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  1. I've used zythos on a few brews, very tasty. If you haven't already, give Falconers flight a try as well.
  2. Congrats! Falconers Flight is one of the best hop blends out there, I've brewed some decent IPA's with them.
  3. "docpd" post=273484 said:I always add a pound of amber DME to my ADIPA and then use that for the hop boil Cascade is a nice hop choice. I have also used Centennial and Citra with good results. i have a batch in the fermenter now that has Centennial, Citra, and Simcoe. +1 on the use of Citra ADIPA
  4. Final taste/observations: 1. Extremely pale in color and very clear 2. Crazy amount of head to the brew 3. Had a decent taste but was too lite/waited down 4. Has potential But needs more flavor, and lots of it! (I don't care about the low ABV, I want more 'taste') Not sure the American ale will fair any better...but it was free beer so I can't complain to much!
  5. "Screwy Brewer" post=270702 said:I bought a giant sized bottle of StarSan and since a very tiny amount goes such a long way and it's so fast and easy to use I don't keep mixed batches around very long. I do however save a quart in a plastic bottles that I cap and some in a small spray bottle for the times when I just need a little to use right away. As for gloves I never used them, or has anyone else that I know either but I guess it wouldn't hurt but they're not really necessary. +1
  6. Finally bottled this yesterday, a few comments/observations: 1. Had a very nice fruity/floral aroma and taste 2. To date the clearest brew I've bottled 3. A bit light on flavor, will be a decent Lawnmower brew...definitely needs more overall flavor 4. The sample drew from the lbk had a decent head on it, which made bottling twice as long...I filled bottles as much as I could and than needed to wait for head to subside before finishing filling, basically had to bottle twice, not fun. Looking forward to the final taste test
  7. "JasonAllenWright" post=266973 said:MonkeyMan, how long do you steep for? 20 minutes.
  8. I use 1.5 qt water per 1 lb grain and rinse with 2 qts water.
  9. "mashani" post=266796 said:I just bottled a zythos beer... I like that hop blend. But my beer ended up with more then zythos in it LOL. (see Fun with Pellicle thread). Ohh, not good...you think it's going to be drinkable?
  10. "BlackDuck" post=266732 said:Can't believe I missed this post a month ago when you started it. I'm not familiar with either on of the hops you used. Gonna have to look those up. I may just have to steal/borrow this recipe. Sounds awfully good. I agree with the pretty good at 2-3 weeks in the bottle comment. If the pipeline is starting to get low, get on a PA and it will be ready quickly. They're hop blends, and they're very tasty! Give them a try.
  11. Couldn't wait any longer, only been two weeks in bottles, but I tried one anyway. The zythos has a nice pine/grapefruit taste to it, very nice brew overall. Nice thing about the PA's I've brewed is that they are all pretty good at 2-3 weeks in the bottle. Will brew again.
  12. "FedoraDave" post=266310 said:But I have my own IPA recipe in which I use multiple bitterness boils every ten minutes from 60 down to 30. This scaling of additions, I believe, tends to give the beer a good hop-forward presence without it becoming harsh. +1 I do this on some as well, even every 5 minutes, it does smooth the bitterness.
  13. I've never had any great success with cold crashing the lbk, and I'm not to concerned about clear beer. I think if you're concerned about the clarity of your brew you should be racking to a secondary and than cold crash that...my .02
  14. "mashani" post=265705 said: "Joechianti" post=265701 said:And now if I may divert everyone's attention over to the center ring. Feast your eyes on the flying trapeze. Is there a monkey on it tossing beer into the crowd? If so, I'm there. Sorry...no random beer tossing from this monkey
  15. "Beer-lord" post=265200 said: "MonkeyMan" post=254754 said: "reduno" post=254683 said:I'm attempting to do Monkey Man's Raptor IPA clone. Currently in the hop boiling timeframe. These falconer hops are really nice and aromatic. Nice....be sure to post your comments on the taste of it :chugIt was not bad by any means, maybe a bit young and Reduno and I (we're twins) both like hoppy beers but if not hoppy, we also like tasty beers. This was tasty. I had never used Falconers Flights hops nor am I aware of any commercial beers I've had with them to know what to expect. But, it did have a nice, full and malty taste that I enjoyed. I think in my brew log I stated to "possibly up the IBU's a bit"...so mostly likely I will the next batch. Mine tasted pretty good at 4 weeks and seemed to be consistent for the next few weeks.
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