip. loss) Mash Water Needed: 2.19 gallons based on 1.25 quarts per pound of grain Sparge Water Needed: 2.82 gallons 5 gallons (total water) – 2.19 gallons (mash water)
  24. OK so here is what the final bill ended up being, will see how it turns out. Eventually I want to make the original as it seems simple yet good. 4.25 lb 2 row 1.00 lb light munich (since I had to crush it using a soup can I used the whole thing just in case) 1.25 lb Maris Otter (may as well clean out the supply) 0.50 lb Crystal 60L Mash for 75 minutes (just to try to get more efficiency especially with "crush" of Munich). Strike temp of 168F to get me 154F (hey, first time I really did that calculation BEFOREhand Will get another 8 quarts or so (any calculators for this) to 170 (recommendations on this temp?) to rinse or sparge the grains then get everything up to boil and add Warrior and Cascades. Going to pitch this on top of the leftover US-05 from yesterdays' Hill Tower Honey Weiss. Hope to have a successful virgin voyage into the pitching on the yeast cake as it seems like it can help save time and money when appropriate Cheers jeff
  25. Thanks again everyone - so I can shave some time off things since I am going to be aiming for 154 Mash Temp. I am wondering about how long I can go after bottling before I pitch onto yeast cake. Not sure i am going to be able to brew tonight with some of the other chores around the place so may be looking at leaving just a small layer of beer over the yeast and not brewing until tomorrow. Should I just harvest the yeast? Is tomorrow too long? Should I put it in the fridge to slow yeast down as there will be not much for them to feed on after bottling volume is done? Oops, back to the deck staining after I get the dog poop off my shoes :ohmy: cheers jeff
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