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  1. "alb" post=256565 said: "FedoraDave" post=256488 said: For instance, I can't believe alb thinks using a vinator is a hassle. I need 3 hands to work it, because my bottles slide all the way down over the stem and nothing squirts up into the bottle. I did consider the remote possibility that I put it together wrong but I followed all the directions and it looks just like the picture on the box. if you are using the PET bottles, they are slightly oversized for the vinator. I was having the same challenges, the bottle kept sliding down the squirter. Once I switched to glass bottles, I found they fit the nozzle better and the vinator works just fine
  2. I have one of those plain, black, "mr.beer" bottle capper. Works well enough. Although it seems to be getting a bit "stiff". So, I'm thinking it's going to be time to get a new capper soon. I've heard good things about bench cappers -- but I don't have a bench to bolt a capper too (generally I'm bottling at the kitchen table -- and there is on way I can bolt anything to that!). Looking for thoughts and wisdom from the borg! thanks
  3. Some folks have recommended putting a damp towel on the LBK (not too heavy, you don't want to block the vents) and the evaporation will cool it down a couple of degrees or put the LBK in a cooler with some ice or blue-ice packs
  4. I use a spritzer bottle with (very cheap) vodka
  5. I've kept my Imperial Pilsner LBK in a cooler, and have swapped out 2 slabs of "blue ice" every 12 hours or so -- have maintained low 50's for almost 3 weeks now
  6. Tuesday night i brewed up a batch of King's Nectar. Wednesday night is was going strong -- krausen approaching the lid. And then I left for a business trip. Got home tonight -- and the krausen did overflow (luckily, i did put the LBK in roasting pan, so no mess). It looks like it has stopped overflowing -- and the temp of the LBK is right around ambient. So, now what? my inclination is to just leave it be -- but I'd figure I'd ask anyway
  7. How about 3-Spice Lemon Weiz http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/254/nm/3_Spice_Lemon_Weiz
  8. EXCELLENT ... wish there was a LBHS near me ...
  9. Okay, so, I'm a fairly new brewer -- started last October. But I'm hooked -- have 4 LBKs going at any given time (just started by 25th brew). so far, I have been using MB refills or recipes -- buying supplies as I think I need them. but, I'm wondering ... would it be good to have some sort of inventory at hand -- to use as the moment strikes. Not necessarily to follow any recipe, but to have 'at hand' -- just to have handy. so, if what ingredients should I have on hand , just in case (and for now, limited to MB items) ? thanks
  10. Okay, I am really feeling dumb ... how do you use the MB Hops Scale? I'm guess that it hangs from the key ring but what do you clip on the clip? how do you zero out?
  11. haerbob3 wrote: I would place it in a cooler in the garage. With it being in a cooler that should hep protect against the temp swings. Make sure you do a D-rest after the fermentation. Lagers are fermented at at cooler temp. just remember, fermentation is exothermic -- in other words, the yeasties generate heat. so, if you put just the fermenter in a cooler, the temperature in the cooler will rise. you need to put some ice or such in the cooler to chill it down
  12. my understanding is that the "new" spigot simply replaces the "old" spigot -- and that a new locking spigot with bottling wand is still in the works.
  13. definitely vote for cutting back to 1/2 teaspoon per 12 oz bottle (or, if you're like me, go with the Domino DOTS -- 1/2 tsp each)
  14. I've used US-05 quite a bit -- have always just pitched it into the wort; no problems so far
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