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  1. "Joechianti" post=306879 said:

    Not drinking from the bottle. Drinking from glass. The half liter bottles are a bit too much for a pint glass, so I just use a 10 oz glass and fill it twice. Seems like I'm getting more beer that way, too, getting 2 glasses of beer out of a bottle instead of just one glass of beer. Just another weird quirk. Feels better to have the beer staying fresher in the sealed bottle than in the glass, even for 5 or 10 minutes, and sometimes I let a glass of beer sit much longer. This post is actually on the level, not joking around. I'm gonna try this out in the near future and see how it works. The fast chill thing proved to be very effective for those times when you need a cold one right away but don't have one. I hope this thing works good too.

    Ok, I see. I only bottle 12 oz so one pour per glass. It sounds like your plan would work.

  2. Umm I don't know. I always enjoy reading your posts and am left wondering if you are joking with this post. It can't hurt the beer to keep it on ice. I always pour the whole bottle, less a tiny bit on the bottom, into a pint glass so I wouldn't try your idea. RDWHAHB.

  3. "FedoraDave" post=290245 said:

    "Fat Pete" post=290166 said:

    I suggest using corn sugar as opposed to cane sugar. Others may disagree, but I have found the batches I made that I primed with cane sugar to be soda like, large bubbles. All batches I made primed with corn sugar had beer/ale carbonation, fine carbonation.

    That's been my experience. As I say, others may disagree, but I only prime with corn sugar.

    Interesting. I've used honey mostly, and was pretty pleased with that type of carbonation, but it was getting expensive, so I switched to Booster, which I had a surplus of (still do). And I've used corn sugar on a couple of batches, one of which hasn't finished conditioning yet.

    It may be the amount of Booster I've used, but some of those batches seemed to be over-carbed, and I've been thinking I need to cut back. But it may be type of sugar itself.

    I've heard DME is very good for a carbing agent, but I haven't tried it, and don't know how much is recommended.

    Dave, how much Booster do you use. I assume you batch prime. Thanks

  4. "Duff" post=289655 said:

    One of my favorites that got a lot of approval from my friends was:

    2 Cans of HCCD
    1 Lb Briess Sparkling Amber DME
    S-04 Yeast

    It was just hoppy enough but not too hoppy and had a pretty good flavor. Between that and the Fallen Friar recipe my friend who was Bud Light only started to come around and like more beers.

    I also added a bag of booster to the recipe a couple of times. With the booster there was always just a little alcohol taste to it. It was popular for the leaf burning day a friend has every year.

    Brewed this one today. Thanks

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