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  1. I'm just so excited for this one! It smelled SO good! I noticed something this morning. The ones that I filled a little bit too much above the neck are less firm and the ones that I filled just right are more firm. I don't think I need to be a rocket scientist to know that the ones I over filled aren't going to be as carbonated . I guess that's okay as long as it has enough carb in it.
  2. Noticed some carbonation tonight . They're getting a little firmer. The reason I got so paranoid is because my last couple batches were firming up in a few hours and even more the day after. That's why it worried me when these weren't.
  3. So I bottled on Monday. It's a Raspberry Wheat beer with 1 can Muntons Wheat Hopped Extract and .25 lbs of Crystal 20L. I let it ferment for 3 weeks instead of 2 and it tasted fine on the last day of fermentation. I put it into bottles and am now on the 3rd day of them being in bottles and have failed to notice any real carbonation going on. I'm using the PET bottles and used the recommended amount of sugar. I even measured properly using the MrB tool and everything. I don't know what could be going wrong. Any thoughts? I'm obviously going to let them sit a month total before moving them to the fridge but I'm wondering if this batch is f'ed.
  4. I read the directions a little more carefully and decided that I needed to make a 12.5 ppm solution in order for it to be no-rinse. For time's sake, that's what I did and they're sitting in the bottles now as I type this. It smells delicious and I hope it tastes just as good. Gonna let them condition for a month at room temp. then let them sit in the fridge a week. They'll be done just in time for new years
  5. I'm about to bottle my beer tonight. I ran out of Mr Beer One Step so I bought some Iodopher from the LHBS. They weren't really clear on how to use it though. From reading the instructions, do I just mix 3/5 Tsp into a 1 gallon water jug and then pour into the bottles and let sit? Do I need to rinse them out? If so, can I with tap water? Do I let them air-dry? I'm not sure how this works. Please help! I'd like to bottle in the next hour. They're sitting in OxiClean FREE Solution right now.
  6. How likely is it for your beer to become contaminated if you open the lid a few times quickly and then put it back on? I've only done it maybe like...2-3 times completely off, but I keep adjusting it because it foamed up pretty bad the first day and now the threads are really sticky. Is it likely to get contaminated? And if any of that sticky crud that got stuck to the threads falls in will it contaminate it?
  7. So it stopped foaming this morning. Overnight though some overflowed out and made the threads a little sticky and built up some crusty beer on the threads. I took the lid off a few times and screwed it back on and I'm now wondering if any sediment had gotten in there from the threads if that would hurt the beer. I figure it's beer anyway so it doesn't really matter but I'm afraid opening and closing the lid so much will aerate it too much
  8. "SmokeDiver3zero" post=295058 said:+1 I have added mine at bottleing time (2 ounces per LBK) with good results. :chug: By "at bottling time" do you mean a few days before or the day of?
  9. If I want to use a fruit extract when should I put it in the beer? The beer is already sitting in the keg and it's been about a day now. Should I wait until it ferments out and put it in right before bottling? Then just stir it in? But then wouldn't that whisk up all the trub? So how should I do this?
  10. "Abqu" post=294982 said: "xxmaelstrom" post=294972 said:Moving the lid up and down like that wont rub the plastic off into the beer will it? I highly doubt plastic will fall back into the beer. If it does, it's a much bigger problem. And yeah, cookie sheets are awesome. Every batch I brew has a cookie sheet under it. Lol, I doubt it too . You were a big help tonight thank you. It smells SO good right now and it's only been 7 hours! Can't wait to add that raspberry flavor! It will probably overflow a little between 2 and 5:30 when my dad wakes up. I put him on lid duty until I get back from class tomorrow
  11. "Abqu" post=294969 said:If you don't have sanitizer, don't worry about it, and just do the following method: Every few hours, tighten the lid snug. Then unscrew it a half a turn, and lift the lid up and down a little. Then, tighten it back up a quarter turn. That method will make sure that the threads are clean, at least. That worked. Should have cleaned it pretty well. Damn it smells good though, lol. The yeasties sure do like all that sugar in the extract lol. Thanks for the tips bud. Moving the lid up and down like that wont rub the plastic off into the beer will it? EDIT: Put a cookie sheet underneath it to protect the wine bottles lol. Should stop any leakage I can't catch while I'm sleeping.
  12. "Abqu" post=294959 said: "xxmaelstrom" post=294958 said:I'm worried that overnight it will overflow completely and make a huge mess and ruin the beer. I opened the lid for a second and put it back on a little looser than I had it so it could aerate some so I'm hoping that helps. You're not going to lose the entire volume of your keg through the little air vents, if that's the implication. The beer will turn out just fine. My last seven batches have overflowed, some just a little, but 3 of them had expelled krausen cover the entire keg. I bottled them today, and the hydro samples all tasted awesome. The best thing you can do is get a sanitized paper towel, clean out the vents, and make sure the lid is on loose. You don't want them clogged. Thanks! The keg is sitting over my parents' wine rack, do you think putting a towel over the keg will warm it up too much? My intuition says no, but I'm not sure. I'm out of sanitizer btw, lol. How else could I sanitize a towel? Also, what's an acceptable amount of "looseness" for the lid so that it doesn't contaminate the beer? I keep going in the back room and loosening and tightening the lid, lol. I'm so paranoid haha.
  13. So today I brewed a Raspberry Wheat beer. Here's what I used. 1 LBK sized batch .25 lb of Crystal 20L 1 Can Muntons Wheat HME 1 packet (11.5g) US-04 Safale Brewing went great, was a good leap into steeping a grain and switching up the process a little. Decided not to use hops because I don't want it too bitter or hoppy at the end. The raspberry extract is going to go in secondary fermentation when I bottle. As of right now though, it's starting to foam A LOT. Like...a lot. I've never had this happen before and I'd hate $40 to go down the drain. I know that SOME foam/krausen is okay and normal but this is way too much. A weird thing I noticed is that it's only foaming tall in the middle lol. The edges are fine and only foaming a normal amount. Idk if that bit of information helps. I've been watching it all night and a little has spilled out but its NBD so far. I'm worried that overnight it will overflow completely and make a huge mess and ruin the beer. I opened the lid for a second and put it back on a little looser than I had it so it could aerate some so I'm hoping that helps. Any tips or words of wisdom or even encouragement to let me know this beer will turn out okay still?
  14. "Foothiller" post=294410 said:The hops will not add to ABV. I would trust what your brewing software calculates, and adjust the weight of grain to your desired profile. Lol okay. So the final answer is: weight of grain matters but so long as you reach your desired ABV the weight of the grain is okay? Like I don't want to go over 5 for this one and I'm at 2.2 or 2.3 pounds
  15. "Foothiller" post=294400 said:The weight of the grain contributes to the ABV. For the WCPA by itself, ABV would be about 2.0%. Adding 2 lb of 2-row brings it up to about 4.4%, and adding 4 lb of 2-row to the WCPA would bring it to about 6.9%, both using a typical efficiency like 7.5%. (In saying this, I'm using BrewPal on my iPhone.) To get a desired ABV, you can enter the recipe into software like QBrew, and determine the amount of 2-row to use, based on your expected efficiency. What you're actually doing by combining a base grain with an extract like WCPA is a partial-mash rather than all-grain, but that's OK. I'm getting good results using partial-mash, with less time than all-grain would require. I also have 1 oz of Cascade hops. Would that add any to the ABV? I'm not in front of my computer but I'm pretty sure it's set to 2.2 pounds of two row right now with the crystal and I'm getting exactly 5.0%. I am so confused to how these measurements work. Sorry to be bothersome. I'm gong out Monday to get supplies and I'd like to be ready
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