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  1. billy wrote: new to home brewing...i have read alot about people increasing the abv in their brews by using two cans of hme or an additional ume. do they use another booster and or yeast with this adjustment.... The Mr. Beer site has both refills and recipes that cover most of the combos you can think of and lists the expected ABV.You must be doing something right if you have enjoyed your brews so far. Just choose whatever looks good to you.
  2. I like the malt and yeast choice for the recipe (keep the yeast under 65) but the hop addition is almost a hopburst. Totally OK if that is what you want but a bittering addition of 0.2-0.5 oz depending in the actual AA of your hops is not unusual for a small batch.
  3. If you make your first upgrade purchase a bottling bucket and racking cane, you don't worry overmuch about the split, siphon them both into the bottling bucket on bottling day, enjoying batch priming too. EDIT: Yeah, don't forget the bottle filler.
  4. I'd be more tempted to suggest making 2 beers with that inventory using 1 HME & 1 UME each. That being said, I did once make a "Thrift Shop Beer" using: 1 can Classic American Light 1 can Whispering Wheat Weizenbier 1 can Pale Export UME
  5. mashani wrote: Once you add the champaigne yeast though it's going to ferment out to the same point the champaigne yeast would have if you added it up front. So it will be just as "dry". The only differnce in the finished product will be any flavors added by the bread yeast. At least that's what I'd think unless I'm nuts. Yup, but suppose beer yeast instead. Added flavor, full fermentation is what I understand.
  6. I got a 5 gal setup after I had a number of Mr. Beer batches and a couple 5 gallon split extract batches under my belt. I knew the equipment I had and what I needed. I got stuff like a 6.5 gallon fermenter and bottling bucket, racking cane and bottling wand with tubing and such. Enjoyed making some extract kits with steeping grains and hop boil. Then I found out how to do small batch all grain with my bottling bucket and Mr. beer keg...
  7. gorlox18 wrote: Robertpreed wrote: I know some people say the bread yeast can leave the mead a bit sweet and some say using champagne yeast can leave the mead a bit dry. What would happen if you use half champange and half bread yeast? Would you get the best of both worlds, something inbetween, or some sort of yeast ultimate fighting mess? if I can hypothesize, one yeast will inherently do better than the other whichever the given conditions. the guys with more experience need to put in here, but I believe a simple half/half mixture would not produce the intermediate results for which you are looking. While the JAOM is not a brew that I am interested in making, I will suggest that using one yeast to start fermentation and another to finish is not unheard of, rather than just mixing them.
  8. The only Cream Ale I know to recommend is local. Cluster Fuggle Cream Ale IMO you really need to do all grain two or six row, flaked corn, and ferment at low temps with an American ale yeast. No doubt you can make good beers with extract and low temp American ale yeast.
  9. webapalooza wrote: ...Trouble is, there is no yeast activity at all... Is this based on hydrometer/refractometer readings or...?
  10. oly wrote: ...Much as I hate to say it on this forum, the Mr.Beer "twang" is very real... I believe you. I had it on some, not all, of my early brews. I have seen discussions focus on yeast, hops, extract, and booster as the reason. I have never seen the real answer. I was following along with the "twang" theme in some replies until I read bpgreen's reply and re-read the original post. If it really is a "crispness" rather than "off flavor" the OP misses, then bpgreen is right.
  11. bpgreen wrote: ...it may be that you prefer lagers to ales... I think bpgreen hits the nail on the head, what you describe "as they all have a more heavy or malty taste as compared to the crispy taste of store bought beer"A real lager is a bit more trouble but try US-05 fermented at 60-65 with a light beer recipe and see what you think.
  12. FrozenInTime wrote: Welcome to the Borg The_Professor! Thanks. Please don't assimilate me...
  13. d3EP wrote: second day there wasn't as much activity (visible but not as wild as my beers) as I wanted so I added some different/ more yeast. If its not kicking by tomorrow I dunno what to do, add some acid/OJ? Mead is fun. Are you doing an SNA (staggered nutrient addition).
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