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  1. Just moved into my new home in Leander Tx and received my 24xl Mr Beer kit. Can't wait until brew day!
  2. I'm drinking my Witty Monk that I made a few months ago now. I must say it is really delicious. I've also brewed the Strong English Ale and it tasted fantastic before I bottled it. I've not had many brewing questions lately though so I've been quiet here. I'm still brewing and planning on filling the LBK's this weekend.
  3. I've seen RDWHAHB a couple of times, but still can't figure out what it means. Anyone want to clue me in?
  4. Even if your room temperature is higher than the brewometer water has a fairly high specific heat. Meaning that it requires a lot of heat to raise a single degree in temperature. The more liquid you have, the most heat is required to have an effect on temperature. With that being said, I believe 66 is perfectly fine for a fermentation temp with the fromunda yeast. It will ferment slower than at a higher temperature but it will also produce fewer undesirables and result in a better product (aka beer). Someone more experienced than myself can probably give you a better idea of temperature ranges for yeast, but the borg told me to ferment my first West Coast Pale Ale at 66 and it was quite tasty.
  5. I didn't think about twice the bitterness with twice the cans HME... thanks for that. I'll probably order up some UME and give it a whirl.
  6. Hey guys, I ordered 4 Octoberfest Vienna Lager refills from Target when they were on clearance. Now I'd like to do something with them rather than just brew up the standard recipe with the 1 malt extract and booster. I was thinking maybe 2 cans of malt extract and maybe 1/2 a bag of booster. That seems a bit simple and might not be much different from the original though. Anyone have some other ideas that I could use them for? Thanks!
  7. Thank you, yes that is what I was looking for.
  8. Is there an FAQ anywhere on Dry Malt Extract vs. Liquid Malt Extract? In addition to this, is Mr. Beer Booster just DME, or is it a different beast? Thanks!
  9. But but but... all that wasted beer!!!
  10. Thanks for all of the replies. I've taken it up with Mr. Beer customer support.
  11. dferron wrote: There is a spring loaded tip that opens when you press it against the bottom of the bottle, and closes when you pull the bottle away. Leave the spigot open, while filling the bottles. When the beer reaches the top of the bottle, pull it away and the head space creaded from the wand being removed is perfect for capping. BTW ... it does require the locking spigot. It makes bottling simple and easy. Yes, I have 2 locking spigots and 1 bottling wand and it is very very loosely fitting inside both of them. It does slide inside far enough to stop the flow and can easily slip out. Some beer even drips down the outside of the wand so I am not getting a tight seal at all. Do I have a bad bottling wand?
  12. So I bottled my 2nd batch today, a nice Witty Monk. It tastes pretty good flat and I can't wait for it to be ready to drink. My question comes from the silly bottling wand. I have noticed that with the tap over if I slide the bottling wand up too far it will actually block the opening and prevent the beer from coming out. So my question is, how do I keep the bottling wand so that the beer flows freely yet does not fall out and make a rather large mess between bottles. The wife might not appreciate beer scented carpet as much as I. On a happier note, I put some of my West Coast Pale Ale in the fridge after 4 weeks of carb/conditioning at room temp. I'm excited to try it soon.
  13. My question would be, did you correct the original gravity based on temperature? There should be instructions with your hydrometer to tell you how many points you're off if you're not reading liquid at exactly the calibrated temp.
  14. I should have known FedoraDave was going to beat me.
  15. yankeedag wrote: and, instead of tossing the grains, mix them with 2 eggs, 1 cup penutbutter, and flour. I normally just sprinkel and mix the flour til I get the right consistancy. flaten, shape, and bake for 30 min, then leave in oven at 200 for 1~2 hours. Then you'll have some Fine Dog Biskies. I don't believe my cats would eat those.
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