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  1. Chuck N wrote: Alright. First off, NEVER boil hops by themselves. They to be boiled with some sort of malt. In addition, NEVER boil Mr Beer HME aka (HOPPEDMalt Extract). The hops profile has already been boiled into the extract and boiling it again will ruin that profile. So. That being said you can boil your hops with Mr Beer UME aka Unhopped Malt Extract. Or, if you have an LHBS (Local Home Brew Supply) you can get some DME aka Dry Malt Extract and use that in lue of the UME. As long as you follow these - very - simplified rules your hop boil should turn out okay. Thanks, Chuck! That sets me straight on the boiling confusion - regarding the UME/HME. I guess the rest is all in the time - seems you need to be very accurate on the minutes! Boiling with a stop watch?
  2. Hey Thanks everyone!!! I've got a better understanding of it now. Thanks!
  3. Hi all! Yesterday, I broke open a bottle of my first Pale ale brew - about a week too early, but It wasn't too bad! I was actually fairly surprised. :cheer: I fermented for about 3 weeks, and have been conditioning for about 10 days, but just wanted to see how it was coming along. I have the Cranberry Maibock in my second fermenter, with about a week or so left. Anyway, I've ordered the Hop Head Red recipe for my freed up fermenter, and was checking out the reviews. Some say they will "boil the hops" the next time they brew this recipe, so I started searching the forum regarding the boiling of hops, and now I'm completly confused! The recipe instructions just say to add the hops to the wort after the boil and to leave them in the fermenter the entire time, but I'm getting lot's of different info here on the forum, obviously from brewers with much more experience than me! This time around, I'll probably just stick with the recipe, as is, but could anyone offer a somewhat "dumbed down" bit of advice on boiling hops? Thanks!!
  4. SMH wrote: I added the first can of cranberries on day 8 and the second can on day 12. I used us 5 yeast and had good krausen but it never came close to oveflowing. Sounds like a good Idea.
  5. Cleaned up again after work yesterday, and no overflow this morning. Hope it's ok . . . hope it's still alive . . . I'm guessing it's just calmed down?
  6. Manowarfan1 wrote: Wow - what caused this? Is this normal for this recipe or did you intentionally add a ton of sugars/additives or yeast? inquiring minds want to know Cheers jeff I followed the Cranberry Maibock recipe as it is. The only thing i did different was to puree the cranberries and the marmlade together, and added to the wort at a light simmer for a few minutes. I pitched the yeast at about 10pm last night, and by 6am this morning the keg was ready to blow!! Cool!!
  7. I got this reply back from customer support (live chat wasn't up at the time): "Remove the lid and clean/unclog the ventilation notches to prevent the lid or keg from blowing." Where are the "Ventilation notches"? I'm at work now anyway, so I won't be able to do anything else till tonight. I've read where someone else said they did pretty much the same thin I did, with just sitting the lid on top and then covering with a cloth or something. I'm guessing it will eventually settle down some, or else this is going to be a long 3-4 weeks
  8. Checked it again, and it had started coming out of the spigot, so I started to losen the lid and BOOM!!! :woohoo: All is well though, nothing flew out, it wasn't a big mess. I had it sitting in a tray to catch the overflow. Anyway I cleaned the lid and outside of the opening with sanatized paper towels, set the lid on top without tightening, draped a towel across it and set it all in the bathtub. I had to get to work. Hope it survives. Smelled awesome! I wanted to start drinking it out of the keg!
  9. LBK looks like it's about to blow. Seeping from under the lid. Ends of LBK bulging. Should I loosen, or just hope for the best?? I'm afraid! over and out :cheer:
  10. From some of the things I've read here (pumpkin pie mix to oysters) that seems fairly reasonable! Brew On!!! (A Joke. I have absolutly no idea)
  11. Got ya! So in a similar comparison (like you did with Belgian and Barley Wine) How does honey fit in to the picture when compaired to sugar? And how would Avery get a brew up to 16%?
  12. I'm just getting started, too! I do plan on doing a few straight up MB recipes first, but I am interested in raising the ABV. I like good beer for the flavor, but I must admit buzz factor is high on my list. Most brews I drink regularly are in the 8 - 10% range. And I really love the Avery brews (Mephistopheles, The Beast and Samael’s) These are 14-15%ers' How do they do it???? Mega malting?? So, It's better to increase abv with UME, right? But some folks use honey and/or sugar also. Is it better to use booster than sugar? Would there be any reason to use both?
  13. Have the Maibock on the UPS truck - Hope to get it by Monday. I've read that it is very similar to the Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic, which I used to love, but can't find anymore.
  14. Looking through a few recipes for future consideration, I noticed the Fermentation temps, and wondered about substituting the Trappist High Gravity for the American Ale Liquid Yeast and the Pilsen Liquid Yeast called for in the original recipes. My thinking is to avoid having to ferment at the lower temps, which could be a problem for me. I realize it would have an effect on the brew, but would it necessarily be a negative one? Thoughts?
  15. Thanks, Eyeryone!!! Looking forward to many happy brews!!
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