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  1. Root beer bottles have been working fine for me I have been using the DADS 1liter bottles for about a year
  2. "FrozenInTime" post=318472 said: "sluggo" post=318456 said: "FrozenInTime" post=318408 said:pack - 0 9'rs - 64 Isn't it kind of early to be drinking? :gulp: Have not started yet, this just shows how bad I hate the packers. Looks like frozen predicted the closest score Go niners
  3. "Timewarp" post=301501 said:Well, Mr. Beer comes through AGAIN!!! They saw my post here and told me that they'd send me a replacement. How cool is that! Today, their package was in my mailbox - it was a WHOLE NEW ASSEMBLY!!! MrBeer, my hat is off to you :charlie: AWESOME Customer Service! then maybe they are reading this one i lost 23 cans of hme and 14 bags of dme wanting to brew this weekend help
  4. maybe you can find a good scotch or brandy with a year dated on it if you get a good 25 year old scotch, it will almost be 50 years old by the time he is old enough to drink it
  5. if all else fails send it to the quality control guy in texas
  6. you must have these guys smitten i have never seen so many :woohoo: :cheer: :laugh: etc on a post
  7. "BigRiverBrewer" post=299307 said:I actually use those little hose/sock things that they give away at shoe stores. Luckily, my girlfriend is an avid shoe shopper and I grab a handful every time I see a box of them sitting out. eeeew my sister works at a shoe store and she said alot of people use and return those to the box all the time
  8. i go 18-21 days like the big boys on here taught me
  9. "Jen_New2Brew" post=297903 said:I have a can of the Czech HME that came with my kit.... would the booster be good for something like that? I have like 50 packs of booster thanks to a family that wants my beer... they want FREE beer
  10. 6 gallons = 24 quarts 70 qt cooler minus 24 qts ---- 46 qts to spare too big is better than too small in this case anyways
  11. welcome to the borg your making beer don't do that anymore the lbk will not get firm the top is where the CO gases escape its fine
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