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  1. Cracked open the first couple with some ribs this past weekend. A little light, even a touch watery, but the smoke taste was excellent! I'm very satisfied with the results of this experiment.
  2. My rauchbier is in the bottles. And it tastes great already! Nice smoke flavor, not too subtle, not too strong. Now, I may have bottled too quickly -- FG is 1.020, down from only 1.049 OG. It was sitting at that for several days, though. But then, this one is about the flavor. Something light and smokey should go well with lawn mowing and barbequing. :mow: :chow:
  3. It's been over a year since I asked this, and I just got around to trying it. I used a pound of Weyerman's for the mini-mash, and I'm adding it to the Whispering Wheat Weizenbier w/Golden Wheat recipe. The minimash was....well, stinky. Kind of a barnyard smell. Maybe that's normal for a grain mash, I've never done it before. I was wary about tasting the hydrometer sample (1.049), but it wasn't as strong as it smelled and mixed with the malts pretty well. I'm frankly a little pessimistic about how it's going to go, but that's part of the fun, right? :cheer:
  4. LouieMacGoo wrote: Where are all the Michigan peeps? What are best LHBSs near you? Closest to me is Hopman's in Waterford.
  5. I just opened a can of old booster. Like, 15 years old. It was mostly a single, solid mass, but it crumbled quite easily. The batch I put it in is still fermenting, so I'm not sure of the effect yet.
  6. Very informative, russki, thank you! I didn't realize it was so simple.
  7. This past fall, I got a taste of Sam Adams' Bonfire Rauchbier, and I *loved* it! It went great with the chicken alfredo I was having. I'm still at the all-extract* stage of my brewing career. I know there are recipes using liquid smoke, but I was wondering if there's a way to capture your own smoke for an extract brew. The most obvious thing to try would be to smoke some hops. Has anyone tried that? How has it gone, and how did you do it (how long, what kind, whole or pellet, dry or boil, etc. etc.) Are there other, better ways to get the smoke into an extract wort? Or should I abandon this pipedream and just find that liquid smoke-based recipe? Thanks! * actually, I just graduated to hopping, but my first efforts are still fermenting
  8. When I started saving bottles a couple brews ago, I was keeping twist-offs until I read that you shouldn't use them. I thought I got rid of them all, but the other day I opened one of my brews and was surprised to see the bottle was a stray twist-off. The beer was totally fine. Nonetheless, I don't intend to purposely chance it. ETA: for the record, the bottle was probably from the batch of Redbridge I tried (that's AB's sorghum-based beer -- oh, how I pity the gluten-sensitive beer lover)
  9. I made the KT Caramel Apple recipe this past fall, and I was paranoid also. It was very much a champagne taste that I wasn't sure was right. I bottled in late September and tried the first one around Halloween -- it was strong but not especially tasty. I've opened another each month since, and they've been progressively better. Still kind of champagne-y, but every few sips you'll get a strong apple flavor. So my point is: the champagne taste is normal, but it will improve with aging. I read that a lot here, and now I have firsthand experience. I plan to start a cider batch in early May to have ready for fall.
  10. If anyone is wondering, I ended up putting 1/4 cup in the boil just for kicks. The stuff was mostly one hard clump but broke apart easily. I'm more worried that I overdid it with the Fuggles.
  11. Scottbrew wrote: What are you using the booster for? 15 years is a long time. This summer I brewed ADIPA that had expired in June 2009 and used the yeast as well. I hit OG and FG right on the button. It came out a little darker, however, but tasted fine. Just in the standard Booster way, before the boil. I'll open it and see what it looks like. But I'm planning to use hops for the first time (Fuggles in St Pat's w/ Creamy Brown), and I'd rather not screw it up with something like booster.Nice video, very funny!
  12. Okay, how about the roughly 15 year old CAN of Mr Beer booster my dad just gave me? Seriously, he bought this in Mr Beer's earliest days. White can, yellow letters in red bubbles. It's sealed and unopened. On the one hand, it seems risky. On the other, it's just sugar in there, though it sounds lumpy when I shake it.
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