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  1. Yes I have, decent beer. I could handle that color.
  2. Great info! I forgot that Q-brew allows you to figure up the color. I don't have a scale, but I foresee one in the future now, hopefully I can eyeball it out! I do like chinook hops, I'm still deciding if I'm going to use all three types or just one or two. I forget, how much water is recommended in a hop boil? Would one gallon be enough or should I use more for this recipe? Thanks!
  3. Yes it is for 1 LBK. I wasn't going to use all of the grain, I was hoping to get a good recommendation on how much to steep. 1lb is the minimum you can buy. Thanks.
  4. So I haven't been on here in awhile, and I haven't made beer in probably 6 months, I've been busy with work. But here it is winter again when I have plenty of time. I've made several Mr. Beer kit brews, some okay, some not so good. So wanting to gain a bit more knowledge I'm going to make my next batch with Northern Brewer LME, and do a hop boil for my first time. Here's what I ordered: NB Amber Malt Syrup- 3.15 lbs Wyeast 2112 California Lager yeast Cascade Hops Chinook Hops Columbus Hops Weyermann Caramunich II - crushed - 1lb Briess Carapils - 1 lb. crushed Muslin grain/hop bags So I'm not going to use every bit of that stuff, I'll for sure have to divide it out. Basically I was just planning on steeping the grains and then doing a hop boil with the LME. I'm looking to try to create a good red beer. I love Arrogant Bastard, and Radio From Hell Red Ale by Squatters, as well as most red ales. I picked the yeast I did because I have an area in the house that stays between 52-60 degrees, so I realize its on the border of an ale and a lager. I'm worried that I may have ordered to dark of an LME and may come out with more of a brown beer than red after doing a 60 minute hop boil. Which that would be okay, but I'm shooting for that dark red color. Any suggestions or comments on how I can make a decent beer with these ingredients? Thanks!
  5. I got the 90 bottle bottle tree from Mr. Beer and love it! I had a coupon so it was even cheaper. The brand is Ferrari and its made out of Italy. I'm pretty sure its the same bottle tree northern brewer sells for $52 bucks! The vinator should work on it. I'll get one eventually, but looking at the pics of it, it will slip right on. The bottle tree is high quality, I was very impressed, and It's a lot bigger than it looks in the picture so be prepared! It holds 9 bottles per tier and has 10 tiers. Of course you can put as many tiers on as needed. Holds just about any type of bottle. Edit: After looking at several bottle trees on the net, the one from Mr. Beer is definately the high quality one that sells for much higher across the net. Most sites sell the same bottle tree that only holds 45 bottles for the same price, might as well spend the same money and be able to hold 45 more cause you never know when you'll have 90 bottles on that tree lol. Oh and one more thing, it rotates on its base which is kind of nifty, not that its necessary.
  6. +1, the basic WCPA doesn't have as much trub as the others, my bottles also contained hardly any, but it taste and feels like beer!
  7. Ewww doggy, I love me some Snow Days, think its my favortie from New Belgium, that and 1554.
  8. Maybe try a George Killians Irish Red for malty, and a Sierra Nevada Torpedo Double India Pale Ale for hoppy, or any India Pale Ale (IPA). Hoppy beers are more bitter and sometimes have a citrus characteristic, or pine/earthy, depending on the hop style used. Malty beers tend to be more caramel like, you can taste the roasted grains more in them (Sweeter). Good Luck!
  9. Okay, so I know the question has been answered and resolved, but I actually found another LBK lid alternative today while I was reading this so it might help others in the future. So I was snacking on some Planters Peanuts while reading this post, the 34.5 oz plastic container. Well I looked at the lid and thought, well shux, that looks just like the LBK lid. So while I was brewing up my ADIPA this evening, I tried out the Planters Peanut lid on the LBK, and lo and behold it works perfectly! You probably want to take the cardboard seal thats in the lid out to prevent contamination. Just thought I would share this!
  10. Just made the ADIPA today with no variations. Can't wait to try this one after all I've heard. I want to get a good taste for it like it is, and then start modifying it in the future. This is the first brew that I pitched 3 Mr. Beer yeast packets, cooled the wort in an Ice Bath, and aerated the crap out of the wort to where foam was almost up to the opening, so I have high hopes for this one! Also I found a plastic whisk works awesome for aerating the wort! I'll let you know how it taste in a couple of months!
  11. Another vote for Witty Monk just cause that's what I'm going to order next from Mr. Beer. I haven't tried it yet, bet after cruising these forums for several months now, it seems like its a really good refill! I do like Blue Moon beer with Orange, so I think it would be dang tasty! Edit: Obviously I didn't read all the way through that you have the Witty Monk Fermenting, I'd go with that Bill's Brew Recipe, just substitute the Booster for Pale Export UME. It's my favorite one so far!
  12. So on my last brew (Englishman's Nut Brown ale with Mellow Amber) I decided to bottle as much liquid as possible. So when the spigot wasn't flowing any longer, I tilted the LBK up and kept going till basically all the liquid was gone out of the keg and only the yeast cake remained. Is this okay to do? Will I get off flavors from bottling that much trub? It only got me about 1 or 2 extra 12 oz bottles worth. They were extremely cloudy of course when I bottled them. I looked at those bottles today, and to my surprise, they have cleared up very nicely, of course there is more trub in those bottles, but the brew looks clear. Thanks a lot!
  13. Bill's Brew sounds right up your alley: http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/267/nm/Bill_s_Brew1 Just tried this one after 5 weeks in bottle and it tasted great, just like what you're looking for. The recipe is a bit high on the adjunct level, so next time I make this I'm going to substitute the Booster for the Pale Export UME, I think it will be even better. You can taste the honey and it gives it a nice dry bite. Good Luck!
  14. Yeah that's what I think is strange. It's not a skunky smell/taste, the brews have been in complete drakness. It's just weird that both of these brews brewed at the same time, have the same off-taste to them. I can only think its under pitched yeast and to high ferment temps perhaps? Now don't get me wrong, I can easily drink these brews, they are not fowl by any means. Thanks!!!
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