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  1. mnstarzz13 wrote: maybe you were more thought then you drunk you were? After basically finishing the supply of Sam Adams Chocolate Bock and a local brewers supply of Apple Pie Brown Ale, it's very possible.
  2. hskrbkr wrote: Also known as California Common style. See this link for some info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steam_beer Or this one: http://www.beersmith.com/blog/2008/06/11/steam-beer-and-california-common-recipes-beer-styles/ Oh, it's lager yeast brewed at ale temperatures. The guy told me the other way around. Probably just a friend of the owner or something, he didn't seem like he knew too much. Thanks!
  3. My friend and I went to a beer festival on Friday, a lot of great beer (Sam Adams Chocolate Bock) and a lot of disgusting beer. One of the vendors was a brewery called Anchor and the beer they were serving was called Steam Ale - http://www.anchorbrewing.com/beers/. When I asked about it he told me it was an Ale brewed at Lager temperatures. I asked if they use Ale or Lager yeast, he said Ale. I was confused, I'm still very new to brewing but from everything I have read and have been told, keeping an Ale at Lager temperatures would just put the Ale yeast to sleep thus stopping fermentation. I asked him about that but he didn't have a response and I was already drunk so I was going to have an intelligent conversation regardless. Can anyone shed some light on this and how that would work? Not trying to do it myself, just curious.
  4. haha, that makes sense...I tried my best to get the lingo down before I started posting on here but I guess I missed a few
  5. I'm assuming Ale yeast, it was the packet that came under the lid of the WCPA HME. It's carbonating now, so basically just leave it there for an additional few weeks to condition it? When I make my lager next, I should condition that in the fridge though, right?
  6. Should I prime with the brown sugar as well or just use basic granulated sugar?
  7. A few other posts touched on it, but I have a general condfitioning question. I know lagers are cold conditioned and ales are either hot or cold conditioned, my WCPA is a few weeks away from conditiong. So does it really not matter whether I condition it in the fridge or not? What are the pros and cons of cold or hot conditioning an ale?
  8. So if I'm not doing a hop boil, I do not NEED to boil the UME, right? If I just dissolve the brown sugar, bring to a boil, remove from heat and stir in the UME and HME, would that be good?
  9. What effect would boiling the UME have on the UME? Would it increase aroma, flavor or bitterness similar to boiling hops?
  10. I'm going to start my second batch soon with the following recipe: 1 can OVL HME 1 can Mellow Amber UME 1 cup Brown Sugar I'm still very new to this and learning so my question is, how would the actual brewing process differ from the basic instructions that came with the WCPA. Should I treat the Brown Sugar like I treated the Booster, let it dissolve, boil, then just pour the HME and UME in? Or is there a special way to treat this recipe? As much detail as possible would be incredibly helpfull. Thanks in advance!
  11. What would the actual step by step be before pouring it into the keg?
  12. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback. Any tips on brewing? Should I treat the Brown Sugar like I treated the Booster, let it dissolve, boil, then just pour the HME and UME in? Or is there a special way to treat this recipe?
  13. Hey Everyone! This is only my second batch so I'm extremely new to brewing. I have a can of Vienna Lager HME that I'm going to use but I want something different. What's a simple yet delicous recipe I can use? I saw somewhere to use: 1 can OVL HME 1 can Golden Amber UME 1 cup Brown Sugar Any tips or thoughts? I apologize ahead of time if I sound like an idiot, again I'm very new...but very interested.
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