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  1. Drinking some CB I bottled in October . Really good today. Be patient.
  2. Patience is the key.Sometime it does take longer than 4 weeks to condition.I was disappointed with the Fire in the Hole recipe after 4 weeks and just let it silt another 3 weeks and I could not be more pleased.Good luck. This is a good forum that has a lot of experience and is willing to help
  3. uSE aVERY ALSO. wIFE LIKES TO DO THEM SO IT SAVES ME TIME. aS FOR REMOVAL(ON REMOVEABLE LABELS) warm water soak and razor scraper seem to work the best.
  4. Using tasty brew, amount of corn sugar is listed as 1.7 oz for 2.5 gallons. Does this amount sound low? Thanks
  5. Old recipe used 1 can wcpa 1 can creamy brown ume 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup cooked pumpkin puree 2teaspoons grround cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg This was for pumpkin porter Hpoe it helps. I have this in lbk for another week yet
  6. OLD Instructions called for pitching yeast, let sit for five minutes and stir well. New instructions call for stir well, pitch yeast and cover fermenter. Which method is best?
  7. Allowed sugar solution to cool and poured into bottling LBK. Autosiphoned beer to bottling LBK. Mixed with sanitary spoon and bottled. Sanitized as usual. Bottled some in plastic and some in glass. A little sediment present
  8. Basic Cervesa recipe. tasted good. 2.2 oz of corn sugar for 1 cup of water. conditioned for 4 weeks at 72 degrees in bottle after 3 in LBK
  9. My batch of Cervesa is rather flat.is it wise to uncap bottles and add some sugar?batch primed the first time and have since replaced scale.
  10. Using Tastybrew.com (bottling Cervesa) do I assume an american pale ale and use around 2 oz. for 72 degrees or is there a better match?
  11. The recipe called for 1 can of Mr B. Octoberfest Vienna Lager and 1 can pale export ume. plus cherries and spices
  12. Can the new octoberfest be used as a substitute in the recipe?
  13. I just started a Cervesa on Friday. I have a frozen 1/2 gallon milk jug standing upright in the cooler at one end of the LBK. A fridge thremometer placed on the LBK's white lid is reading 67 with no ac and 80 degrees in my kitchen. Lotsa krausen
  14. thanks for the help. that is what I was thinking. 1st try.
  15. What amount of water should be used for batch priming the Mr. Beer 2.5 gallon recipes?
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