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  1. It's been two weeks and FG is at 1.022 for the last three days. It's not as low as I wanted, but it will do. So I'm bottling now with priming sugar. It sure does smell like flat beer, but it tastes a little like nail polish... I can't remember what my last batch tasted like when bottling.. Is this normal?
  2. 7/14/2012 6 days in the LBK @ 60-64° Sulfer smell starting to go away. Second gravity readying @ 64° = 1.030 Color is darker than expected Sip taste is good with hints of caramel
  3. I'm keeping the temp around 64/65ish in an large igloo cooler with a gallon of frozen water rotating when the jug start to get warm. I know the yeast is working because there is a bunch of foam on the top of the LBK. Day two the cooler smelled of yeast when I opened to check the temp. Days three of fermenting there this god awful mixed smell of yeast and something else. I didn't (or at least didn't remember) any pungent smells with the WCPA. I'll add that I when I did the WCPA it fermented in a smaller cooler on the patio during spring and now that it's summer I moved the cooler inside as we are in the TampaBay dog days of summer. Thanks for the input guys, keep the knowledge flowing!
  4. Thanks Sir! I didn't realize it was still an Ale. I'll keep it around 65ish. I'll be honest, I expected to let it ferment, carb, and condition for about a month each.
  5. 7-8-2012 5:30pm Bit of booster (not much, threw most away) Boiled and removed from heat. 1 cupish Light brown sugar 2 Cans Vienna Lager Half can coopers amber malt extract OG before pitching yeast: 1.071 (assumed 80f reading) Two packets yeast from Mr. Beer Vienna Lager pitched at 77f (I know, too hot) Placed in cooler lower than 64f (need a new thermometer)
  6. I'm in Tampa myself.. Good to see Central Florida represent on the board
  7. SOOOOOOO, it turned out OK.. I say OK because I'm not a Pale Ale fan, but if it's worth drinking on the first try.. A little light low ABV for my taste.. Already have the plans for the next one... Two Octoberfest's Vienna Lager and a Coopers Amber LME... But the question I have.. So I have one bottle which is just so cloudy... It tastes just fine, so I'm assuming it was the last bottle I did.. Does everyone have one like this? Am I gonna get a turned stomach from it?
  8. First time newbie brewer using the Pale Ale that came with the MR Beer kit. Here is what I did and I'm not sure if what I did was right or not (but it was fun) .. SO comments will help... 1) Fermented 14 days placing the LBK in an igloo cooler keeping the temp between 68-74 by rotating frozen water bottles. 2) Put the LBK keg into the fridge for 2 days 3) Bottled into 1 pint swing-top glass bottles with 1 tsp of priming sugar I now have them conditioning back in the cooler between 68-74 for another 14 days. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks to all. I choose the patio, which has one screened in side facing the yard and the other 3 walls is the house. I started the fermentation on Wend 5-6-2012 in a standard Coleman cooler, rotating 12oz frozen bottles of water every 8-10 hours. I have the MR. Beer Yeast-o-meter which is happily on the CHECK and a fish aquarium thermometer laying on the lid of the LBK which reads ~75-78. It's around 94 in Tampa today and the cooler is chillin at 80 on the lid and check on the YEAST-O-Meter. Once again, thanks to all! :chug:
  10. Thanks to all for the help! Here is the first batch fermenting away.
  11. Thanks to all. I did review the first two videos and have questions (because I question EVERYTHING) ... isanasanitized spoon to stir both the HME and the Keg.. Do you all also use this method? Do you re-sanatize in-between the actions? 2) He has a plastic measuring cup, BUT, we are told to not use a plastic or wood spoon.. Logic here says he's in the wrong and should use a glass or metal cup.... Thoughts??
  12. Yet to be a first time brewer. Still trying to figure out the process. Excuse me if these are newbie questions.. 1) Where do/did you put your MB yeast-o-meter thermonitor? 2) So I placed 4L of water into the keg, added 4cups of boiling water (pitching the yeast), and fill the keg to the 8.5 liter w/ water. Of course the temp is way above what it should be. Is this OK as long as I'm able to get the temp down? 3) I'm in Tampa Florida and planning on keeping the keg in a huge Igloo cooler on the patio with a single frozen 2 liter pop bottle. I'm planning on keeping the drain plug of the cooler open to try and rotate air flow. Thoughts? Would the garage be better than the patio? Any other suggestions for a South Florida new Brewer? Thanks again gents!
  13. What is the most inexpensive way to keep a lower reg temp for us Florida first time brewers?
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