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  1. Fear Not (and Welcome) - I still buy some of the old MrBeer refills at a store that still has some of the old ones. I use the yeast as yeast nutrient (just throw in the boil at the end). Just make sure you give everything a good soak and sanitze things well and you will be on your way. Also - make sure to let it ferment for 3 weeks, not the recommended 2 weeks. Cheers jeff
  2. Hope you guys can arrange an exchange once these two are done so we can get your feedback on both batches. Be interesting to see how you both feel about similarities, diffrences, preferences etc. Cheers jeff
  3. I was going to suggest that you brew it all in one batch and split it between the two LBKs but try to do something different in each lbk just as a learning experience. Either use a different yeast in one or perhaps dry hop one of them. Then take note of the differences when you do your tasteings. Keep notes. What was different, what did you like better or worse. Cheers jeff
  4. [attachment=11377]FedoraDave.jpg[/attachment] Tip of the cap to THE HAT
  5. Oh heck I have all of these ingredients sitting around - including some extra DME - I do have to be able to brew something relatively quick & easy after I get back from trip so this has moved WAY up the list of possibilities - as I bought a couple cans of both cherries and blueberries a while ago without knowing what hte heck I was gonna do with them. Now I know. Thanks jeff
  6. Pirates do love their brews - and i forsee a lot of ever improving brews in your future. Congrats. Cheers jeff
  7. Dang that is an impressive looking setup. I envision many great brews for you in the future. Cheers jeff
  8. In addition to just making anothe4r batch and harvesting bottles filled with free beer - i would recommend reaqding the hell out of anything on the forum and the internet - and watching stuff on youtube and itunes. But most importantly when it comes to harvesting the free beer and bottles - get outside your comfort zone. Dont think you like wheat beers? Belgians? Stouts or porters or (fill in any style here) - if you can be pretty sure they are pry off bottles - get a variety pack (sam adams bottles are good) almost any 22 oz bomber is a pry off unless it has the champagne cork. GTry em out - there is a ton of different beers out there. Grab a spoon Cheers jeff
  9. Did almost the same exact thing except I used 1.5 lb of Light DME and added in a 45 minute bittering addition using some warrior hops. My OG ended up about 1.082 @ 68F and I finished up at just below the top of the Q. I started out with only 1.5 gallon water for boil so ended up actually having to add in some cold water to top things off in LBK but that is OK coz I didn't want to spend a lot of time doing the cool down/ice baths anyway Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Also now have an extra can of Pilothouse and still have an extra Black Tower sitting around. Hmmm, mad scientist time? Cheers jeff
  10. Oh one more thing for clarification sake - this is for a 2.5/LBK sized batch correct? Cheers jeff
  11. Grabbed the cans of ADIPA and Pilot today - and they also had the 4 packs of Grolsch swingtops on sale ($7) so I grabbed a couple of those coz it sure is nice on bottling day if you have a bunch of those sitting around How much DME did you use? Looks like it might be 1.25 lbs? Or maybe 1.5? I think I will do a hop boil etc and then just do everything else MrB style. Planning on doing this tonight so I have something going - I will be travelling next weekend so I will probably need to get one more LBK going before I leave as I will have a few that need to be bottled by time I get back. Cheers jeff
  12. Well heck - I happen to have access to all those things and have a day off (oh actually all my days are currently off) that i plan to bottle a batch and then make a new one to keep at least 4 of the LBKs filled since I will be travelling next weekend. This looks like something I could enjoy immensely. Thanks for sharing Cheers jeff
  13. Waiting to hear how this turns out. I have several pine (and spruce) trees that I planted in my yard years ago - if in any way they can contribute to a brew before I move then dangit I want them to Cheers jeff
  14. OK haerbob - you gotta give us more than Very Good. With the description of said brew I am wanting some details. What does it taste like? Look like? Similar to anything you have seen commercially available? Inquiring minds want to know jeff
  15. Congrats Kealia - well earned. I shall raise a toast to your Borg Mom-hood this very eve. :cheers: Cheers jeff
  16. I think you will end up with a pretty tasty beer there worm. I know now that had I used a different yeast I probably would have enjoyed the Prince Ludwig better. Also dont expect to get any flavor from the honey - back then I kind of expected it to come thru but it didnt. I think it was just to bump the ABV a tad. Keep good notes in case you want to do this one again or tweak it a bit. I know my local beer store still has a pretty decent supply of the old MrB refills so I buy the ones that have 2 cans in them (American Devil IPA, Black Tower Porter and a couple others). They are 14.99 each which is not a great deal but ok for those times when I want to make a batch in an hour and not be worried about steeping or partial mashing or hop boils etc. Might be time to revisit the Prince and see if we can do a better job this time around Cheers jeff
  17. +1 to twang but a lot of it has been attributed to yeast and possibly the hops used by Mr B. I have not noticed the twang on any of the batches I have done since upgrading the yeasts I use or using extract and steeping grains or trying to do partial mashes. It is a process, you gotta start somewhere. YOU MADE BEER. Yes it is safe to drink it early (most of us do in the beginning because of impatience and not having a pipeline of ready beer built up). Like everyone else said already - take them out of the fridge to let the yeast keep doing their thing, and have one each week or so. Try to take some tasting notes (use a BJCP scoresheet, or anything) just to see how it - and your palatte evolves with time. Hopefully you already have another one in the LBK to help get this pipeline built up Cheers jeff
  18. Well Flying Dog moved from Colorado (Aspen I think it was) to Maryland (hard to believe they could find a more expensive place than Aspen to move to lol) and they do most if not all of their production out that way now. I will be flying to MD in about 10 days but just for a quick weekend -not sure if I will have time to make it to Frederick or not. I will be a local out that way starting in the spring so once that happens if anyone wants I can try to make a run and grab kits for that months flavor. I am assuming they are not going to ship any of these? Doesn't sound that wise - I don't see the same #s of homebrew fanatics in MD/DC/VA as there are in other areas - so I would think they would be willing to get these to people. Wonder if it has anything to do with laws or distribution rules? Cheers jeff
  19. I just did something similar but havent even bottled it yet. As to the coriander, a guy at LHBS who I do trust advised against the grocery store coriander and also said do not crack it until you are getting ready to use it. Could he have been trying to sell a one ounce coriander pack - sure - but he hasnt steered me wrong yet and I doubt he would risk alienating a customer over $2 sale. Cheers jeff
  20. I find that darker beers and certaqin styles do benefit from a slightly warmer serving temperature - some say up to 55F. You gotta figure your fridge is probably mid 30s-40s which can be refreshing for a lot of drinks in summertime but not perfect for your darker brews (which I favor myself). One thing I have found myself doing (besides adjusting temp in fridge - I can coz I live alone for the moment), with those ones that have been in the fridge a couple days - I just take it out and put it on the counter for a few before oepning it. After you pour it perfectly into your glass, you can let it sit for a minute or two before even starting on it - building the anticipation Lastly - take smaller sips, try to inhale aromas etc before each sip or two. Will it help you pick out flavors and aromas? maybe. I am a picky enough eater that I probably cannot identify most of the scents I get from beers - but it will slow you down, allow the beer to warm (holding the glass in yourhand will do this also) and allow the beer to be a bit tastier at the end than it is at the beginning. I am no expert but that is what works for me - a former beer chugger Funny thing is when I was in high school my buddy's mom would buy us beer. She was from England - so we would call and ask if she had been able to pick us up some beer for a concert we were going to and she said "yes I did - it is on the counter, should be up to room temperature by the time you guys get there" - we thought she was nuts - and she was because we were drinking crappy BMC stuff but now I know better Cheers jeff
  21. Damn you F.I.T - another possibility for me to look into when I get moved and resettled. I was already figuring on getting in to the 5 gallon kegs once I do a couple 5 gallon batches on the propane burner I have yet to use. I still plan on using the 6 (at least) LBKs for doing smaller/test batches - but if I get these I don't have to bottle, and the beer may taste better, and may be drinkable faster. Argh - damn you and your good advice. Cheers jeff "FrozenInTime" post=334748 said:Dats a nice brew for the price. I've done them, nice n tastey. Don't tie up all your bottles for this, get one or 2 of these, I love them! http://www.rebelbrewer.com/shoppingcart/products/2.5-Gallon-Tailgate-Draft-System.html May as well get one of these too: http://www.rebelbrewer.com/shoppingcart/products/6.5-Gallon-Fermenter-Bucket.html
  22. Good to know Inkleg - I figure the stress of being unemployed after working since 14 would wreck me but oddly enough I am calm - as Ihave a plan and just have to make it until spring In the meantime I shall endeavor to learn more about brewing as it does figure into the long term plans So a bucket and a sprayer of Star San shall suffice.. I am gonna try this as I have a couple of batches current;ly fermenting that were done with the more expensive liquid yeasts. Maybe carve half of it out and toss stuff on the yeast cake. A lot of them were wit/belgian related. Does that limit what I can put on top of it? Most things swould be of a darker color - possibly a higher alcohol but i wonder about the effects of using a wit or belgian yeast with various styles. Do I need to follow up with something similar. Does this mean you all really don't hafta clean your LBK every time but maybe every other time? Wow that would rule cheers jeff
  23. Cant wait to hear your impressions on the side by side with the S04 vs S05. Should be interesting Me likey Newcastle as well - still remember my trip to Newcastle and St. James Park (Home of Newcastle United) - afterwards walked to a pub across the street to get out of a hurricane strength downpour and asked for a newcastle. When the bartender said "which one" - a light from heaven appeared, angels sang - and there in front of me - was a series of taps with various Newky that I had never seen in the US. I started at one end of the handles and worked my way thru every one that I had not sampled before Ahh dammit Trollby - now I have to glom your recipe and make a brown ale Cheers jeff
  24. Wow am i glad I saw this. I am trying to harvest/recycle/reuse yeasts now (gotta save $ where I can) - and some of the harvests appear to have worked (at least in the fridge) - but I have got to say, the attempted harvest of Rogue Pacman yeast (from 4 22 oz bombers) has appareantly failed (I have heard it can take a while to get going but this is ridiculous - somehow I didnt get enough/any yeast (well living yeast) out of the bottom inch or so of each of those bottles to get a starter going. I had considered pitching directly onto a yeast cake but always was concerned of off flavors from the dead yeast of the last batch without doing any washing etc. Seems like that is not such a huge deal. Also good thing I saw Screwy's post - maybe I will try to scoop half the cake outinto a jar for washing/reusing then throw wort on top of remaining half. Do I have to worry about sanitizing more than normal (sanitize scooping implement, and jar ovbviously)? Cheers jeff
  25. Thanks guys - I could not think of any real potential problems but then again myhead hurts so bad right now I can barely think at all Recipe came in over estimated OG - which I am fine with. Still probably wont end up at much more than 5% so something a little malty for something different in the springtime assuming everything turns out well. I used the bavarian wheat liquid yeast - wondering if this is going to belch forth the sulphurous gaseousness from hell Right now taht might make me :sick: think I stay upstairs the rest of the night and pray that beer cures headaches Cheers jeff
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