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  1. I have the Englishman nut brown ale and would like to incorporate maple syrup into it. My question is when do I add it and how much should I add? Any info would be a great help. Thanks.
  2. For all of you who bottle prime, do u put the priming sugar in before the beer or do u fill the bottle half way and then add sugar and fill the rest of the way?
  3. So the yeast don't fall out of suspension when u cold crash? Sorry I'm really new to this and still trying to figure stuff out. A lot to learn.
  4. How do u cold crash and wouldn't that kill the yeast in the beer and not cause it to carb once u bottle it?
  5. Thanks. I'm not cold crashing. I'm not quite sure how to do it and i don't have room enough in my fridge for the LBK.
  6. This has probably been asked a bunch of times but, here goes. At what temp do you carb/condition your ales at? Do you do it at the same temp as you do fermentation or do you go cooler? How long does carbing usually take place? Thanks in advanced.
  7. Quick question for everybody here. I have a standard refill that I'm planning on doing wednesday 1/25/12 and I want to know if once I dissolve the booster and bring it to a boil, take it off the heat, and I add the extract, should I bring it to a boil again for like 10 min or so? I have heard some different things and was not sure. Thanks guys!
  8. What does everyone mix the booster with, cold, warm or hot water? Thanks.
  9. What a great video. That happened to my beer when I opened it. It went all over my counter. It sounds like my beer is not ready yet. I must stay patient and not rush things. It has been in the bottle for 23 days has of today.
  10. I have ferm'd it for 3 wks and in the bottle for 3 wks. It is a cherry stout that I used the st pat's day stout with 2 cans of cherries. It has been in the same place where I ferm'd it, same temp. Should it be moved to a cooler place?
  11. I am in need of some advise. This last batch of beer that I have made is going flat, I mean completely flat, no bubbles at all when I put a bottle in the fridge. I squeeze the bottle when it is warm and it's hard as a rock. I opened one up before I put it in the fridge and it foamed over the top and all over my counter. I drank it. . I put another one in the fridge and the next day when I went to pour it, flat. The bottle was not as hard as it was when I put it in the fridge. I still have 5 bottles left but am hesitant to put them in the fridge. Any thoughts. Thanks
  12. Ok it's almost bottling day for me on my stout. I plan on bottling Sunday the 18th and was wondering how much sugar to use for a stout in a 1 liter bottle. I was planning on using 1 1/2 tsp like the guide tells u but I heard that stouts maybe a little different. Any thoughts. Thanks.
  13. How do u know when it's done fermenting? Do you just let it go two -three weeks or can u tell?
  14. Thanks. I don't want to rush things. I plan on bottling it on the 11th or the 18th. Then let it condition for a month or so. Should I let it bottle condition in a warm or cool place?
  15. So I have a batch of Irish stout that i added two cans of cherries in that has been fermenting for a week now and sampled a little bit of it. It looks good but tastes sweet to me. Is that normal?
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