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  1. trumpetman


    Want to make an agave nectar Brew. Thoughts on 1 Cowboy 1# DME Extra light and two cups agave all in the primary. 2 packets standard Mr Beer yeast. Would this produce about 6% ABV?
  2. Is it complicated to use? Weighs up to 2 Pounds nice. My goal is to boost ABV so is not this Light DME and Mr Beer Pale Export basically doing the same thing? It seems though the LME comes in Mr Beer size and big sizes so would not the large size of DME be better because you can store it?
  3. What would be a good scale to buy for use with DME? Trumpetman
  4. I bought some DME at the brew store. Can someone tell me in Cups how much ABV will be added to my Brew when adding this to a recipe? 1 Cup equals ? ABV in a two gallon batch. It says it is 65% Wheat and 35% barley. In addition is there a trick to ease the clumping? Mr Beer help desk said 2 cups would be Equal to one Can of their UME around 2.3% Thoughts. Trumpetman
  5. I tried my first bottle of Fermented Juice. It was 50/50 Pear and sweet Cheery. Both organic unpasterized. I carbonated it and fermented with champage yeast. It foamed up nice and tasted like a sparkling Burgundy. Tried it adding a bit of Stevia to the glass. Did not effect the head but did make it taste like Juice VS a Wine flavor. I would say overall it tasted like a dryer Cold Duck with better mouth feel. 8-9% ABV I would say. We also polished off some Liters of Jamacia Mon with Booster added 6% ABV. Went over really big. Trumpetman
  6. I asked my wifes son what he thought, and he said to use lactose sugar about 1.5 OZ I am unfamliar with the term stabilize. Do you mean kill the yeast so as it stops fermenting? Going to the Brew shop today and ask them. In addition the SG was 1.08 and it is now at 1.015 at 70 degrees. What is the formula used on those numbers to figure ABV? Trumpetman
  7. I tasted my Sweet Cherry and Pear Juice 1 Gallon batch fermented using Champagane yeast, and it taste like a dry red wine. How can I sweeten it? I want to bottle and carb it and create an high ABV Wine Cooler. The juice was organic and unpasturized. Trumpetman
  8. 1 Gallon of Juice. I don't know the size of the yeast packet till I get to the brew shop. What kind should I get and how Much. They have wine supplies too. Trumpetan
  9. If fruit Juice is mostly sugar why do you add more, for even higher ABV? I have 1/2 Gallon of organic unpasterurized pear and sweet cherry. So 1 Gallon of Juice and I was going to put it in the LBK. I am going to the Brew shop for the teast. Should I use the whole packet? Trumpetman
  10. Is not the fermenter 2 Gal or are you saying to over fill it by 1/2 Gallon. I am going to try one of these. So this would be an amped up wine cooler type beverage? Trumpetman
  11. OK I will get an electric stove then I have everything Beer Fridge Water souece double sink Electric range
  12. How did the stuff come out in your LBK? Did you use wine yeast? 2 Gallons apple to cups of corn sugar and 1/2 a pack of wine yeast? Trumpetman
  13. What are you trying to make a fermented Apple Juice? A wine so to speak? Do you carbonate it after fermenting in Bottles. Trumpetman
  14. I think the Hot plate would work. it's new. I used it for my small brew pot and it was fine, but this bigger pot may take soem time to bring to a Boil.
  15. I have a two burner hot plate electric.
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